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The Perfect Brush Set for Your Zodiac Sign

The Perfect Brush Set for Your Zodiac Sign
BH Cosmetics
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You’re an earth sign, whose primary characteristics are ambition, discipline, and realism. Since Capricorns enjoy the comfort and traditions of playing it safe, you tend to gravitate towards neutrals and stay away from bold, attention-grabbing colors. Capricorns are grounded but never boring, just like the gorgeous Signature Rose Gold 13 Piece Brush Set:


You’re an air sign with a unique sense of originality, independence and intellect. Your unique style and eccentric personality makes you stand out from the crowd, and you love the unpredictable nature that comes with it. For a brush set that’s unique as you, Aquarius, try our Birthstone Brush Vault.


A water sign through and through: your compassion, creativity and sensitivity to your emotions is your greatest virtue. You exist in a world of artistic ideas and dreaming, and what’s a better fit for a dreamer like you, Pisces, than the dreamy iridescent handles of the Hello Holo 10 Piece Brush Set.


You are a sign in the element of fire: courage, determination, confidence and passion simply courses through your veins. You’re daring and full of fire. Why not embrace it? For a brush set as fiery as you, try the Bombshell Beauty 10 Piece Brush Set:


You are an earth sign who enjoys the finer things in life. You’re reliable, devoted, patient, stable, and a lover of love, luxury and beauty. You have a sophisticated side that loves to indulge, so the classy handles of the Marble Luxe 10 Piece Brush Set might be right up your alley.


You’re an air sign with the ability to adapt to your environment. Often associated with the symbol of the twins, Gemini’s dual personalities represent an affectionate and curious spirit that is adored by many. You’re a natural born communicator with a uniquely playful personality. The neutral handles and gold reflective pouch in the Travel Series 7 Piece Face & Eye Brush Set with Bag are just your fit:


You’re a water sign with a sensitive side. But don’t let this sensitivity fool you, Cancers are imaginative, loyal, empathetic and emotional. What says Cancer better than the ethereal handles and iridescent case of our Crystal Quartz 12 Piece Brush Set:


You’re a fire sign with a burning desire to shine and be seen. Leos are passionate, bold, and love the limelight. Bold colors are the name of the game for Leo, and the bright, bold handles of the Take Me Back to Brazil 10 Piece Brush Set might just be your perfect match.


You’re an earth sign characterized by practicality and hard work. You’re loyal, analytical, kind, and have a killer attention to detail. You appreciate tradition, but still love to experiment when the time is right, especially when they’re a set of must-haves like the Ultimate Essentials 10 Piece Face & Eye Brush Set with Bag.


You’re an air sign with a knack for charm. You are balanced, fair-minded, and like your life to be filled with sparkle, passion, and romance. A hopeless romantic, you look to the stars for your perfect match: just like the shiny night sky colored handles of our Constellation 12 Piece Brush Set.


You’re a water sign known for your mystery, seduction and dark allure. Despite your sometimes intimidating exterior, you are filled with passion and sensitivity. You’re a classic, and nothing is more classic than the stunning Crystal Zodiac - 12 Piece Brush Set:


You’re a fire sign known for your generosity, idealism, and great sense of humor. A lover of freedom and spontaneity, you have a playful personality that loves change and seeks spontaneity. Because you love bold colors, the Fa La La Fierce 12 Piece Brush Set’s bright red handles make it the perfect set for you:

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BH Cosmetics
Writer and expert
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