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5 Beautiful Makeup Looks You Can Create With Aurora Lights

A whole new level of space glam! We’re LIVING for all of your beautiful makeup looks from our Aurora Lights palette – the newest member of our #BHGalaxy fam. This constellation of beautiful baked shimmers has everything from planetary purple to stellar silver to beaming blue for a dazzling display of celestial beauty. See just a few of our faves below!

Beautiful Makeup Looks From Our Stellar Followers

aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

Our Aurora Lights palette creates infinite displays of galactic glam – ranging from subtle sparkles to hot halo eyes. Luckily, our fab followers on Twitter and Instagram have played around with this planetary palette and showed off their most out-of-this-world looks – and they are INCREDIBLE! Read on to see standout cosmic creations – in no particular order – from our Aurora Lights palette!


aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

A look fit for royalty! The divine @Victoria_Gabxo on Twitter is ready for coronation day with this regal eye effect – using a spectrum of cosmic colors for an impeccable double wing. The creativity is real!


aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

Starstruck! @ortegamisty0 on Twitter is the most gorgeous in the galaxy with this simple and stunning celestial eye. We’re OBSESSED with her look – and hair!


aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

Eyes brighter than the stars! We’re getting ALL the feels from the fab @cookie_2719 on Twitter – who chose Aurora Lights for this extraterrestrial eye look that shimmers like the night sky. Loving these beautiful makeup looks!


aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

What a stunning siren! The lovely @ms_tiara86 on IG is channeling the element of water with this mermaid-esque halo eye that’s making a splash. We’re loving the use of blue and purple!


aurora lights beautiful makeup looks

A galactic glow that won’t quit! The phenomenal @RUArtistry on Instagram is a true beauty superstar with this sparkly eye look that can be seen from space. A true extraterrestrial beauty!


Aurora Lights is the newest member of our #BHGalaxy fam – and we love seeing cosmic creations from our followers. You can use these beautiful makeup looks as inspo, or create your own to become the brightest star in the galaxy! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and show off your beautiful makeup looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you launch your own galaxy of gorgeous!

Gorgeous Makeup Looks From Our Glam Fam!

Step through the looking glass and embrace your ultra-glam self! Our Glam Reflection palettes in Smoke, Rosé, and L’amour accessorize your eyes in exquisite shades, and we’re LIVING for it! The collection creates a wide variety of gorgeous makeup looks, ranging from sweet and soft to sultry and smoldering. See just a few of these breathtaking looks below!

Gorgeous Makeup Looks From Our Ultra-Glam Twitter Followers

Of course, plenty of you have shared looks from this dazzling collection on Twitter, and they’re more gorgeous than we ever imagined. Read on to see some of our fave gorgeous makeup looks – in no particular order – you’ve created with our Glam Fam!


julieduffey glam reflection eye makeup gorgeous makeup looks

Glam goals like WHOA! The ultra-talented @_julieduffey chose our palettes in Smoke AND Rosé to create this magical and metallic eye look that’s perfect for soft daytime chic or a bold night out.


julieduffey glam reflection eye makeup gorgeous makeup looks

Pastels have never looked so good! The lovely @chebaltazawrr is pretty in pink with this girly, gorgeous makeup look from L’amour that’s giving us ALL the feels. Ooh la la!


julieduffey glam reflection eye makeup gorgeous makeup looks

We’re LIVING for this shine! @makeupbyjesi is stunning in our L’amour palette, with a pink-purple eye look topped off with luminous highlighter and a sequin jacket for ultimate sparkle.


Just WOW! The radiant @DefiningGlamour gave a rave review of Smoke and a divine blue smokey eye tutorial that’s perfect for a night out. Thanks for the love, gorgeous!


julieduffey glam reflection eye makeup gorgeous makeup looksWe’re feeling the love! The fab @kyaralee9 chose L’Amour for a divine spectrum of color that’s as unique as it is beautiful. Such a gorgeous makeup look!

All Glam, All the Time

Each of our Glam Reflection palettes has its own spectacular shades to show off your own unique brilliance. Collect them all now and use some of these fab BH babes as inspo, or create your own gorgeous makeup looks! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your gorgeous makeup looks from Smoke, Rosé, and L’amour. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you get glam!

glam reflection lamour rose smoke eyeshadow palettes

7 Colorful Makeup Looks You Can Create with Take Me Back to Brazil

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the launch of our revamped Take Me to Brazil pressed pigment palette – introducing, Take Me Back to Brazil! A celebration of color with 35 matte and shimmer hues, you can create limitless colorful makeup looks and let your creativity take flight!

You don’t have to be a pro MUA to create incredible looks… read on to see photos tagged by our followers.

These 7 Colorful Makeup Looks Created with Take Me Back to Brazil by @BHCosmetics Twitter Followers are Breathtaking!

The reception has been dazzling, and we’re excited to share some of our favorite looks created by BH Beauties all over the world!

7. Aqua Splash!

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@killukittymua (Twitter)

This stunning effect created by the gorgeous @killukittymua (Twitter) is giving us major mermaid vibes with these shimmery turquoise and aqua tones.


6. Sweet Summer Sunset

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@collegiatebeuty (Twitter)

The lovely @collegiatebeuty (Twitter) is making us want to take a trip to a tropical beach to watch the summer sun melt into hot pink and orange hues.


5. We’ve Found the End of the Rainbow

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@_TronCat (Twitter)

We can’t stop staring at this stunning rainbow eye effect created by the enchanting @_TronCat (Twitter). If you want to see how she did it, here’s the tutorial:


4. Pink Perfection!

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@desiimua (Twitter)

This step-by-step picture tutorial for a sparkly pink eye look by the beautiful @desiimua (Twitter) is truly spectacular! We especially love the white accent line that really sets the look apart!


3. Samba to the Rhythm of Tropical Hues

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@MizBrittneyJay (Twitter)

Purples, greens, and golds make up this gorgeous tropical effect created by the breathtaking @MizBrittneyJay (Twitter) – the moment we saw it, we wanted to give this exotic look a try!


2. Golden Goddess

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow


Not every look created with Take Me Back to Brazil has to be overflowing with color. The lovely @caylashahan (Twitter) achieved this lustrous golden goddess glow with shimmery tans, oranges, yellows.


1. Blazing Sunset

Colorful Makeup Looks with Take Me Back to Brazil Palette BH Cosmetics Makeup Eyeshadow

@mariselagasca (Twitter)

We couldn’t help but include another summer sunset look, this time created by the beautiful @mariselagasca for a fiery effect blended out with deep oranges, vermilions, and pinks.

SWATCH SESH: Would You Try Any of These Gorgeous Colors?

Colorful Makeup Looks with arm swatches from Take Me Back to Brazil BH Cosmetics Makeup

If you do, don’t forget to share a pic with @BHCosmetics on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook so we can see your stunning creations! We love being inspired by seeing your colorful makeup looks in action!

5 New Colors + More Features to Love

Colorful Makeup Looks with BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil Palette Eyeshadow Makeup all new features and colors

The Take Me Back to Brazil Palette, a revamped classic with 5 additional, super-pigmented colors. Features includes:

  • 35 highly pigmented hues with a balance of mattes and shimmers
  • Velvety texture with an intense color payoff that stays put
  • Buildable, blendable color – sweep on a sheer layer or amp up the party
  • Vegan, non-irritating, allergy tested, & cruelty-free


BH Cosmetics Take Me Back to Brazil to create colorful makeup looks

Inspired by Rio’s Carnival, this sultry new Take Me Back to Brazil palette expands on the highly coveted Take Me to Brazil, unleashing a chromatic parade of 5 all new shimmer and satin colors, including 2 oversized ultra-luminous dual-chrome transformers. Create colorful makeup looks and samba to the rhythm of passionate purples, tangy yellows, provocative pinks, and more with our redesigned Take Me Back to Brazil 35 Color Pressed Pigment Palette, offering buildable, blendable hues to dazzle the senses. Join Carnival and revel in every daring, flashing moment! Feathered headdress not required.

All Eyes On Kristen Macioce!





On her blog, BeautyBox411, Kristen says,

“I’m just going to say it…I’m obsessed with this palette. BH Cosmetics has come out with the most beautiful selection of baked illuminators and bronzers. The Wild & Radiant Baked Illuminating & Bronzing Palette is my favorite. They can be used wet or dry on your face, your eyes or even your body. Great for contouring and highlighting, this palette is my everyday go to that just adds a little extra something to finish a look.”

You can read more here!

All Eyes On Tania Burton

On her blog, GirlFabulousBlog, Tania says:

“This product gives the most natural finish on a brow that I have ever seen. […] Once I swatched it on my hand the consistency smoothed out and it glided across my skin. This product gives the most natural finish on a brow that I have ever seen. I tend to use gel liner in brown and a powder to fill them in for a more natural look but, this product is the best of both worlds. It gives the most hair like look that I have ever encountered.”


AllEyesOn_TANIA_BlogRead can read the rest of her review here.

All Eyes On Sharmin Mahbuba

As an editor on the blog, TheSassyEditor, Sharmin Says,

“I was looking for a brush set that includes face and eye brushes and something easy on the pocket. After reviewing millions of brush sets on Youtube, BH Studio line is a total package moreover because I was lucky to bag a great deal on their website where the Studio Pro line was discounted for $24 originally priced at $60, guess what I was all smiles. I must say all those brushes are so soft just made for your skin.”

You can read her two part review on the 18 Piece Studio Pro Brush Set here!


All Eyes On Veena Hussain

ALLEYESON_Veena_Blog (1)

On her blog, VeenazKit, Veena explains the correct way to correct and conceal! Veena says,

“A very common issue every woman faces is how to use concealer to hide even the tiniest imperfection on the face. This is something I struggled for few months, though, to be honest I don’t really have that much of problem with my skin like dark circles, blemishes etc but it bothers me when I apply make up and my face’s color is not even. That’s where my hunt started. Played and experimented with plenty of concealers from drugstore to high-end but none satisfied. I always find that “ashy” shade after applying concealer under my eyes. Then I saw the video that went viral where the girl used red lipstick for her dark circles, I tired it. LOL I looked like a person who didn’t get food for 3 days. So I thought why not try lighter than red. So I Googled and that’s where I got an idea. So today I’ll share with you guys what I’ve been doing and I’m keeping it very simple and easy with not much use of technical terms.”


Read the in depth article on her blog!

All Eyes On Courtney Kaner


On her blog, Navy and Lace, Courtney says,

“I recently purchased some items from BH Cosmetics, and I am officially in love! It was my first time buying products from their site and at first I was hesitant. The prices seemed too good to be true, so I was not sure what to expect. After using them, I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED!”

Read more of Courtney’s review on the Baked and Beautiful Palette on her blog! You can also watch her tutorial with the Baked and Beautiful Palette below.


All Eyes On Miranda Mendoza



On her blog,, Miranda says,

“BH Cosmetics nailed the baked eyeshadow formula with a silky texture that carries a lot of pigmentation. Color payoff is always my #1 complaint with most baked shadows, but these show up strong against my light-medium skin. When I first applied an entire look using these shadows, I was like ‘Okay baked shadows, I see you, but let’s see how long you actually last.’ To say they rose to the occasion was an understatement. With primer, these lasted all freaking day without a hint of creasing or even fading. What! For a baked shadow, this is unheard of for me.”


Read more of Miranda’s review on the Baked and Beautiful Palette on her blog,!

All Eyes On Leonie Madtha



Here’s a short blurb from Leonie’s blog! You can read the full story here.

“Overall, I do love the look and feel of these brushes. As my very first from BH Cosmetics I cannot complain much considering the price & the variety of eye brushes that have been so easy to use! I would say it is a great set to start off with. It is really affordable and the quilted case it comes with makes it a very travel-friendly set too! When I purchased these, it was on sale for $15 (originally $25), so that was quite a steal! You can check it out here.”