Author: Jessica

The Smokey Eye Revisited

Hello beauties!

I am a huge fan of the smokey eye. It never gets old and is perfect for a formal event or a casual day out and about. It has the right amount of drama and style to keep every girl feeling fierce.

Here is how I rock the smokey eye!

  1. First I prime my eyelids.
  2. Next I choose a light shade from the Forever Smokey Palette such as the beige and apply this to eyelids with a blending brush.
  3. After this I apply one of the grey shades from the palette to the outer corners of my eyes with a smudge brush.
  4. For the final step I add a coat of eyeliner to my upper and lower lash lines and finish the look with a few swipes of mascara. Sometimes I pop on a pair of false eyelashes to add some playfulness to the look.

Need to see the smokey eye in action? Here are a few of my favorite smokey eye inspirations:

Kim Kardashian– Kim is famous for her smokey eye. She always wears the style on the red carpet and looks fabulous doing it! 1227-01-Kim-Kardashaian-smoky-eye-makeup_li


Mila Kunis– Mila sports the smokey eye regularly as well and always looks amazing.mila-kunis-435


Taylor Swift– Taylor has embraced the smokey eye in recent years for a more mature look and looks great with it.taylor swift


While greys, blacks and browns work well for the smokey, don’t be afraid to add a little bit of color from time to time and incorporate a deep blue or purple.

Want to see how to create a smokey night look? Watch:

What is your favorite occasion for wearing the smokey eye? Make sure to share it with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.



Balm Stick: A Must-Have for Any Beauty Lover

Hi BH beauties!

We are in the heart of winter, and as you know the cold weather can take a toll on our skin and lips. There is nothing worse than the dryness that impacts our beauty routine during this time of the year. Moisturizer is a must for keeping skin in top shape, and don’t forget about taking care of your lips.

While I love my gorgeous glosses and lipsticks, they do not keep me as moisturized as balms do. The balm stick Lip Balm Stickis the perfect beauty product for keeping your pout protected and it adds some color to your face. There are two ways I recommend wearing this:

Layering- Wear the balm stick as a layer underneath your favorite lipstick or lip gloss. Just make sure to stay in the same color family or to wear a neutral color.

Solo- Feel like giving your favorite lipstick or lip gloss a break? You can wear balm stick by itself for the perfect hint of color and shine.

Finish off either look by adding a swipe of eyeliner, shadow and mascara to eyes and you are ready to roll. How do you wear balm stick? Share your style with us on Instagram by using #bhcosmetics.

Stay warm dolls!



Celebrate January’s Birthstone: The Garnet

Happy birthday January babes!

As a girl with a January birthday, you get to celebrate being first in the year and making a fresh start. What better way to make a statement then with the reds of the garnet? This gem comes in a variety of shades, but the color red is the most prominent. This color is both confident and attention getting which is perfect for all of our birthday girls.





Lips– The best way to wear red is on the lips. It will draw attention to your beautiful smile. Try one of our matte lipsticks in a shade like Dark Rose for a deep red hue.

Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in “Dark Rose”

Color Lock Long Lasting Matte Lipstick in “Dark Rose”


Eyes– When wearing a bright lip, keep eyes neutral for a balanced look. I recommend lining them with a simple brown shade and adding a bronze color to lids. The Wild Child Baked Palette has the perfect blend of light beiges and bronzes that are subtle and flattering to every color of eyes. Add a swipe of mascara and you are ready to go.

Looking for another way to celebrate this month? Add a coat of red to your nails. This is a fun way to incorporate the beautiful garnet into your look.

Here is to another year of being gorgeous. What is your go-to for embracing shades of the garnet? Make sure to share it with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.

Happy birthday beauties!



Makeup Trends for 2015

Hi BH Beauties,

It is a new year and a time for starting fresh. One of my favorite things about the new year is the chance to switch up my style. Here are a few beauty trends that I recommend trying for a new look in 2015:

Color- Color is a must for 2015. This can be worn anywhere and everywhere. I recommend wearing a beautiful blue or purple on eyes for a bright and fun pop of color. Our Party Girl After Hours Palette has a great mix of gorgeous blues and purples to keep your eyes looking dazzling.


Photo by Instagrammer: @soniadang


See the Party Girl After Hours Eyeshadow Palette up close here:

If you prefer to play up lips instead of eyes, try a bright pink or red shade. This adds color to your pout during the dull winter days. Our Party Girl Twist Stick will keep your lips moisturized and add pigment to your face.

Party Girl Twist Stick

Full Brows- Full brows are a hot item for this year. If you have not yet sported this look, give it a try. The maintenance is easy and the final look is flawless. Our Flawless Brow Trio is the perfect kit for getting started and adds definition and shape.

Eyeliner- Eyeliner is a must for every beauty lover and a hot trend for 2015. While the smokey eye and cat eye never disappoint, there is another way to wear this trend. Use a liquid liner and line eyes the whole way around to make a dramatic and bold statement.

What makeup looks will you be trying this year? Make sure to share your favorite styles with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.



New Year’s Makeup

Hi BH Beauties,

I can’t believe 2014 is coming to a close already. It’s time to celebrate as we ring in another fabulous year. Break out the party dress and get the camera ready for a night to remember! We have your makeup covered for every special event.

For Dinner

What better way to ring in the new year then by going to a nice dinner with friends? This is the time to get decked out in your finest and enjoy one another’s company. I recommend keeping dinner makeup simple and wearing a shimmery gold eyeshadow from our Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette. The sparkle will add some festivity to your look. Make sure to compliment
eyes with a swipe of gold shimmery gloss in the shade Up All Night.


Photo by Instagrammer: @feliciaox


For Dancing

Dancing the night away is a great time, but making sure my makeup stays in place is always in the back of my mind. To keep skin looking flawless layer on a primer to your face and eyes. This will assure makeup stays put no matter how much fun you are having on the dance floor. To make eyes stand out under the lights, I recommend sporting a pair of false eyelashes. This will give you volume and length to stay looking gorgeous all night.

For a Parade

If you are going out and about to a parade or to see the ball drop make sure to bundle up. I recommend keeping eye makeup simple for this casual event and just layering on a coat of black eyeliner with some mascara. It is important to keep lips moisturized in the cold as well, so apply one of our matte lipstick colors to add style and moisture to your pout.

What are your go-to styles for New Year’s Eve? Make sure to share them with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.

Watch our video to see how you can get a pretty neutral look featuring our Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette:

Here is to a happy and healthy New Year loves!



Christmas Makeup Inspiration

Hi BH Beauties,

The holidays are here, and now is the time to play around with fun makeup looks. Get in the spirit by trying out a red or green cosmetic to match the festivities of the season.  Here are a few recommendations for getting into the holiday spirit.Christmas Makeup

Eyes- There is nothing like a little bit of sparkle and shadow for eyes. Try using a green shadow in honor of the Christmas tree. The Party Girl Palette has multiple shades of green to achieve this look. These shadows can be worn as one shade or layered to create a dimensional effect.

Feeling adventurous? Add some sparkle to eyes with one of the shades from our Glitter Collection. I recommend trying the Deep Red or Pearl. Both are perfect for the holidays and can be dusted over eyeshadow for a fun shimmer.

Lips- It would not be Christmas without a chance to sport red lips. Our matte lipstick has you covered for all Christmas festivities whether it is an office party or family get together. If you are looking for a deep red shade this season I recommend trying Dark Rose.

Face- When rocking bright eyes and bold lips, keep other face makeup neutral. Apply a coat of pressed powder to add some color to skin and finish it off with a light layer of bronzer.

Have you been naughty or nice this year? Remember to ask Santa for some BH makeup goodies and share your presents with us on Instagram using #bhcosmetics. Merry Christmas!



Celebrate December’s Birthstone Tanzanite

Happy birthday December babes!

While December may be the last month of the year, we did not forget about the importance of celebrating all of our beauties who turn another year gorgeous! The December birthstone is the tanzanite and has a beautiful deep blue shade that looks pretty no matter what it is paired with. Here are a few tips to maximize the blue of this hue.December Birthstone

Celebrate the birthday fun on your eyes and wear a shade of blue eyeshadow. I recommend choosing a color from the 88 Color Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette. This palette has lots of different blues to embody the brilliance of the tanzanite. Add a layer of glitter for some birthday and holiday sparkle. The Dusty Blue keeps with the blue theme and adds some style. Swipe a coat of mascara on lashes and you are ready to roll.

88 Color Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

88 Color Cool Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Keep face and lip makeup simple so all attention is placed on your sparkling eyes. I recommend sporting some powder, dusting blush on cheeks and applying a neutral gloss.

December is such a special birthday month because December babes get to celebrate their birthday, Christmas and New Year’s within a few weeks of one another. What is your go to for birthday makeup tanzanite beauties? Share your looks with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.

Happy birthday beautiful!



Matte Lipstick, A Breakdown of Our Favorite Shades

Hi BH Beauties,

Matte lipstick is a must for every makeup lover’s collection. Celebrities from Kim K to Rihanna are rocking this trend, and you should too!

Credit: Glamour

Credit: Glamour

In honor of our matte lipstick, here are a few of our favorite ways to wear this gem:

Red- Kim Kardashian knows how to rock just about anything, and a matte lip is part of this. In her look she keeps other face makeup simple to balance the deep and bright color of her lips. When wearing a bold shade such as red, keep shadow neutral and play up lashes.

Credit: Behind the Scenes Makeup

Credit: Behind the Scenes Makeup

Pink- Emma Stone is the perfect example of how to wear a gorgeous pink matte lip shade. The bright pink looks youthful and matches her playful makeup look. Because this shade is not as bold as red, pair it with fun eye makeup like the cat eye.

Purple- Solange Knowles knows how to wear purple lipstick. She is a pro at taking this color and making it stylish. To keep makeup classy like this lip color, stick to a neutral shimmer shade for eyes. This adds brightness and compliments the beautiful shade.

Credit: Popsugar

Credit: Popsugar

What is your favorite matte color? Make sure to share your favorite looks with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.



5 Minute Makeup: The Bold Lip

Hi BH Beauties,These lipstick tricks will help you get the perfect pout every time.

I don’t know about you, but I am not a morning person. Getting my beauty rest has always been a top priority, so when getting ready I need to save time and still look fabulous. Between picking out an outfit and styling my hair, I am often pressed for time when it comes to the most important part, my makeup.

Luckily, I have uncovered a few tips and tricks during the years to stay looking great in a minimal amount of time. The bold lip is one of the best ways for a quick glamorous look. To get the bold lip, follow these steps:

  1. Prep skin by washing your face for a morning glow.
  2. Make sure to exfoliate lips, especially if wearing a bright color.
  3. Layer on a coat of chapstick to stay moisturized.
  4. Apply lip liner in a similar shade to the lipstick of your choice. This will add a base and definition to lips.
  5. Apply a coat of bright lipstick. I recommend trying a deep red or gorgeous pink for a fun new look.
  6. Finish with a clear gloss for a layer of shine.

With all of the time saved on makeup, you can take selfies of your style and post them on Instagram. Remember to share your looks with us and use #bhcosmetics.



Celebrate November’s Birthstone: Topaz

Happy Birthday November Babes!

The beautiful rich colors of fall are upon us in November. What better way to celebrate your birthday then with a birthstone that matches these shades? The topaz is said to be the symbol of beauty and to serve as a protection against enemies.



To capture the warmth of the topaz, I recommend layering eyes with a gorgeous shade of gold eyeshadow from our Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette. Add a coat of liner in either black or brown to give definition against the neutral shadow. Finish this look off with a layer of our mascara and you are ready to go.

Wild Child New

Wild Child Palette

Add some fun to the birthday month by painting nails in a bronze color. Our Trendy Mini Nail Polish Set has a few shades that are perfect for our November babes including Sandy and Sunburst.

The warm colors will make you glow all over for your special day. We wish all of our November beauties a fabulous birthday. What products will you be using to celebrate? Make sure to share your looks with us on Instagram and use #bhcosmetics.

Happy birthday babes!