8 Relatable Moments That Every Makeup Lover Knows

Can you relate to any of these posts? If so, you MIGHT be a hardcore makeup lover.

#8. Just One More Video…


Beauty tutorials exist in a time vortex. Once you get sucked in, your day is in mortal danger because chances are you’ll want to see the next video… and the next… and the next. Of course, with all the inspo you’ll want to try out one of the looks you just watched. Which leads us to our next post…


#7. Expectation vs Reality


Some people know how to apply perfect makeup… and some people are literal makeup WIZARDS. Their brushes must secretly be magic wands – how else can they achieve such flawlessness? Well, maybe through practice, talent, and creative abilities, but whatever the reason, trying for Insta-worthy levels of perfection is fun!


#6. Natural Makeup


If only it were that easy! Natural makeup can be as time consuming as colorful makeup. Between foundation, concealer, eye-brightening nudes, peachy blushes, and the hint of shadow that adds depth and dimension to your look, you might use just as many products as vibrant makeup. Don’t even get us started on the amount of effort it takes to achieve flawless brows.


#5. You Try The Latest Beauty Tools

Makeup has come a long way! Whether you remember struggling with those glorified Q-Tips that came with drugstore palettes, or you used to try to get color out of tinted lip balms, you’ve come a long way by now.


#4. 50 Shades of Red


There’s a HUGE difference between classic red, rosey red, movie star red, cherry red, coral red – you get the picture. If you’re a makeup lover, you completely understand this… and you see no problem with it!


#3. Beauty Superstar in the Making


If you’re all alone and you’re narrating your makeup routine to yourself in the mirror? Yeah, you’re definitely dreaming of your rise to beauty superstardom.


#2. What happened?


When you left your mirror, you were completely in love with your look – but you check again in different lighting, ready to take a selfie, and it’s a totally different story. Ugh, why?!


#1. You Know You’re a Makeup Lover If…


You absolutely love the transformative power of makeup! The gorgeous Nikki Tutorials shows us how it’s done. Being a makeup lover means you can relate to other beauty junkies in ways that non-makeup wearers could never understand. The struggle is real, but it’s also so much fun.

Posts Make You Say, “Same.”

Do you have any relatable posts that any makeup lover would understand? Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your funniest posts – and definitely look for our Twitter because we always have something that’ll make you smile and say, “Same”. Want to share your look? Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your glam and gorgeous artistry!

LBD, Red, and Navy Dress Eyeshadow Pairings

It’s that time of year. You are being invited out, and you just can’t say no. You have the perfect dress to wear for the occasion, but you are missing one thing. The sexy and sleek eye makeup you see actresses and models pull off at awards ceremonies and runway debuts. For every dress you want to wear, we have the eye makeup look for you to pair with it!

LBD’s Night Out

The word on the street is that you are looking for hot and sexy makeup ideas for your little black dress’s night out. We have two suggestions for you to really turn some heads.

Smokey Eye

You can’t go wrong with sculpting the perfect smokey eye for an evening out with your girls or your boo. The best palette to put to the test? The Smokey Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is ready for the challenge. This palette gives you 28 shades of pure LBD sexiness. Layer these great pigments to get a striking smokey look or go for a brighter, lighter take and spice it up for the night.

Smokey Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Dramatic Nude Eye

For a spunky look with a punch of added sass, check out Shaaanxo The Remix – 18 Color Shadow Palette, which has nine earth-toned mattes and shimmers. These colors are all you need for a dramatic nude eye. The nice thing about this look? You can wear it with so much more than just a little black dress.

Shaaanxo The Remix 18 Color Shadow Palette

Fancy and Red

With a bold red dress, you need a bold eye to match! Glow up the town with this sparkly rose look BubzBeauty creates in her rose gold glow makeup video. Fast forward to the five minute mark and watch as she uses her “Be” palette to create a stunning, glowing look.

Bubz Beauty Palette

Halo and Rose Gold Eye

Our Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette has the perfect mix of golds, rose golds, and pinks that complement a red dress. See how Carli uses the deluxe palette to create a rose gold eye. She’s a master at blending the peach and pink colors to create a look that easily translates from day to night.

Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette 21 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

Nude Eye

Nothing says you are ready to party like a shimmery, show stopping nude eye. With our Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals palette, your best nude eye is right around the corner. This palette has every shade you need to highlight and deepen your eyes for a glam look that accents your natural beauty in all the right ways.

Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals Palette

Crazy for Navy

For darker dresses like the navy one you love, we have the two most admired pink looks you are sure to love too.

Light Pink Eye

Want to stay on the lighter side for a mid-day event? We have the best palette for you. Keep it light and natural with our Neutral Eyes – 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. This palette gives you the four shades of pink and plum you need to give your eye the best pink accents.

Bright Eye

For a darker and bolder take on the light pink eye, NESSASUNSHINE shows you how to rock the look you want with two palettes, including our Galaxy Chic – 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette that we love. Create a look that is out of this world! NESSASUNSHINE demonstrates how to apply all of your shadow tones in her helpful video tutorial.

Galaxy Chic Palette

We hope these dress and shadow pairings help you create the best look for the best you. You’ll look great at any event with these top shadow looks. Glam on BH babes!

The Ultimate Guide to Eye Makeup for Brown and Hazel Eyes

Makeup is all about having fun and experimenting, but there’s no doubt that certain colors can really make your eyes pop. Find out which colors are best for bringing out brown and hazel eyes, along with our recommendations for BH Cosmetics products that will complement your natural beauty!

Best Colors for Brown Eyes

If you are a brown-eyed girl, there are a variety of colors that flatter dark brown hues. The best colors to pick include shades of gold, taupe, and purple.

We have a variety of palettes that are suited for brown eyes. The Neutral Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow palette is packed with flattering shades including matte and shimmer purples and neutrals. Consider switching up your traditional smokey eye to a purple smokey eye for a unique take on this look.

Another great eyeshadow palette that has the ideal colors for highlighting brown eyes is the Wild Child Baked Eyeshadow Palette. This palette features a mix of neutral gold shades with pops of plums and purples that can be used for a more casual daytime look or amped up during the evening for a plum smokey eye.If you are looking for a versatile palette packed with tons of eyeshadows for brown eyes, the Sixth Edition 120 Color Eyeshadow Palette is another choice to consider. It is filled with 120 different colors including a mix of bold purples and golds. Shadows come in a variety of textures. We love mattes for daytime and shimmers for evenings.

Another way to switch up your look is to apply one of the deep purple eyeshadows as eyeliner. Lightly dust shadow onto your preferred eyeliner makeup brush and apply to upper and lower lash line for a polished look.

Don’t forget to finish with a hint of your favorite lip color to perfect your style! Marie Claire recommends pinks or nudes for brown eyes. Stock up on Tea-Time or Forever Nude (or both) from our Crème Luxe Lipstick collection to complete your look.

Best Colors for Hazel Eyes

Hazel-eyed beauties have a unique combination of brown and green, so you can use different eyeshadows to bring out certain colors in your eyes and really make them stand out. Some of the best eyeshadow shades to pair with hazel eyes include champagne, pink, and brown.

We recommend investing in a palette that has a mix of these colors such as our Studio Pro Dual Effect Wet/Dry Eyeshadow Palette. This palette offers golds, neutrals, and pink eyeshadows and can be applied wet or dry so you have more room to experiment with the look.

Another option if you love champagne and brown eyeshadows is the Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale: Beach Goddess Eye and Cheek Collection. This palette has shimmer and metallic golds and bronzes that can be used to create a beachy summer look. You can balance the color on your eyes with one of the blushes or bronzers included in the palette for a sun kissed and vibrant face.

Apply one of the deep brown eyeshadows from this palette as eyeliner for a neutral, bronze smokey eye.

Complete your look with your favorite lip gloss or lipstick! Marie Claire recommends sticking to coral or medium brown shades for hazel eyes. We suggest applying Skinny Dipping from our Ashley Tisdale Enhancing Lip Gloss Collection to complete lips.

Even if you aren’t a hazel- or brown-eyed babe, all of these products can help you create your best BH look! Show us how you bring out your eye color on Instagram with the hashtag #BHCosmetics!

Shimmer vs. Matte Makeup: Find Your Ideal Makeup Finish

Shimmer and matte makeup are two of the most common makeup finishes you’ll come across. These two textures are on the opposite ends of the makeup spectrum, but both have their benefits. No matter which type you prefer, both are capable of creating gorgeous makeup looks.

Let’s breakdown matte versus shimmer makeup to find out which type of makeup is best for you!

Matte Makeup

Matte makeup is pretty easy to spot, as it’s that poreless, airbrushed look that we all know and love. Generally, matte makeup does not contain any oil. Therefore, it can be ideal for people with oily skin. If you have dry skin, matte makeup can make it appear more noticeable.

How to apply matte makeup

Wash and moisturize your face before you apply matte foundation. Because it doesn’t contain oil, matte makeup won’t budge, but we always recommend using a primer first. If you have dry skin, our Studio Pro Anti-Shine and our Studio Pro Mattifying Primer are both great options to prep your foundation. Apply matte makeup using a blending sponge, as this will help to give your foundation that airbrushed look that you are after.

BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Mattifying Face Primer

For matte eye makeup, it’s pretty simple. Make sure your eyeshadow primer also has a matte finish, like this long-wear primer. Avoid any eyeshadows that are too shimmery. Our Modern Neutrals 28 Color Matte Eyeshadow Palette contains lots of versatile, matte shades for you to choose from.

Don’t forget about your lips! Lucky for you, liquid matte lipstick is one of the hottest beauty trends in the industry, and one we don’t see going away any time soon.

Shimmer Makeup

Shimmer makeup is just what it sounds like…it shimmers! Unlike its matte counterpart, shimmer makeup contains sparkle and glitter. It’s known for giving that sun-kissed, youthful glow.

How to apply shimmer makeup

To get this look, choose a foundation that isn’t labeled as matte. It sounds obvious, but using matte makeup will create the opposite effect. We like liquid foundations for this look, but BB Cream will also make you appear radiant all day long.

Shimmer can come in various textures, but it’s most important that your setting powder contains shimmer. The powder will give you the illuminating look that you want. Once you’ve finished applying your foundation, use a light, fluffy brush to gently apply your setting powder. Don’t use too much pressure. Light pressure will give you that subtle shimmer that you want.

What better way to get that illuminating look you want than Illuminate by Ashley Tisdale collection? The Illuminating Shimmer works well as a bronzer or highlighter to create a glowy look that warms your skin. Don’t be afraid to apply this product to your collarbone and neck too. Our Blacklight Highlight palette is another must-have if you are Team Shimmer. Hint: you can also use it on your eyes!

BH Cosmetics Blacklight Highlight Palette

For your eyes, apply a neutral shimmer as the base shade. You can also apply a lighter shimmer to the inner corners of your eyelids.

Finish with your favorite lip gloss, and you’re ready to shimmer and shine!

Are you Team Shimmer or Team Matte? At BH Cosmetics, we love a good beauty debate! Looking for more comparisons of your favorite beauty products? Check out our post that’s all about gloss versus matte lipsticks.

Show us your best festival makeup looks and WIN BIG!


Festival season is here! We are so excited to see your outfits and most of all…makeup looks! Three winners will score over $800 IN BH GIFTCARDS!

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Here’s how to enter:

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Pantone Spring 2017: Find your shade!

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