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4 Makeup Tricks to Look Wide Awake


We’ve all done it… stayed up too late working, studying, or watching our favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. As a result, we end up with tired eyes and lackluster skin. No worries! We’ve got 5 fab makeup tricks to transform your look and fake a fresh face in 20 minutes or less.


Sure… the last thing you want to do when running on little sleep is your eye makeup. But nothing covers up tired eyes like good eyeshadow – both matte and shimmer!

The first step to looking more alert is the lids. Choose your favorite matte eyeshadow – preferably a neutral shade like warm brown or white – to blend into your crease and below your brow bone with a fluffy brush. This creates the illusion of larger, wider eyes. Our Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals palette has a selection of marvelous mattes you’ll love!

Next is one of our favorite makeup tricks ever – it’s quick, easy, and looks great on everyone! Add a small dash of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly lift your eyes and look more awake. You can use any kind of sparkle you like – whether it’s a shimmer shade from our Ultimate Neutrals palette, one of our Diamond Dazzlers shades, or our Loose Glitter Collection. Apply with your finger or with our Studio Pro Silicone Paddles to instantly look radiant and refreshed!


If you were up all night, it can be tempting to pile on the concealer to cover up dark circles. However, this can make your under eye area look creased and cakey. Less is more! It just takes a few simple steps to apply concealer like a pro and be sure you slay all day.

Primer is a makeup must-have – especially for keeping concealer in place. Apply our Studio Pro Mattifying Face Primer to lock in your look and get ultra-smooth, radiant coverage that helps conceal tired eyes.

Our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is the best for a flawless complexion, but did you know it also comes in 4 captivating color corrector shades? Find your fave and apply below concealer to effortlessly hide dark circles, discoloration, and more. Blend, blend, blend for a refreshed, radiant look that lasts all day!


There’s nothing worse for our skin than lack of sleep – which is why you need a healthy glow to light up your look! Add a rosy, nude blush to the apples of your cheeks for a subtle burst of color that distracts from shadows or blemishes.

Go one step further and add a touch of rose gold highlighter! This trendy look instantly adds vibrancy – making you look awake and ready to take on the world. Add to your cheeks, nose, forehead, and other features to become a vision of radiance!

You can find both rose gold highlighter and a soft, rosy blush in our Nude Rose Sculpt and Glow palette – everything you need to brighten your complexion!


There’s no better time to utilize the “no makeup” makeup look than when you’re exhausted. Neutral and pastel shades enhance your best features without drawing attention to the dark circles, blemishes, or dark spots that we often get when sleep-deprived. That’s why you can’t go wrong with a nude or pastel lipstick!

Our Nude Lips 28 Color Lipstick Palette is your new best friend – with barely-there beige, rosy pastels, precious pinks and more for your more subtle and stunning lipstick looks. If you’re looking for something a bit more glam, we’ve got your back! Beauty superstar ItsMyRayeRaye created THREE ultra-chic lippies in one ravishing, rosy nude shade – Rosey Raye Lipstick, Lip Gloss, and Liquid Lipstick. Choose your fave for captivating color in one swipe – and a gorgeous look for all occasions!


It can be tough to get a full night’s rest when we all live such busy lives. That’s why you need these quick and easy makeup tricks to fake a well-rested look in seconds! Did we forget any? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your favorite makeup tricks for looking wide awake during work, school, or errands. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your radiant faces!

Makeup Tricks For the Perfect Selfie

Strike a pose! We all love a good selfie. That’s why we’re here to teach you the best makeup tricks for your most gorgeous shots ever. Whether you’re snapping a shot for your Instagram followers or capturing your most treasured moments with friends and family, you’ll be captivating on camera!


selfie makeup tricks

The art of blending is a makeup trick we ALL need to know, especially for your most stunning self-portraits! Most smartphone cameras these days are very high-quality, and pick up every harsh line, muddy patch, or unblended product on your face. That’s why you should take the extra time to blend beautifully before snapping your selfie!

Our Studio Pro Beauty Sponge is your secret weapon for expert blending! Use it to blend liquid foundation and concealer, primer, cream contour and more! The rounded base blends your cheeks, forehead, and chin for smooth, undetectable finish, while the pointed end gets hard-to-reach spots like the corners of your nose or eyes. Be sure to dampen your beauty sponge before use for the best results!

Don’t forget brushes! Quality makeup brushes are essential for perfectly-blended selfie makeup. Grab an extremely versatile brush set – like our Sculpt and Blend Fan Faves Brush Set – for a collection of versatile face and eye brushes you’ll love. May your eyeshadow always be blended and contour fierce and flawless!


selfie makeup tricks

One of the best makeup tricks for stunning selfies is bold eyes! Pastels may not show up on camera, or make you appear washed out. That’s why you should go all out with your eye makeup and make them the focus of your selfie!

Keeping in mind that glam makeup often appears more subdued in photos, don’t be afraid to be a bit dramatic. Our Glam Reflection: Smoke palette has everything for your smokey eye needs, including rich, earthy neutrals and cool jewel tones for your most sultry gaze. Of course, don’t be afraid to go for something a bit more elegant. Just be sure to blend, blend, blend!

Our Take Me Back to Brazil and Ultimate Neutrals palettes each contain a wide range of hues for your most breathtaking eye looks. Whether you want a killer cut crease, shimmery halo eye, or sultry smokey eye, you’ll make your eyes the center of your selfie!


selfie makeup tricks

It can be tempting to load on the highlighter for your most glam selfies, but matte is where it’s at! This makeup trick looks great on camera, as it doesn’t create a glare and keeps your face from looking greasy or oily.

Begin with a good primer! Our Studio Pro Mattifying Face Primer has a lightweight gel formula to hide imperfections and control shine for a flawless matte finish. It also provides all-day staying power and preps skin for fresh, natural makeup application. After you’ve applied primer, just add our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer and Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation for a camera-ready complexion!

We also have our Studio Pro Matte Finish Pressed Powder and 23 shades of our Liquid Lipstick Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick for more matte magic! If you just NEED a little shimmer in your selfie, be sure to stay subtle. Our Spotlight Highlight palette has 6 striking shades to apply to your nose, cheeks, or forehead. Just don’t be too generous with powders, or risk your face looking shiny or greasy!


selfie makeup tricks

Though we have some high-end cameras on our smartphones, they can occasionally wash out our features and make them look less sharp than we’d like. That’s why contouring and highlighting is so important! Check out our recent blog for makeup tricks to conquer your contour. You’ll have a slim nose, chiseled cheekbones, and a defined jawline in seconds!

Cream or powder contour works wonders for transforming your features, but we’ve found that the latter shows up more clearly on camera. For a touch of drama, grab our Studio Pro Contour Palette and use the silky, blendable powders to create a masterpiece.


Say CHEESE! Capturing the perfect selfie isn’t always easy, but we’re thrilled to share our makeup tricks to let you be your most beautiful self on camera. We LOVE what we see when we look at our gorgeous BH beauties, and you will too! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your most stunning selfies. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your beauty!

Swing Into Spring With Pretty Makeup Trends


Who doesn’t love spring? Fresh flowers, sunny days, and best of all… pretty makeup ideas! We’re here to share some of our favorite makeup looks for spring – ranging from old faves (you can’t go wrong with pastels!) to fab new trends. Put some spring in your step and get ready to radiate!


pretty makeup trends spring beauty

This ultra-trendy color is absolutely gorgeous – whether it’s on your eyes, lips, or cheeks. That’s why we’re excited about one of the most popular pretty makeup trends for spring… rose gold highlighter!

Rose gold highlighter combines the signature pastel shades of spring with the ultra-glam glitter look we all know and love. It complements all skin tones and lights up your complexion like a dream! Wear alone for a subtle shimmer that’s perfect for fun outdoor activities, or pair with a rosy blush for a stunning splash of color!

You’ll be ravishing in rose gold with our Diamond Dazzlers Loose Foil Pigment in Brilliant. This stunning shimmer powder is a rosy shade with a gold reflect, adding a high-shine foil effect to your highlight, eye looks, and more!


pretty makeup trends spring beauty

The lady in red! One of our fave pretty makeup looks for spring is a bombshell red lip with a barely-there face and eye routine. It combines the fresh-faced spring vibe with a classic bold shade for an expressive look that makes a statement.

Minimal makeup brings all the attention to your lovely lips! Just add a touch of our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer and Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation for a radiant complexion – before creating a movie star red lip with our Long-Wearing Matte Liquid Lipstick in Glory. It’s striking, sophisticated, and the perfect look for springtime!


pretty makeup trends spring beauty

Become a stunning siren with aqua eyes! This lovely shade of blue is the ultimate pretty makeup look for both spring AND summer – it looks beautiful on everybody, and can be used to create tons of gorgeous looks.

Wear an aqua shadow by itself for majestic mermaid vibes, or pair with other shades to make a splash! Our Foil Eyes 2 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is full of ultra-shimmer shadows in vivid jewel tones, richer neutrals, and more icy hues for a blast of color that lets you slay the spring!

For even more option, grab our 88 Matte Eighty-Eight Color Eyeshadow Palette! It’s got every shade of aqua you can imagine for a colorful cut crease, halo eye, smokey eye and more. Be sure to sweep on every divine hue with a quality brush set – like our Signature Rose Gold 13 Piece Brush Set with holder!


pretty makeup trends spring beauty

Of course, no springtime is complete without one of our seasonal faves – neutrals! From chic eyeshadows to nude lipstick that highlights your gorgeous features, you’ll be fresh-faced and flawless in no time.

Want to make your eyes pop? Pick up our Ultimate Neutrals palette! It has 42 ultra-pigmented mattes and shimmers ranging from delicate pales to deep earth tones for your most chic, subtle looks. These stunning shades take you from daytime chic to evening drama instantly – perfect for either a picnic or a party!

Of course, no eye look is complete without lovely lips! We all need a good nude lipstick – and our Nude Lips 28 Color Lipstick Palette is your new ride-or-die! With everything from precious pinks to deep mahogany, there’s a shade for every look you can imagine.

Don’t forget a healthy flush of color! Our Nude Blush Palette has 10 marvelous shades for a rosy glow that puts spring in your step.


Ready for a spring fling with beauty? We’re so excited to share some of our favorite pretty makeup tips for the season – and can’t wait to see all of your gorgeous looks! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share YOUR favorite pretty makeup tips for spring. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see our blossoming beauties!

5 Quick and Easy Makeup Tips For Glam On-the-Go

Between work, school, making time for friends and family – or just keeping up with life, we don’t always have hours to spend on makeup (no matter how much we might want to!) – that’s why we’ve got makeup tips to make sure you’re looking gorgeous when you’ve only got a few minutes to spare. Read on for life-changing makeup tips you’ll love!


makeup tips short sweet on the go glam

This is one of our favorite makeup tips for a “barely there” look. It’s the technique of applying liner inside the lashline, on the waterline, for an extremely chic and subtle eye look that instantly brightens your eyes. You’ll need a flat eyeliner brush – like our Studio Pro Brush 11 Flat Eyeliner – and black eyeliner in either gel or cream form. You can also switch it up with the ultra-black wax shade in our Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette. It glides on smooth and stays all day.

Begin by looking into a mirror and tilting your chin upwards, and lifting your upper eyelid with your finger to hold it in place. Next, dip your brush into the black product and gently trace your upper waterline with the tip. Move across the eyelid with your brush, stopping before the inner corners for a more subdued effect. Avoid blinking for a bit to let the product dry. This trick instantly lifts your eyes and makes lashes more luxurious and full of life. If you have an extra minute to spare, top off your look by curling your lashes and adding a coat or two of mascara!


makeup tips short sweet on the go glam

Some call it the holy grail of makeup. Color corrector evens your complexion, erases dark circles, and hides discoloration. There are a variety of shades – including green, purple, and orange – of this product that have different effects on skin. Yellow corrects purple undertones and minimizes dullness, while orange tones cancel out any undereye darkness and illuminate eyes to instantly look more awake. Color correctors are the perfect quick fix for a morning where you didn’t sleep well and want to look more put-together!

Our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is your ride-or-die for a radiant complexion, but did you know it also comes in glorious color corrector shades? Find yours below!

Pink – Corrects purple/blue discoloration on fair/light skin tones

Peach – Corrects dark spots for medium/deep skin tones

Yellow – Corrects purple/blue undertones and dullness

You can apply each of these under your concealer and blend to instantly hide your flaws and start your day looking fresh, flawless, and confident.



makeup tips short sweet on the go glam

Your brows are one of your most prominent features.They frame your face and can either make or break your makeup look. That’s why we’re here with makeup tips for beautiful brows in seconds!

It’s tempting to spend all morning creating the perfect arch, but there’s no time for that when you need to be out the door! You’ll have luxe brows in no time at all with just a few essentials – like our Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil and Studio Pro Brush 13 – Angled Liner/Spooley! Instead of filling in brows in their entirety, just take a minute to shade the areas that are sparse or unruly until they match. With a thin, darker-hued tip for drawing precise, hair-like strokes and a thicker, slightly lighter hued tip for shading, our Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil is a revolutionary tool with everything you need to throw shade in the best way. After you’re done filling in the sparse areas, comb out with the spooley end of our Studio Pro Brush 13 – Angled Liner/Spooley and you’ll be ready to go! If you have a little extra time, brush on some clear brow gel for all-day staying power!



makeup tips short sweet on the go glam

The gorgeous @thevictoriarage on Twitter chose our Carli Bybel Deluxe Edition palette for this inner corner highlight!

This is one of those makeup tips you never knew you needed… until now! Highlighting the inner corner of your eyes takes all of 10 seconds and instantly lights up your eyes like never before.

Matte or shimmer… it’s up to you! Our Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals 42 Color Shadow Palette has a matte white shadow that may be applied with your finger or a small makeup brush to instantly lift your eyes and look more awake. Of course, maybe you’re in the mood for sparkles! Pick up our new Diamond Dazzlers collection for high-performance shimmer powders in four unique shades – Brilliant, Radiant, Precious, and Flashy – that add a subtle shimmer to even the most subdued looks. Grab your favorite shade and enchant your eyes with our Studio Pro Silicone S1: Small Paddle Applicator – a versatile beauty tool with a pointed tip that fits perfectly into the inner and outer corners of your eye!



Don’t forget the ultimate glam-on-the-go makeup tip… lipstick! No 5-step routine needed. You can add a burst of captivating color to your lips for instant and effortless glam in one swipe.

For a more casual makeup look, you can’t go wrong with a good nude lipstick. Or even better… ROSY NUDE! YouTube beauty maven ItsMyRayeRaye just released her Rosey Raye collection – complete with lipstick, liquid lipstick, and lip gloss. Each comes in a ravishing, rosy nude shade that complements all skin tones and tops off everyday glam looks like a dream. Pick your fave or collect them all for a lovely set of lips that lets you shine like a beauty superstar!

If you’re feeling more daring, have no fear! Our Liquid Lipstick Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick is available in 23 stunning shades ranging from princess pink to bombshell red that’s sure to make a statement in the classroom, office, or anywhere else you go!


We know all of our beauties are busy, and that’s why we’re here with quick and easy makeup tips to let you own your glam in the shortest time possible! Whether you need a fresh and flawless face for a first date or a cute and simple look for a night with friends, everybody deserves to feel gorgeous! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your favorite short and sweet makeup tips for glam on-the-go. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you shine!


Create Your Hottest Evening Makeup Looks


It’s okay to be a bit dramatic sometimes, especially with evening makeup looks! We’re here to help you look ultra-hot for your next night out. From sultry eye looks to your most smoochable lips yet, you’ll be a babe in no time!


When it comes to evening makeup…the bolder, the better! That’s why you’ll have a blast with versatile eye looks for ultimate intensity. You can’t go wrong with a classic smokey eye – mixing and matching hues for either a sultry scene or a divine spectrum of color –  but why not kick it up a notch?

Get sultry and sexy with one of the top makeup trends of the moment – the halo eye! This gorgeous eyeshadow look is surprisingly easy to achieve, and gives the illusion of larger, brighter eyes. Just apply a darker shade on the inner and outer corners of the eye, and pack a light, shimmery shade in the center for instant glam. Some prefer neutral shades for a more subdued daytime look, but we recommend you pick up our Foil Eyes 2 – 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette for a metallic halo eye that lets you own the night.

BLUE-tiful! The divine @oliviakennardx on Twitter is making a splash with this aqua halo eye from our Foil Eyes palette

If you’re not feeling angelic, go with a captivating cut crease! Pack your lid with color to instantly lift your eyes, giving them a “wide awake” look that will last all through the night. Just be sure to prime your lid for a pristine cut, and choose a quality brush set like our Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set to create a masterpiece. We recommend our Zodiac 25 Color Eyeshadow & Highlighter Palette for a wide range of eye looks!

After you’ve smoked out your eyes, don’t forget to bring the drama with Studio Pro Lashes to bat your eyes in style.

Captivating colors! @superduperdaisy on Instagram created this colorful cut crease using our Take Me Back to Brazil palette


Sequins, shimmers, and sparkles….OH MY! Light up the room with sparkly evening makeup looks. Whether you’re going clubbing, to a house party, or rocking out at a concert, this is your chance to shine!  

Let me see your halo…eye! Sparkles are THE most fun to incorporate into your eye looks, and we’re here to help! Make the center of your halo eye as shimmery as the night sky with our Foil Eyes 2 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. This palette is all sparkle, all the time, with ultra-shimmer shadows in vivid jewel tones, rich neutrals and icy shades you’ll love.

Don’t forget the highlighter! You’ll be more lit than the strobe lights with our Blacklight Highlight 6 Color Palette, featuring iridescent shimmer powders for a gorgeous glow. Get a more traditional highlight with the shade Strobe, or use Electra, Kween, or Illusion for a burst of color that will have all eyes on you.

blacklight highlight makeup palette 


We love a bright, bold lip as much as the next girl, but nude lips are the perfect touch to any evening makeup look. The captivating combo combines edge and elegance, with the nude shade balancing out dramatic eyes to make you queen of the night.

We’re believers that tons of people can rock the bold eyes AND lip combo, but it must be precise to avoid looking overdone. Adding nude lipstick to the mix balance outs your features, and shows off those gorgeous peepers! The nude lips and dramatic eye combo will make your eyes POP, no matter what color, shape, or size! 

If you’re more of a colorful soul, that’s okay too! Our Metallic Liquid Lipstick has everything from bright blue Esmeralda to passionate purple Lucinda. For a modern take on a classic, pick up our Liquid Lipstick Long-Wearing Matte Lipstick in Lust. It’s a dark red hue for major vamp vibes….what’s more appropriate for an evening makeup look?

BH Lip Kit Lust Best Lipstick Color


We’ve all been there with a big night out. Our makeup looks perfect as we walk out the door, only to become a smeared, cakey mess by the end of the night. Hot strobe lights coming down, sweat from dancing, or even hugs and kisses from your pals can be rough on your makeup, which is why you need to be prepared!

Be sure to carry lipstick, eyeliner, and any other essentials in your bag for an emergency touch-up. However, there are ways to make your makeup last all through the night. Our Smooth Canvas Long Wear Shadow Primer keeps your eyeshadow on for hours, while our Perfecting Primer – Multitasking Primer Stick ensures foundation is always fresh and flawless. Finish off your evening makeup look with our Studio Pro Makeup Setting Spray for all-night staying power!

smooth canvas eyeshadow primer and sponge studio pro makeup setting spray evening makeup looks


A night out is a great way to have fun with friends, blow off some steam, and show off your makeup skills! We hope these tips and tricks help you look AND feel beautiful, because you ARE! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your most glam evening makeup looks. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics we can see you reign over the night!

5 Makeup Brushes You Need In Your Collection

Keep your friends close, and your makeup brushes closer! These precision tools for meticulous makeup application are nothing short of magical – transforming you into a true artist and creating gorgeous works of art. There are countless types of makeup brushes, with each targeted towards a certain area of the face, so it’s crucial to get the right shape, size, and texture to ensure your makeup comes out looking gorgeous!

Of course, not all makeup brushes are created equal. There are certain brushes you NEED in your beauty collection, as they’re extremely versatile, easy to use, and just downright gorgeous. Read on for the most essential makeup brushes to create breathtaking looks, and why you need them NOW!

makeup brushes need collection


A makeup brush you’ll definitely need for the face essentials: setting powder, bronzer, and blush! The flat top and voluminous bristles evenly spread product across your face without looking too cakey, and also work for blending. If you’re feeling daring, you can even use the kabuki brush to blend out liquid and cream foundations!

Our Brush 35 Domed Kabuki Brush effortlessly applies product for your most radiant complexion, while our Brush 34 Angled Kabuki Brush takes it up a notch and provides angled bristles for ideal blush, contour, and highlighter placement.

makeup brushes need collection


We all need to know our angles! An angled fluffy brush has curved bristles to seamlessly apply contour, highlighter, blush and more. It’s especially useful when combined with a powder contour kit like our Studio Pro Shade & Define 10 Color Contour Palette! Lightly apply powder to the brush and sculpt your cheekbones, jawline, and forehead to enhance your features like a beauty goddess!

Grab the Angled Blending Face Brush from our Sculpt and Blend Fan Faves 10 Piece Brush Set to apply your fave face products for ultimate radiance!

makeup brushes need collection


This must-have makeup brush proves that great things come in small packages! The short, slanted bristles allow for extreme precision and control when applying cream, gel, or liquid liner. Hold at an angle and get the perfect wing in just a few quick strokes! You can also dampen it and apply your favorite shadow as liner for a smooth line that’s both sweet and sultry.

The beauty of this brush is that it’s extremely versatile. In addition to creating luxe liner looks, it can also be used to fill in brows for an alluring arch! Our Studio Pro Brush 13 Angled Liner/Spooley is perfect for either brows or eyes, as it’s duel-ended with one angled liner end and a spooley end to groom brows and blend in products.

makeup brushes need collection


This makeup brush is your go-to for your most gorgeous eyeshadow looks. It blends seamlessly into the crease, smooths lid color and softens lines for enchanting eye effects!

You can also multitask! A small blending brush – like our Brush V5 Vegan Blending Brush – can also be used to blend out nose contour lines, apply highlighter above brow bone, and target other small areas of the face.

makeup brushes need collection


 Maybe you’re more of a beauty sponge girl, but we love a good concealer brush! This tool lets you pick up and blend the creamiest of concealers to kiss dark circles goodbye. It even doubles as an eyeshadow brush! Pick up yours now – like our Brush V7 Vegan Concealer Brush.
makeup brushes need collection


Your new ride-or-die! One of the greatest tricks in makeup is mastering the art of blending, and this precision tool does it ALL. Blend out your concealer, foundation, cream contour and so much more for a radiant, refreshed look you won’t want to miss out on. Pick up our Studio Pro Beauty Sponge or Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge now!


A good set of makeup brushes is the key to your most fresh, fierce, and flawless looks! Did we miss any? Let us know! Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your favorite makeup brushes that you use on the daily. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your tips!

Green Makeup Goals For St. Patrick’s Day


Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! We’re here to share some of our fave green makeup ideas to adorn your eyes for the beloved Irish holiday. It’s the day of the year you DEFINITELY want to be rocking some green, or else risk getting pinched all day long! Nobody loves bold hues more than BH, and we’ve got tons of green shadows that will make your eyes pop this St. Paddy’s Day.


Go bold and beautiful with this dramatic green makeup look that’s perfect for a St. Paddy’s Day party or night at the club. A fun and festive take on a popular trend!

Our super-popular Take Me Back to Brazil Palette is PERFECT for this look. It’s a divine spectrum of neon colors, with multiple shades of green. Choose your fave and apply to the inner and outer corners of your eye, and then pack the gold shade smack in the center of the lid for an instant St. Patrick’s Day treat that will have others green with envy!

st patricks day green makeup looks
Gorgeous in green! The divine @idaekker1 chose our Take Me Back to Brazil and Ultimate Artistry palettes to create this shimmery green halo eye


For a more traditional green makeup look, go with an ultra-trendy olive smokey eye! The trend is HUGE in the makeup scene – YouTube beauty superstars Carli Bybel and Manny MUA have done fab tutorials – and it’s a great way to go green in style.

Grab our Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette and use the shade Capricorn to pack your lid with shimmery green. Pair with a sultry nude lipstick for a sultry, seasonal look.


You’ll be giving major Emerald City vibes with this gorgeous green makeup look. Combine the signature green of St. Patrick’s Day with any other color you want – from deep red to glistening gold – for a divine display of Irish pride!

Pick up our Supernova 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette and our Foil Eyes 2 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette and prepare to go green! As all cut crease lovers know, concealer is your best friend. After you’ve applied the transition shade – your choice of shade – above your crease, start applying our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer cleanly across your lid to separate the two colors. Then pack the second shade on your lid for ultimate St. Patrick’s Day glam!

st patricks day green makeup looks

Looking sharp! The talented @superduperdaisy on Instagram chose our Take Me Back to Brazil palette for this captivating cut crease

st patricks day green makeup looks

Too cute! The fab @kaileykbeautyarts on Instagram created this adorable shamrock cut crease with Take Me Back to Brazil!


The smokey eye is a makeup stable that NEVER goes out of style… why not jazz it up with a little green? Show off your Irish pride with a dramatic, smoked-out eye look that’s green and gorgeous.

There’s no better palette for your most captivating, colorful eye looks than Take Me Back to Brazil! Use the shades to create an ultra-glam eye look – it’s not easy being green!

st patricks day green makeup looks

The talented @swayzemorgan_  on Instagram chose Take Me Back to Brazil for this glam green and gold smokey eye


Want to shimmer like a pot of gold? No prob! Our Glitter Collection comes in many gorgeous colors for glam glitter looks that will have all eyes on you.

This look is as simple as it is striking. Just apply our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer all over your eyelid, and dab on glitter with a small eye brush or your finger for a shimmery spectacle the leprechauns will love! Use either solid green or gold, or mix and match colors to chase the rainbow.

To take this green makeup look to the next level, top it off with some glitter lips! Just apply a nude lipstick from our Nude Lips 28 Color Palette and our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer to set the stage, and apply some gorgeous glitter for a look that will turn heads wherever you go.

st patricks day green makeup looks


Get the luck of the Irish on your side with any of these glam green makeup looks! We wish you a fun and festive St. Patrick’s Day, because you’re our lucky charm EVERY DAY! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your green makeup looks for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you go green!

Glitter Makeup Looks You’ll Love


It’s your chance to shine! While glitter makeup has been around forever, it’s making a comeback as one of the top makeup trends of the year. From big beauty brands to the runway, glitter is EVERYWHERE!

Luckily, our Glitter Collection comes in plenty of hot hues to let you shine like a beauty superstar. We’re here to show you how to adorn your lips, brows and eyes in shimmery shades for your most magical makeup effects.

glitter makeup looks inspired


They say a smile makes the eyes sparkle, but so does GLITTER! Add gleam and glimmer to your peepers with shimmery eyeshadows, glitter eyeliner, and the glitter cut crease you never knew you needed.

To keep it simple, add a dab of glitter to the inner corners of your eyes! This is a prime spot to make eyes appear large and full of life, and a twinkle packs quite the punch. For next-level shine, go with glitter eyeliner. Add a small amount of lash glue or concealer on your upper eyelid near the lashline, and use a pencil brush or fine liner brush to sweep loose glitter over the area. You can get both of these brushes with our Eye Essential 7 Piece Brush Set! Another take on the glitter eyeliner trend is to add glitter above a classic black wing!

glitter makeup looks inspired

Think pink! @jencocorosa on Twitter chose our Glitter Collection for this ultra-glam glitter eyeliner

If you’re feeling daring, create a glitter cut crease for ultimate glam! After transition shade is set, use an angled brush to apply our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer all over the lid before packing on glitter with either a brush or your finger.

For these fun glitter makeup looks, we recommend the more bold colors in our Glitter Collection, like Baby Pink. It’s a way to tackle two beauty trends at once and get ultimate bright eyes!

glitter makeup looks inspired

The lovely @beautybytal_ on Twitter created a gorgeous cut crease with our Glitter Collection!


Light up your look with GLITTER EYEBROWS! That’s right, brows will be sleek and on fleek with super-sweet sparkles. Collect our Royal Purple for violet vibes that will transform you into a stunning siren, or Gold to give whole new meaning to the term “golden arch.”

Our Vegan Brush Set: Bold Brow is the perfect set for the ideal glitter arch! Apply glue and glitter with the angled end of our Vegan Brow Duo Brush, and use the spooley end to blend, shape, and set brows for a flawless finish that radiates. You can also use our Vegan Brow Definer and Blender Brush to carve a precise arch and blend with concealer.

Sparkly brows may not be the most subtle of looks, but it’s a fun and innovative way to incorporate glitter makeup into your everyday look!

glitter makeup looks inspired


Make a statement with a smooch! All eyes will be on your mouth when you add glimmer to your lip routine. This is one of the most creative uses of glitter makeup, as you can mix and match colors and products for ultra-innovative lip art.

Use our Glitter Collection for tons of fun and fabulous looks! Begin by swiping on a nude lipstick – we recommend our Nude Lips 28 Color Palette – and topping it off with our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer to build a canvas and give glitter something to stick to. Next, use your finger or a small makeup brush to apply glitter to your lips. Voila! Lovely lip art you can’t wait to share with the world!

If you’re craving a bold look, mix several of the shades in our Glitter Collection for a divine spectrum of color. It’s an innovative way to show off your favorite sports team or fandom!

glitter makeup looks inspired


It’s ALWAYS time for glitter, and we’re excited to share these tips and tricks to make glitter an essential in your beauty routine! Don’t be afraid to glow and glisten like the goddess you are! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show off all your gorgeous glitter looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your sparkly creations.

Hollywood Glam Makeup Looks For Award Season


Lights, camera, BEAUTY! The Oscars are just a few days away, and you’ll be red-carpet ready with these Hollywood glam makeup looks. From retro radiance to modern mattes, these looks will make you the brightest star in tinsel town.


A classic red lip is one of the most timeless makeup trends there is, and the ultimate symbol of old Hollywood glam makeup. It never goes out of style and can be worn in various shades – from bombshell red to marvelous merlot – or even jazzed up with some glitter for a modern take on a classic!

For lips like Marilyn Monroe’s, go with a simple and elegant crimson shade. Our Liquid Lipstick Long Wearing Matte Lipstick in Glory is a timeless red that glides on and stays on all day for ultimate star power. Just one swipe and it’s showtime! For a more subdued look, pick up the shades Charlotte or Chrissy for a toned-down take on this glam makeup staple. All shades set to a chic matte finish that’s perfect for onscreen kisses!

Or maybe you’re more of a sparkles girl? No prob! Use our Deep Red Glitter for a more fun take on the classic red lipstick look. After applying your chosen shade of red, tap on glitter with your finger while lipstick is still wet – or swipe on our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer using your finger or our Brush V8 – Vegan Lip Brush to apply glitter to your lips. A modern red lip that will have all eyes on you. This classic has only gotten better with age, and it’s the perfect addition to your red-carpet look!

Glam makeup bh cosmetics red lipstick

The gorgeous @biancaalcazar on Twitter got red lips like a movie star with our Liquid Lipstick in Glory

Glam makeup bh cosmetics red lipstick

A sparkly take on the classic red lip look


Audrey Hepburn’s brows were bold, brilliant, and beautiful… everything BH stands for! The iconic actress sported thick, strong brows throughout most of her career that highlighted her beautiful eyes, and many still replicate her look decades later!

Hepburn’s brows were pretty unconventional. Instead of the arch many eyebrow enthusiasts swore by, she chose straight brows that slightly lift towards the ends. However, she’s a beauty icon in every sense. Many of today’s stars, including Meghan Markle, model their brows after hers!

While this look is fairly simple, it requires proper maintenance. The biggest beauty essential for bold, Audrey brows is our Studio Pro Tweezers, because nobody likes stray hairs! Also grab our Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette and Bold Brow Vegan Brush Set to get lush, full brows that are perfectly Hollywood.

Glam makeup bh cosmetics red lipstick  Glam makeup bh cosmetics red lipstick


We’ve all looked at our favorite celebrity and wondered just HOW their complexion is so flawless. And we’re here to tell you! Hollywood’s Golden Age was an ultra-glamorous time, but it was before highlighter and shimmers took over the glam makeup world. Read on for a fresh, natural makeup look worn by movie stars of the Golden Age.

You’ll be in the clear with our trio for perfect skin! Our Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation, Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer, and Matte Finish Pressed Powder come together for a glam makeup look that’s fresh, flawless, and guaranteed to give you movie-star flair.

Once you’ve set the stage, skip the sparkles and opt for a soft, rosy blush. Our Blushed Neutrals 26 Color Eyeshadow and Blush Palette gives you a beautiful burst of color that perfectly complements red lips and other Hollywood makeup faves. It also comes with ultra-pigmented eyeshadows for chic, low-key looks that make your eyes pop.

shades of naturally flawless liquid foundation


If there’s one word to describe Hollywood, it’s elegant. The hair, the gowns, and especially the glam makeup that we’ve admired for decades. One of the most elegant glam makeup trends for A-list looks is mile-long lashes. They’re the perfect finish to any look, and frame your eyes in gorgeous ways.

If you’re looking for something dramatic, there’s always falsies! Our Studio Pro Lashes instantly add extra oomph to your eyes and amp up any look. You’ll be ready for the red carpet in no time!

Another timeless trend that made its mark on old Hollywood is the cat eye. Starlets like Sophia Loren and Elizabeth Taylor wore the famous flick back in the 1950s, and winged eyeliner has since become a phenomenon. The makeup look is perfect for both daytime drama or evening glam. Scoop up our Liquid Eyeliner in Black – now available at – and create a fierce cat eye that would make Cleopatra proud!

Glam makeup bh cosmetics red lipstick

Hollywood glam goals! @lawwrren on Twitter created an ultra-fierce cat eye topped off with our Glitter Collection in Gold

studio pro false lashes glam makeup


The city of angels is where BH was born, which is why we’re SO excited to share our Hollywood glam makeup tips with you. You are ALL celebrities in our eyes, and we hope our products help you look AND feel like a movie star! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your Hollywood glam makeup looks for the Oscars. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you strut your stuff on the red carpet!

4 INCREDIBLE Makeup Tricks to Conquer Your Contour



Contouring enhances your best features using depth and dimension to create the illusion of higher cheekbones, a slimmer nose, a chiseled jaw – almost any effect you can imagine. It takes practice, especially to avoid looking dull or “muddy”. That’s why we’re here to bring you killer makeup tricks to get your most fierce, flawless contour yet!


You can contour with anything from bronzer to eyeshadow, but you should always use the right product for your skin type and tone. Contouring shades should never be more than one or two colors deeper than your complexion, and using the wrong color can make your face look muddy or dirty. That’s why this is one of our most crucial makeup tricks!


If you have dry skin, a cream contour palette like our Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette has everything you need to sculpt and define without drying you out, with both warm and cool tones.


Powder is the way to go for oily or normal skin. Our Studio Pro Shade & Define 10 Color Contour Palette is smooth and easy to blend, and it has a wide range of tones that let you add depth, dimension and shadows .


You want a versatile set of brushes to properly contour multiple features, and your wish is our command! Our Studio Pro Brush Set – Blush/Contour perfectly applies blush and contour for runway-ready cheekbones, while our Studio Pro Brush Set – Blending can give the illusion of a smaller forehead or thinner nose. Or grab our Studio Pro Beauty Sponge and dampen it to beautifully blend your cream contour!



All of our BH babes are gorgeous, but not all contouring makeup tricks are universal! We all have our own unique face, and contouring allows you to pick and choose which features to take center stage. Want to minimize your forehead? Slim your nose? Plump up your lips? Proper contour placement is key.

First and foremost, know your face shape. By knowing the dimensions of our face, we know which areas to focus on and ensure that we aren’t accidentally enhancing our least favorite features. Find it below to discover where you should contour!

Round Face: 

  • Along sides of forehead and along the temples to narrow out face
  • Below cheekbones. Start from your ears and end contour halfway to cheeks before curving down to jawline

Oval Face:

  • Below cheekbones. Start from your ears and end contour halfway to cheeks to add prominence
  • Along sides of forehead

Diamond Face:

  • Below cheekbones. Start from your ears and end contour halfway to cheeks for natural sculpt and dimension

Heart Face:

  • Below cheekbones. Start from your ears and end contour halfway to cheeks
  • Along sides of forehead
  • On tip of the chin to narrow

Square Face:

  • Below cheekbones. Start from your ears and end contour halfway to cheeks to enhance chiseled features
  • Along the forehead
  • Along the jawline to soften

While not all contouring techniques are created equal, don’t forget your secret weapon: concealer! Use our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer to set the canvas and highlight your contour!

Contour and highlight makeup for multiple face shapes MAKEUP TRICKS

Contour and highlight makeup for multiple face shapes


When you look on Instagram or the latest fashion magazine, it’s common to see a sharp, edgy contour. However, this isn’t always the case. We’ve got great makeup tricks whether you want a fierce, dramatic contour for ultimate intensity, or a subtle, sculpted look for everyday chic.


Of course, sometimes you want a dramatic, edgy contour for a night out! Read up to get charming, chiseled features for ultimate intensity…

  • To keep your look fierce and flawless for hours, use both cream AND powder! Sculpt your features with our Cream Contour Palette and trace with our Shade & Define 10 Color Contour Palette for an impeccable contour that lets you slay all day
  • Use multiple shades – one lighter and one darker – to add contrast to your contour
  • Don’t skip the blush! Pick a shade from our Glamorous Blush 10 Color Blush Palette to add a burst of color to your most sultry looks
  • Blend with a makeup brush for a more striking and noticeable contour – like our Powder Brush from our Face Essential 5 Piece Brush Set. Move in small, circular motions to blend while keeping product in place

@Laviedunprince shared this ultra-fierce contour on Twitter – courtesy of our Studio Pro Contour Palette!


Want a barely-there contour for daytime glam? You’ve got it! Here are some of our top makeup tricks!

  • Cream contour is our go-to for a more subtle, natural look. Our Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette has a creamy, foolproof formula that melts into skin for a stunning, understated contour
  • Don’t be too generous with product! Place a small amount on your brush at the beginning, and keep layering if you want more intensity
  • Use a flat contour brush – like the one in our Studio Pro Brush Set – Blush/Contour – to apply contour in larger areas of the face, such as beneath the cheekbones and along the temples and jawline
  • Use any small eye shading or concealer brush – like our Studio Pro Brush 7 – Flat Shader – to create a precise nose contour!
  • Blend, blend, BLEND! This is the most crucial step for a natural, sculpted look. You can blend out your masterpiece with your new best friend – a damp beauty sponge! Our Studio Pro Beauty Sponge is a little ball of fun that blends cream contour like a dream.

The gorgeous @itsmeveraaa on Twitter chose our Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette for this stunning, subtle contour!


It’s easy to get carried away with the art of contouring, but it’s nothing without its shiny cousin – highlighting! While contouring shades, defines, and take your bone structure to the next level, it’s highlighting that really makes your features POP!

blacklight highlight makeup palette

Highlighter transforms you into a beauty goddess in seconds. Just a sweep above the cheekbones, on the tip of the nose, or above the cupid’s bow lights up your look with a youthful, ultra-glam glow. Like contouring, there’s a variety of shades that flatter different skin tones, which is why you need the proper set! Our Blacklight Highlight 6 Color Palette is an assortment of iridescent shimmer powders for ultimate shine. Wear these pearlized pastels individually or layer multiple shades for enchanting effects!

Blush is one of the final steps in the contouring and highlighting routine – adding a flush of color to that gorgeous face! Grab our Nude Blush 10 Color Blush Palette and apply shades to the apples of the cheeks for a rosy glow that will have everybody blushing.


We’re thrilled to share our top makeup tricks for the most gorgeous contour! Not only is it a fun makeup technique that expresses your creativity and transforms you into the ultimate artist, but it enhances your best features for a major confidence boost that complements ultra-glam makeup looks. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to share your most fierce contour. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see you enhance your beauty!