Guest Blogger: Back to School with Annie Jaffrey!

Hi everyone! It’s Annie Jaffrey from! BH Cosmetics asked me to do a guest blog post and I’m excited to be here! A new school year is just about to begin and I want to teach you the first lesson of the year: How to look amazing on your first day! Follow the steps below to re-create my look:

Start by applying Anti-Shine Serum to mattify, concealer to brighten, and buff a mineral powder into your skin to even out your complexion. If you’re already blessed with clear skin, skip this part.



Next, contour, blush and highlight with the Contour and Blush Palette to achieve healthy looking cheeks. Keeping skin fresh and glowing is key.



On your eyes, take the BH Party Girl Palette and sweep a gold metallic shade across the lids, and apply a lighter shade in the corners to make you look bright. Lightly line your eyes with BH’s fool-proof felt tip Liquid Eyeliner, add some mascara, et voila! If you’re in a playful mood, sweep a bright colored shade like purple on to your lower lash line and add a pink gloss, like Studious (how appropriate). You will stand out just a little extra yet still look chic.


With purple on lower lash line:

Hope you all like this look! Visit my blog, YouTube or Facebook for more!



P.S.: I’ll be back here with a contest, so keep an eye out for my next post!

4 comments on “Guest Blogger: Back to School with Annie Jaffrey!

  1. Iris September 1, 2012 4:03 pm

    It’s a gorgeous look ! And it still looks naturel, what I really prefer, especially for school 🙂
    But first you had really big eyebrows, which were beautyful !
    But now they become thinner, what i think it’s a pitty..
    It’s just a little thing, but i wanted to say it.
    I follow your blog and Youtube and everything, wauw you’re so pretty and such a motivation for me to keep going with living healty. Thank you ! xoxo

  2. princess September 1, 2012 5:34 pm

    IT’S SUPER PRETTY! BUT i still think it’s a lot of makeup for school.. or what do you girls think???

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