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Fan Brushes: Makeup Tools For a Flawless Finish


single fan brush collection makeup tools

Let’s face it… makeup without the proper application is like a job half done, and in order to get the job done right, you need the proper makeup tools. Introducing our Fan Brushes singles – the newest sensation for flawless makeup application and an airbrushed finish! These fab makeup tools will help you brush up on your makeup strategy. With 9 individually sold brushes for all features, you can pick and choose your faves or get them all to create complexion perfection and the hottest eye looks with grace and precision. Don’t miss a sweep! This stunning collection includes every makeup brush you’ll ever need – from the versatile multi-purpose All Over Fan Brush to gently distribute and blend powders all over the face to individualized fan brushes for contouring, applying concealer, primer, soft liner application and more. There’s a makeup tool for every look imaginable… and we can’t wait to see you create makeup magic! 


single fan brush collection makeup tools

The Single Fan Brushes are some of the most innovative makeup tools to hit the market, and BH Cosmetics is at the forefront of the trend. We all know fan brushes are great for a hot highlight, but they’re also key to a killer contour, captivating cut crease, inner eye shimmer and MORE! The rounded fan shape and soft feathery bristles provide better coverage and an airbrushed finish to make you runway ready. Not to mention these makeup tools are just gorgeous! The Fan Brush singles collection is designed with ergonomic handles in a chic burgundy color for ultimate comfort and control. Not only will you create a masterpiece with these fabulous makeup tools, you’ll do it with style!


single fan brush collection makeup tools

Your new makeup secret weapon has arrived! Get equipped with the perfect brush. Here’s the lowdown on each individual Fan Brush so you can find your ideal match:

All Over Fan Brush 1

Versatile, multi-purpose brush crafted from a blend of feathery soft synthetic fibers shaped into a full rounded fan to gently sweep, blend and distribute powders for an airbrushed finish.

Cheek Fan Brush 2

The Cheek Fan Brush is crafted from a blend of feathery soft synthetic fibers shaped into a full rounded fan to gently sweep blush or highlighter onto the cheeks, jawline or forehead.

Shading Fan Brush 3

The Shading Fan Brush is designed with soft feathery bristles arranged in an asymmetrical fan shape to shade and sweep the contours of the face for flawless application every time. Evenly distribute highlighter or bronzer onto the cheeks, cupid’s bow, bridge of the nose and décolletage with ease and precision for an effortless glow.

Eye Fan Brush 4

Create the ultimate eye looks and shadow blends with the Eye Fan Brush. Carefully maneuver around the delicate eye area and brow bone with precision and ease for a flawless finish.

Concealer Fan Brush 5

Flawlessly blend concealer with the Concealer Fan Brush, designed with soft feathery bristles shaped in a rounded fan to help reach small areas and corners of the face for quick, even and precise application.

Detailing Fan Brush 6

For the final touches to your eye looks, use the Detailing Fan Brush – a petite brush in a full rounded fan shape with lush fibers designed to reach small areas below the brow bone and delicate creases of the eyelid for precise eyeshadow application. Blend, refine and enhance your eye looks with ease.

Primer Fan Brush 7

Applying primer to the eyelid has never been easier with the Primer Fan Brush – a well proportioned small fan shaped brush with lush fibers to evenly coat the eyelid with primer and prep for eyeshadow application.

Smudger Fan Brush 8

The Smudger Fan Brush is a brush of meticulous workmanship with ultra-soft synthetic bristles and a small tapered brush head in a rounded fan shape to expertly navigate the eyelid and lash line for blending, smudging and distorting eyeshadows, softening edges and facilitating a flawless finish. Buff, blend, refine and enhance your eye looks.

Soft Liner Fan Brush 9

The Soft Liner Fan Brush is a fine-tipped liner brush with an asymmetrical shape and soft feathery bristles for precise eyeliner application. This brush will give you maximum control over creating your best winged eyeliner with its petite angled fan shape. Create thin, even, and straight lines every time.


single fan brush collection makeup tools

Our Fan Brush singles collection is a stylish and state-of-the-art set of makeup tools for ultimate beauty. Whether you’re adorning your eyes, cheeks, or jawline, these divine brushes deliver airbrushed effects and a flawless finish straight out of a magazine. We can’t wait to see you express yourself with these beautiful brushes! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to show off your captivating creations! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics!

Rio: The Sparkly Makeup Palette From Another World


We watched you go to Brazil and back, and now it’s RIO time! Every day is a parade with Take Me Back to Brazil: Rio edition – a vivid makeup palette capturing the exotic vibes of Brazil while embellishing your features in show-stopping shimmers. As the sparkly sister to our beloved Take Me Back to Brazil palette, the vacation never ends. Who’s ready to party?


makeup palette rio

Live it up with this captivating collection – creating daring looks for an exotic beauty. Brazil features a selection of marvelous mattes in a spectrum of bright and bold hues, and Rio has all your favorite shades in a striking foil finish to let you dazzle for days… and nights! With passionate pinks and purples, bold blues and greens, tangy orange and yellow and more, the striking makeup looks are limitless. Features of this brilliant makeup palette include:

  • Variety of bright & bold colors
  • High, rich color payoff
  • Ability to create various looks
  • Bright shimmers in a striking foil finish
  • 2 supercharged, duochrome glitters
  • 1 matte black shade to deepen any color
  • Allergy Tested
  • Cruelty-Free Product


Take Me Back to Brazil: Rio Edition is a makeup palette that likes to party, but don’t let the colorful shimmers fool you! Like Brazil, it features a divine spectrum of color that’s fit for all occasions. These hot hues can create anything from a girly cut crease for work to an electric blue halo eye for a hot night out.

Don’t believe us? Check out these colorful, captivating makeup looks from Take Me Back to Brazil – created by our BH Beauties! The BEST part of any new makeup palette is playing around with new looks – and we can’t wait to see you samba to the rhythm of these sweet shades. Blend, layer, and shade every hot hue to take the trip of a lifetime and discover the magic of Rio!


makeup palette rio

The fun doesn’t end with Rio! Pair this divine makeup palette with other fan faves – including our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer, Diamond Dazzlers collection, and Brilliance Bronzer – for a range of gorgeous looks to take you to paradise. 

Of  course, there’s no better match than our original Take Me Back to Brazil palette! With 35 bold, bright, and beautiful hues – mostly comprised of mattes – this stunning makeup palette creates exquisite effects perfect for lounging by the pool or dancing until dawn. Shimmer up your mattes with Rio and let your creativity take flight!


Channel your inner island goddess and create colorful makeup looks from a whole new world. We can’t wait to see you sparkle! Complete your #TakeMeBackToBrazil collection with #BHRio and connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to show off your sparkly makeup looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhtakemetorio so we can see you shine!

Rio: The Makeup Palette You’ve Been Waiting For


Can you hear the bossa nova rhythms getting louder? That’s the sound of our stunning new makeup palette: Take Me Back to Brazil: Rio Edition! Encompassing the essence of Rio, this magical makeup palette is pulsating with color, charisma, and that South American carnival vibe.

makeup palette rio


Let your creativity run wild with Rio! With a selection of 35 shimmering shades in a striking foil finish for unlimited looks, you’ll never run out of new ideas or color combinations. The best part? Rio Edition is the perfect companion to the wildly popular original Take Me Back to Brazil palette. They were made with each other in mind – like black and white, day and night, or Friday nights and going out. Many of the matte shades from the original Take Me Back to Brazil palette can even be found as shimmer versions in Rio!

Layer, blend, and define every hot hue – complementing the mattes with the shimmers for brighter, bolder and more vibrant looks.  Also included are 2 supercharged, duochrome glitters for added sparkle and one matte black for maximum drama. Get inspired by the bacchanalian extravaganzas of Rio’s carnival scene and emulate the bold rich color standard with super-saturated shades ranging from passionate pinks to bouncy blues, glistening greens and exotic citrus hues. You’ll be sure to make a statement with iridescent makeup looks that take you on the trip of a lifetime.

makeup palette rio


Rio is a makeup palette will amp up your glam game and brighten every room you walk into. Even the walls will be whispering about the must-have makeup palette for the “life of the party” personality! This level of color will make sure you pop and stand out in any crowd – stealing the show with every sultry glance. Complete your #TakeMeBackToBrazil collection with #BHRio and let your creativity run wild!

Duolight Highlight: A New Level of Sparkly Makeup


Dazzle in duochrome with our ALL NEW Duolight Highlight palette – the sparkly makeup sensation for ultimate brilliance! With a range of radiant shades that can instantly take you from everyday chic to next-level luminous, you’ll be a beaming beauty!

sparkly makeup duolight highlight


Looking to amp up your sparkly makeup game? We’ve got you covered. Duolight Highlight is like no highlighter palette you’ve ever seen – with 9 ultra-pigmented, iridescent hues that can be mixed and matched for a spectrum of sparkly makeup effects.

Duolight Highlight features three sheer shades with an intensely pearlescent, ultra-reflective finish to top off your most brilliant looks – aptly titled Top it Off, Top Notch, and Top Secret! Just a touch of these hot hues on your cheekbones, nose, or inner eyes lets you beam like a beauty queen – while still staying simple and chic!

Feeling a bit more bold? Duolight Highlight also has six vivid duochrome shimmers in a range of hues for your most brilliant and breathtaking glow. With names like Double Trouble, Double Date, and Double Whammy, it’s safe to say you’ll get double the dazzle! Build and layer every sparkly shade for multidimensional sparkly makeup effects that will unleash your inner glow queen and enhance your features like never before.

sparkly makeup duolight highlight


Duolight Highlight is a versatile palette that’s perfect for everything from a day at work to a hot night out – and it’s even more breathtaking when combined with our other top products!

Want to further amplify your glow? More sparkles, it is! Our all new Aurora Lights palette is a constellation of stellar shimmers that make your eyes shine brighter than the stars – featuring everything from brilliant blues to planetary purples for ultimate glimmer and glow! Add a dab of Top Secret – one of the sheer shades from Duolight Highlight – to the inner corners of your eyes for a cosmic creation that’s out-of-this-world!

To complement your more colorful creations with Duolight, there’s always Eyelights! Our gorgeous collection of glitter eyeshadows comes in six shimmery shades to make your eyes POP! Just highlight your brow bone, inner corners, or even use our Duolight Highlight shades as eyeshadows (don’t forget to wet your brush!) for a breath of beaming beauty!

Of course, you can’t forget highlighter’s lovely cousin: contouring! Shade, define, and line your features to perfection with a fab contour palette – like our Studio Pro Contour Palette – and accent your features with Duolight Highlight for a marvelous masterpiece to channel your inner glow goddess!

sparkly makeup duolight highlight


Can’t get enough of Duolight Highlight? Our newest palette is the latest addition to our #BHGlowForIt fam – joining our Spotlight Highlight and Blacklight Highlight palettes to light up your look like a dream.

Spotlight Highlight is ideal for a more traditional look – featuring a mix of pearly ivory, captivating copper and beautiful bronze to complement your most breathtaking sparkly makeup effects. Meanwhile, our Blacklight Highlight palette let you take a walk on the wild side – with ethereal shades of blue, pink, and gold for dreamy looks straight out of your imagination. Pair any of these hot hues with our Duolight Highlight palette for dazzling dimension that’s ultimate glimmer goals.


The highlight of your makeup table is here… and it’s bringing double the dazzle! Duolight Highlight brings instant incandescence with a set of sparkly shades that can be seen from space, and we can’t wait to see you sparkle and shine! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your sparkly makeup! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you slay the sparkle!


Aurora Lights: Colorful Makeup to Light Up the Night


Glow like a natural phenomenon with our ALL NEW Aurora Lights palette and brush set – the colorful makeup duo for our extraterrestrial beauties. With a spectrum of stellar shades for your most out-of-this world eye effects – and set of beauty tools for ultimate precision – you’ll be the brightest star in the universe!


colorful makeup bh cosmetics aurora lights

Inspired by the gorgeous aurora borealis light display, our Aurora Lights palette has celestial-inspired hues ranging from beaming blue to galactic green to planetary purple for colorful makeup looks beyond your wildest dreams. Each baked hue is ultra-pigmented – with striking impact and dazzling dimension. Whether you need sheer, high-shine hues to top off your look or ultra-reflective metallics for ultimate galaxy glam, this palette creates colorful makeup looks that can be seen from space.

Of course, you can’t create these stellar eye effects without the proper tools! Our Aurora Lights brush set has lush synthetic bristles and dreamy turquoise handles for ultimate comfort and control – and even comes with its own cosmetic bag for the travelling space diva! Don’t forget to wet our tapered tip shader brush or blending crease brush to add extra oomph to your eyes!


colorful makeup bh cosmetics aurora lights

The sky’s the limit with our Aurora Lights palette! Featuring 18 spectacular shades in a range of colors and finishes, it’s easy to mix and match for tons of galactic glam looks. From everyday earthy glam to a captivating cut crease that resembles the night sky, the options are endless!

Are you feeling Luminous, Magical, or Prismatic? These are just a few of the hot hues you can blend, smudge, and shade across your lids for a dazzling display of space glam. Each shade features a unique name that’s memorable, bold, and divine – just like our BH Beauties! While shades like Kaleidoscope and Flashing are more subtle, you can create a colorful makeup masterpiece with the fiery red Fluorescent or aqua blue Polar. Better yet… pair subtle with sparkly for the most gorgeous looks in the galaxy!

Feeling extra creative? You can even use the angled contour brush from our Aurora Lights brush set to grab a dash of the shade Ombre from our palette, and sweep across your cheeks as a luminous highlighter!


colorful makeup bh cosmetics aurora lights

Celestial beauty just keeps coming! Our Aurora Lights palette and brush set is the latest addition to our #BHGalaxy fam – a collection of out-of-this-world palettes to make you starry-eyed.

Need more cosmic creations in your life? No prob! Collect our Galaxy Chic, Solar Flare, and Supernova palettes to form a constellation of planetary products to guide you through the milky way and beyond. Each palette features a unique spectrum of shades inspired by the moon, stars, and other exquisite elements of the galaxy. If you love Aurora Lights (and we know you will!), you need the rest of the #BHGalaxy to take you to the next level of celestial beauty.


colorful makeup bh cosmetics aurora lights

The planets have aligned with our Aurora Lights palette and brush set… the exciting addition to our #BHGalaxy fam! You can sweep on extraterrestrial hues for a spectrum of divine looks for the most gorgeous of galactic divas. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your colorful makeup! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you reach for the stars!

Marble Luxe: Luxury Makeup You’ll Love


Luxury makeup looks come easy with our ALL NEW Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set – an exquisite collection of face and eye brushes for ultimate elegance. With a dazzling, decadent design and fab features to create a spectrum of luxury makeup looks, you’ll be living the dream.


luxury makeup looks

With one of these luxury makeup brushes in your hand, you’ll be ready for anything. Marble Luxe features:

  • Silky, synthetic bristles for flawless application
  • Use with liquids, creams, or powders
  • Versatile tools that may be used for both eyes & face

Not only is our Marble Luxe brush set versatile and efficient, it’s absolutely gorgeous! With opulent marbleized handles, rose gold ferrules, and two-tone bristles, it’s a beautiful addition to your luxury makeup collection.


luxury makeup looks

Our beauties deserve the best – which is why Marble Luxe has every type of brush you need for your most lavish, luxury makeup effects. Timeless elegance is just one sweep, buff, or blend away!

Whether you want a sultry smokey eye, impeccable arches, or a flawless contour, this beautiful brush set is here to deliver. Prefer to start with the eyes? No prob! Marble Luxe has multiple eye shading brushes – including a diffusing eye brush, classic eye blending brush, eye shading brush and more – for your most exquisite eye effects yet. Pair with one of our gorgeous eye palettes – like Nouveau Neutrals or Marble Collection Warm Stone – for a luxury makeup look you’ll love.

Of course, you can’t forget the flawless face essentials. Use our Deluxe Buffer Brush to seamlessly blend in face products, before sweeping on highlighters with our Duo Fiber Highlighting Brush!


luxury makeup looks

Our Marble Luxe brush set turns your luxury makeup dreams into reality – especially when paired with our other top products! Embrace your elegance with perfect pairings that express your own chic, sophisticated style.

Get eyes that mesmerize with one of our gorgeous eye palettes! Nouveau Neutrals and Marble Collection Warm Stone both feature exquisite, elegant hues for luxury makeup looks you’ll love. Feeling a bit more bold? No worries! Blur the lines between edge and elegance with our ultra-loved Take Me Back to Brazil palette. Use our Marble Luxe brush set to blend, line, and smudge every vivid shade for a colorful sensation that’s as classy as it is captivating.

Our Marble Luxe brush set also matches well with our Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette! Use our Tapered Powder Brush to carve out cheekbones, while our Diffusing Eye Brush doubles as a beautiful blending brush for your nose contour. Enhance your features more lavishly than ever before!


Get swept into the luxe life with Marble Luxe! It creates your most lavish, lovely makeup effects and inspires you to be your best self… because YOU DESERVE IT! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your classy creations! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your exquisite makeup effects!

Marvycorn: Pretty Makeup For Our Unicorns


Unicorn lovers unite! Our NEW Marvycorn by Marvyn Macnificent Shadow & Highlighter Palette is a divine spectrum of sweet shades for your most pretty makeup looks. With magnificent mattes, sweet shimmers, and fab foils  – plus 3 luminous highlighters – you’ll be swept into a world of enchantment!

pretty makeup marvycorn palette


Designed by one of Germany’s top beauty influencers, our Marvycorn palette represents Marvyn Macnificent’s signature style. It’s sweet, stunning, and SENSATIONAL! Take a trip to Candyland with tons of hot hues – from cotton candy pink like Tongue Pop to rich cocoa like Savage – for mystically pretty makeup effects. It even has 3 heart-shaped highlighters for a unicorn-worthy glow!


With pink packaging that features sparkles, clouds, and a prancing unicorn, our Marvycorn palette gives MAJOR fairytale vibes. But don’t let that fool you! While the palette features plenty of bright, beaming hues – like the shimmery sweet Muddi and poppin’ purple Bahamas – it also has striking neutrals for more toned-down pretty makeup. Blend subtle shades like Spray Tan and Flodder into your crease for everyday glam, or choose the sea green of Moana to make a statement.

pretty makeup marvycorn palette


Unicorn makeup may be trendy, but nobody does it like Marvyn Macnificent! The international beauty superstar is ALL about creativity and showing off your own magical style. That’s why he designed a palette to transform you into the most gorgeous unicorn ever!

We can’t wait to see all of your magical makeup effects! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your lovely looks. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your beautiful makeup creations. Collect it all and feel the magic!

pretty makeup marvycorn palette


Marvyn Macnificent is one of Germany’s top beauty superstars. Since he began his YouTube channel in 2014, he’s gained over 650,000 subscribers who live for his makeup tutorials, beauty challenges, and vlog entries. Known for his colorful, captivating style and love of all things magic and fantasy, he also has nearly 500,000 combined Instagram and Twitter followers. He really is a magical unicorn!

Weekend Festival Palette is Here! Colorful Makeup for Festival Season

Festival season is all about expressing yourself in fun, creative ways… that means live music, flower crowns, and of course – colorful makeup! Our ALL NEW Weekend Festival Shadow Palette and Brush Set is the colorful makeup duo you NEED in your bag. The palette is full of ultra-hot hues that blur the lines between easygoing and extra, while the brush set has all the tools you need to touch up your look through the sun, sweat, and tears. You’ll be a festival queen in no time!

colorful makeup weekend festival palette brush set


One of the best parts of festival season is showing off your own unique style. Whether you opt for classic boho attire, a grunge alt-rock vibe, unicorn glam, or anything in between, it’s a place to express yourself among those who truly understand you. That’s why our palette offers versatile shades to capture your very own festival spirit!

The Weekend Festival palette is a perfect mix of richly-pigmented bright and neutral hues in matte and shimmer finishes, that deliver maximum-impact effects. With everything from bright shimmer shades like Ultimate and Neon to rich neutrals like Escape and Hipster, it’s easy to experiment with different looks. Wear shadows alone for a colorful makeup look that’s sure to make a statement, or use tools from our Weekend Festival brush set to combine shades for distinct eye effects that are all your own.

colorful makeup weekend festival palette brush set colorful makeup weekend festival palette brush set


Not only does our Weekend Festival palette and brush set show off your own unique style, it’s perfect for day-to-night glam. Whether you’re pumping your fists to your faves by day or dancing under the stars at the hottest afterparties, this colorful makeup duo takes you to a whole new level of boho chic.

If you’re going to Coachella, Bonnaroo, Warped Tour or even creating your own festival with friends close to home, you want to make a statement with your style. One of our daytime faves is COLORFUL MAKEUP! Our palette has electric pinks, blues, purples and more for a bright, beautiful burst of color. You can even coordinate hues to match your cute outfit or flower crown for an artsy aesthetic that will have all eyes on you!

To further capture the spirit of festival season, add a touch of shimmer to your eyes! Music festivals are known for ALL the glitter, and our Diamond Dazzlers collection has four gorgeous shades – Radiant, Brilliant, Precious and Flashy – that will light up your look. Use your finger or our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators (S1 & S2) to add these high-performance shimmer powders to your eye looks – or use as a highlighter to become the unicorn you’ve always wanted to be!

Don’t forget evening drama! The Weekend Festival palette also has soft shades to make your eyes POP as you dance in the moonlight. The Hippie hue is a warm brown that’s the perfect transition shade for your cut crease or cat eye. Pair it with the golden glow of Flash, beautiful bronze of Boho, or icy flare of Spirit for a divine, neutral look that’s the ultimate mix of edge and elegance.

colorful makeup weekend festival palette brush set


Let’s be real… staying cute at a festival can be a challenge. Between kicking up dirt with your Converse and weather that can go from blazing hot to pouring rain in seconds – the odds aren’t always in your favor. That’s why you need our Weekend Festival palette and brush set to make sure you’re ALWAYS selfie-ready!

We all love to soak up the sun and dance the night away at music festivals, and it’s all fun and games until your makeup starts running. That’s why it can’t hurt to have a travel-sized makeup bag! Our Weekend Festival palette is complete with full-sized mirror – plus it folds up nicely and is the perfect size for your backpack, just in case you need to touch up your smokey eye or inner corner shimmer for a selfie with your squad!

Of course, you can’t create a masterpiece without the proper tools. Pack our Weekend Festival brush set for a midday touch-up! It has all the face and eye essentials you could ever need, including a powder brush to keep your complexion radiant, a fine liner brush for a fierce wing, an angled brow brush for impeccable arches and more!

colorful makeup weekend festival palette brush set


There’s a lot to be excited about during festival season. Friends, fun, food… and fierce colorful makeup looks! We’re thrilled to share our Weekend Festival palette and brush set with you, and can’t wait to see all of your beautiful looks! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your creations! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you soak up the sun in style.

ItsMyRayeRaye is Back With More Glam Makeup!


Our ItsMyRayeRaye collection is expanding and it’s kind of a big deal! We loved the glam makeup looks you created with her 21 Color Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Contour Palette and 9 Piece Brush Set, and now it’s time for the latest additions. Grab her Lip Gloss, Lipstick, and Liquid Lipstick in her signature hue, Rosey Raye – and an Angled Brush Holder to complete her collectionA rosy glow awaits!

glam makeup itsmyrayeraye lippies


ItsMyRayeRaye teamed up with BH Cosmetics last year for a collection that combines ultra-chic with classic glam makeup. The 21 Color Eyeshadow, Highlighter & Contour Palette was designed by Raye herself – from the colors to the formula. The matching 9-piece brush set features plush synthetic bristles to sweep on every stunning shade. The collection received rave reviews, and now she’s back with even more gorgeous glam makeup!

Raye designed THREE gorgeous new Rosey Raye lippies to match your own unique glam makeup style – all in one gorgeous, rosy nude shade. Go for classic bombshell with the Rosey Raye Lipstick, providing sweet coverage in a single stroke, or grab the Liquid Lipstick or Lip Gloss to exude Raye’s signature glam-girl style.


Whether you’re looking for subdued daytime shadow or an intense smokey eye for a night on the town – ItsMyRayeRaye has your back. The collection has EVERYTHING for glam on the go. It’s got lippies that easily fit into a purse and a glam palette with a distinctive tri-fold design that’s perfect for travel.

 glam makeup itsmyrayeraye lippies


With buttery eyeshadow, highlighter, and contour shades, the ItsMyRayeRaye palette takes you to a NEW LEVEL of glam makeup. That level will only increase with the new lippies and angled brush holder.

We can’t wait to see all of the fun looks you create! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and show off your looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your beautiful makeup creations. Collect it all and enter a world of glam!

glam makeup itsmyrayeraye lippies MORE ABOUT ITSMYRAYERAYE

An avid lover of makeup, fashion, and all things beauty, Raye Boyce aka ItsMyRayeRaye has become a style icon for women all around the world. Since she started her YouTube channel in 2012, she’s gained over 1.7 million subscribers who live for her ultimate glam girl style and love of chic yet affordable makeup. But even with nearly 2 million combined Instagram and Twitter followers, she still keeps it real and lets her fans know how much she adores them every day!

DIAMOND DAZZLERS! Sparkly Makeup to Adorn Your Eyes


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

Sparkly makeup like you’ve never seen it before! Our ALL NEW Diamond Dazzlers Loose Foil Pigment is the shimmery sensation you need for your most enchanting eye effects. These high-performance shimmer powders come in four dazzling colors – Radiant, Brilliant, Flashy, and Precious – to add a high-shine foil effect to your most captivating creations. Also launching is our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue and two Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators – both large and small – to effortlessly add a twinkle to your eye.

We’re SO excited to see all of your sparkly makeup looks, and we’re here with some inspo! Our Diamond Dazzlers help you create shimmery versions of classic eye looks – including the smokey eye, cat eye, halo eye and inner corner shimmer – and also come up with your own captivating creations. You’ll soon be shimmering like a beauty superstar!



When smokey and sparkly makeup collide… the magic happens! The smokey eye is an extremely versatile classic that works for all occasions. Matte or metallic, subtle or striking, there’s tons of ways to make this look your own. That’s why we can’t wait to see all of the dazzling smokey eye looks you create with Diamond Dazzlers!

Our favorite way to bring bling to your smokey eye is to pack shimmer all over the lid for a striking shine. Take it a step further and light up your look with a dazzling cut crease! This eye look is simple and instantly lifts your eyes to make them bigger and brighter. Just use the flat, rounded edge of our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply the Diamond Dazzlers shade of your choice across your lid – and reveal a flawless cut crease that lets you sparkle and shine!

Take your glimmer game to the next level by using multiple shades of our Diamond Dazzlers collection. You can mix and match colors for a smokin’ and sparkly makeup look that heats up the room! For example, the glam green of Precious smeared across your lid creates a gorgeous olive smokey eye, while the golden bronze of Flashy can be placed on the inner corners or lower lashline for an extra burst of radiance. Experiment with these stunning shades for a smokey eye like you’ve never seen it before!


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

The halo eye is downright angelic, and we’re SO excited to see you put your own twist on it with Diamond Dazzlers. Let me see your halo!

This ultra-trendy eye look is taking over the makeup world! Whether you’re browsing Instagram, watching a tutorial from your fave beauty maven, or just people-watching during a night out, we know you’ve stopped to admire a beautiful halo eye. It’s the perfect look for evening intensity, and matches your favorite sparkly, metallic dress!

The halo eye is actually fairly simple! The key to this fab look is packing shimmer right in the center of your lid for enchanting eye effects that steal the spotlight. Read on to learn how to use Diamond Dazzlers to get this gorgeous look!

  1. Prime your lid with our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer
  2. Blend transition shade into your crease with a fluffy brush like our Studio Pro Brush 5 Pointed Crease
  3. Swipe your choice of shade on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, leaving the center of your lid clean
  4. Apply a small amount of our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue to the center of the lid
  5. Use a the flat, rounded edge of our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply the Diamond Dazzlers shade of your choice smack in the center of your lid – and admire the most angelic halo eye ever!


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

The cat eye is one of the most timeless makeup looks there is! It was made famous by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra back in Hollywood’s Golden Age, and decades later has become a cultural phenomenon. While it typically refers to winged eyeliner – this look can be even more fun with just eyeshadow and SPARKLES!

You’ll be a fierce feline with a sparkly cat eye – courtesy of our Diamond Dazzlers. Our favorite way to add shimmer to this look is by packing sparkles onto the lid for ultimate radiance – while creating the wing with eyeshadow. We recommend our Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry 42 Color Shadow Palette for a wide selection of matte and shimmer shades to create a killer wing and transition shade. Then apply your chosen shade of Diamond Dazzlers to the lid for a stunning shine that lets you spread your wings like never before. This versatile look is perfect for day or night!

For a more simple sparkly cat eye, you can draw a classic black winged eyeliner and use our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply loose shimmer pigments above your brow bone. It accentuates your eyes in a striking yet subtle way.


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

This incredibly simple makeup trick is one of our faves! Just add a small amount of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly look awake and full of life.

While you could easily apply our Diamond Dazzlers shade with your finger, we recommend picking up our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator for ultimate precision. This uniquely designed tool picks up and deposits glitter and loose pigments with ease, minimizing fallout for a divine sparkly makeup look. Our small S1 paddle features a pointed tip that fits perfectly into the inner corners of your eyes for a striking strobe effect that will have all eyes on you!


You’ll be a crown jewel with our ALL NEW tools that take sparkly makeup to the next level. Diamond Dazzlers comes in four gorgeous shades that create a wide variety of breathtaking makeup effects, while our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue and two Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators come together to ensure that you sparkle and shine all through the night. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and show off all of your dazzling and divine looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can admire your beauty!