5 Lipstick Rules You’re Probably Breaking

Just a few years ago lipstick was reserved for our mothers and only very special occasions. Now, it’s the hottest trend on the market in the past year. However, no lipstick is better than bad lipstick. Here are some of our tips and tricks to getting perfect lips.


Not taking care of your lips.

You want your lipstick to look clean without cracks or breaks. That’s why it’s important to exfoliate and moisturize your lips everyday. Even a light exfoliation and deep moisturizer to get rid of dead skin and dirt will help your lipstick last longer and keep your lips from drying out and cracking.

Not highlighting or lining your lips.

Keep the color from bleeding by lining your lips with a lip liner (the same color or your lip color) or a concealer.  You can take it an extra step further and use a highlighter on your lips to make them stand out and look bigger.

Wearing a full face of makeup.

Many people believe that wearing a full face of makeup is necessary for lipstick. Not so fast! Lipstick can work for a casual look if you keep the rest of your makeup neutral, simple, or even barefaced.

Not picking the right shade for your skin tone.

Not every trend looks good on every skin tone, and a gorgeous color on your best friend could be disastrous on you. If you have warm undertones, choose a color with gold or brown undertones. Cooler skin tones should pick lipsticks with blueish tones.

Over-glossing your lips.

Gloss will make your lips look bigger – great right? Not always. Even if you have thin lips, it’ll look unnatural. Instead use a light gloss or simply gloss in the center of your lips – a great technique for enhancing thin lips.

Whether you’re wearing a bold lip color (like these purple lips), a classic pink, or rockin’ the nude lip, make sure to follow these tips for the optimal look!

5 Rules For Rocking Purple Lipstick

This spring, we’re all about gorgeous pops of color, especially purple lips! You know what they say – Go bold or go home! Okay, so maybe no one says that. But really, magenta, violet, orchid lips? We’re all about that one thing that really sets your look apart, and this Spring it’s that color!


We can’t get enough of this trend, and we just released our newest lipstick shade, Vixen, to go along with it!






It’s a bold color, but if you’re daring enough to try it, here are the rules to follow:

  1. Match your skin tone. If you have warm undertones, pick a purple that has reddish tones while those with cool undertones can choose a purple with blues in it.
  2. Outline your lips with lip liner to keep the bright color from bleeding.
  3. Bold colors don’t have to make your lips look thinner! Try using a highlighter to outline your lips or dab a little concealer around them to erase smudges and uneven lines.
  4. Keep your eye makeup neutral to draw all the attention to your perfect pout. You don’t want to have an overbearing look, so keep it simple girls!
  5. Although many would claim that having a bright lip requires a flawless face, we disagree! Keep your look casual (and not red carpet) by toning down your face.

Concealer 101: How to use Green Corrector

We all have those days where our basic concealer just doesn’t cut it. Maybe you stayed up late working on a project due the next morning, or your skin is just breaking out more than normal. Days like this calls for a little extra help from your concealer and corrector collection.

If you know a little bit about the color wheel, choosing the right concealer for your skin will be much simpler. Green is directly opposite red on the color wheel, making it the perfect solution to excess redness, pimples, bruises, and more.

Depending on your skin tone, different shades of green are appropriate. If you have lighter skin with blue or pink undertones, a light green or mint green will work best. Those with yellow undertones or medium-dark skin should look for a yellow-green or almost olive color.

You can see the difference here in the BH Cosmetics “Light” Concealer Corrector Palette in “Light”, “Medium” and “Dark” variety of shades.

Light, Medium and Dark Concealer Palettes

Light, Medium and Dark Concealer Palettes

How To Apply Green Corrector

Focus on putting just a small layer of green corrector over the red areas, pimples and acne. Then cover it with your regular tan concealer, blending it outwards to create an even skin tone.

If you are using green corrector under your eyes, cover it with your regular concealer and take it down the side of your nose and to the outer corner of your eye to create a “triangle”. Blend, blend, blend!

Celebrate April Birthstone: Diamond



Happy Spring, April babes!

With the spring season in full swing, we can’t help but notice what a beautiful time it is to be celebrating your birthday! Speaking of beautiful, April’s birthstone is the beautiful diamond – a symbol for everlasting love. Now it makes sense why diamonds are a girl’s best friend! 😉 Like the diamond, April babies are admired by everyone because they are loving, caring, generous, and good at consoling people.

Make sure you feel your well-deserved love on your birthday by creating your best diamond-inspired look. Start off with a flawless base using our Liquid Foundation and 6 Color Concealer & Corrector Palette. For your eye makeup, create a grey or silver look using our 88 Color Tropical Shimmer Palette which has an array of shimmery grays and neutrals. Add even more sparkle to your eye makeup with our ‘Silver’ or ‘Platinum’ glitter from our Glitter Collection. Sweep on a little bit of color to your cheeks using our Floral Blush Duo in ‘Daisy’.

Don’t forget your lips! With such a sparkly, festive eye, keep your lips neutral with our Crème Luxe Lipstick in ‘Forever Nude’. Feeling extra sparkly? Paint your nails with our self-explanatory ‘Metal’ polish from our 10pc Nail Lacquer Mystery Collection.

Although we’re sure you didn’t need such a sparkly look to get attention and love from your friends, this diamond-inspired look will without a doubt make you look and feel like a million bucks – or a million diamonds! Have fun celebrating and we hope you have an amazing birthday!

Get Inspired with the Forever Nude Palette!

BH Beauties, have you gotten your hands on one of our newest products yet? The Forever Nude palette is perfect for everyday wear, and even better for pretty Spring looks! We asked the beauty lovers at BH what looks they would create using this new palette and we thought we’d share them with you!BH Cosmetics Forever Nude Palette

For a gorgeous, neutral everyday look, start with the cream color eyeshadow (1) and sweep it across your entire eyelid to the brow. Then take rose gold shadow (2) and blend it into the crease and the outer corner of your eyelid. Finish by lining your eyelashes with the dark brown (3) and blend. Swirl your brush between the two blush colors and put on the apples of your cheeks. Use the highlighter to highlight your nose, the inner corners of your eyes and the tops of your cheekbones. Blend and finish by applying (7) lip gloss to your lips and go!

For a use the light pink (4) to cover your lids and darker pink (5) to create definition by blending into the crease and the outer corner of your eyelid, blending about halfway over the lid. Take the shimmery brown (6) to line your lashes and bring it out just past the outer corner of your lid. Blend the look. For blush, pick your favorite and apply on your cheekbones. Use the highlighter to highlight the top of your top, your nose, tops of your cheekbones, and the inner corner of your eyes. Blend, blend, blend.  Finish the look with a sweet candy pink (8) lip gloss, perfect for your date or girls night out!

Money Can Buy Lipstick

See what other bloggers are saying about the Forever Nude palette – like blogger Teresa Caruso at Money Can Buy Lipstick. Get inspired with her full tutorial!

Our Favorite Spring 2014 Makeup Trends

It’s finally warming up and the first day of spring is only a few weeks away! We’re ready to say “goodbye” to wine and berry lip colors and dark smoky eyes and say hello to lighter colors and warmer weather.  Here are our favorite trends for Spring 2014.

Nude Lips – We’re so thrilled the nude lip trend is continuing! If you missed the Oscars, many of our favorite A-listers like Angelina Jolie were rocking a gorgeous nude lip with a stunning smoky eye. Our creme luxe lipstick in Forever Nude is a great option here!

Forever Nude

Forever Nude Lipstick


Pastel Eyes – If you’re a “natural look” fanatic – this is perfect for you! Spring colors like pale pinks, lilac, and blues are all over the runway and perfect for the early spring months.

White Eyeliner – This has been a trend for a few seasons, but especially now in the Spring since it pairs so well with pastel eye shadow! White liner will make your eyes appear larger and if you want to play it safe, start by simply smudging some white eyeliner in the inner corners of your eyes (try using one of our eye crayons). You can be more daring by swapping it for traditional black eyeliner, or simply rim your waterline.


Crystal Eyeliner

Crystal Eyeliner

The Cat Eye Plus – If you haven’t seen any of the recent runway models, you’ve missed all the awesome graphic eyeliner designs. The classic cat eye is still trending, but many makeup artists have taken it up a notch and tried something more extreme with graphic patterns and designs.

Orange Lips –Forget oxblood and Merlot – Tangerine colored lips are the must-try trend this spring! Let your lips pop by pairing a simple cat eye or neutral eye shadow and mascara for maximum impact.

Sun-Kissed and Glowing Skin – It’s not a new trend, but we’ve been sun-starved for a long winter and we’re dying for sunny beams. Until then, we can fake it with a cream blush and pearly (not shimmery) highlighter. To achieve that glowing look, skip the powder and use a liquid foundation instead.

How to Tell When Your Makeup is Expired

Hello BH Beauties! If you’re obsessed with makeup and beauty like me, you probably have several drawers and containers full of makeup samples, palettes, lipsticks, mascaras and more.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not normally thinking about expiration dates when I get my hands on a hot new product! But after I’ve played with that new eye shadow, lipstick, liquid eyeliner, whatever – it might get lost in a drawer. If I ever find it again, I usually have no idea how old it is! If you’re smart enough to put a piece of tape on your makeup with the dates you opened them, you’ll be okay. For the rest of us, it’s important to know how to tell if and when our makeup has expired.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

shutterstock_145290685Mascara & Eyeliner – If you can only keep track of one product’s expiration, it should be mascara or eyeliner. The second they start irritating your eyes, flaking excessively, clumping and more – throw them away! About a year ago I went a few weeks with really itchy eyes. I thought I was spending too much time looking at a screen or that my contact lenses were too old. But after changing my lenses and spending a few days away from the screen, I finally realized it was my mascara! The second I started using a new one my eyes stopped itching. Mascara and liquid eyeliner only last a few months, so throw out any old, open products.

Makeup Artist Tip: If you get an eye infection, throw out your eye makeup. It’s probably been contaminated and pink eye isn’t fun to have twice.

Powdered Foundation & Eye Shadow – Anything powder will last for about two years, and if it’s something you love – it won’t be around that long! If it’s that eye shadow palette you got because it had that one color you really wanted and you never use the rest… throw it out once it gets too hard, or the consistency or color changes. If you keep it in your bathroom, make sure it is sealed properly or else the moisture in the air will damage a powdered product.

Concealer, Liquid Foundation, Cream Makeup – If it’s water-based it’ll start getting bad between 12-18 months. You can tell its expired if the color changes, it starts smelling strange, or your favorite concealer isn’t doing it’s job the way it used to. Liquid products tend to have more problems with bacteria and can cause breakouts when they get too old.

Lipstick & Lip Gloss – Lipstick will usually last for two years, but your favorite gloss only has about one year of shelf life. Once your lipsticks are dry and difficult to apply, toss ‘em.  When gloss is bad, it becomes overly sticky, streaky, globby – none of which I want on my lips.

Now that “spring cleaning” is on our minds (at least some of us!) hopefully these tips will help you to clean out your makeup collections and determine whether that lipstick from senior prom should stay or go.

5 Bloggers Rockin’ St. Patty’s Day Makeup

Happy St. Patty’s Day BH beauties! If you’re going all out and looking for green makeup ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Here are five great looks for you to try from some of our favorite bloggers using BH Cosmetics makeup!

MakeupWithdrawal St Patricks Day makeup

Mimi from MakeupWithdrawal

Mimi used the Take me to Brazil palette which has great neon colors – perfect if you want to do a bold bright green look for St. Patricks Day! We love the combination of the winged cat eye and the bright makeup. Check out the tutorial on her blog.

St Patricks Day Makeup

Karen from PinkAddictive

Karen has a gorgeous look from last year that we had to share. She used the BH Cosmetics 88 Color Palette (matte) and incorporated white eyeliner and a slight cat eye into her look. the green eye shadow really makes her brown eyes pop!

Let Them Have Polish_St Pattys Day makeup

Cristina from Let Them Have Polish

If you have the BH Cosmetics Party Girl palette, you’re in luck because Cristina has a beautiful dark green smoky eye that could work for lots of skin tones!


Nicola from NicoleKateMakeup

Nicola used the BH Cosmetics 120 Color Palette 2nd Edition to create this matte bright green and blue eye shadow look that is perfect for blue-eyed beauties. We love how her bright colors are paired with a graphic twist on the traditional cat eye!


Sheila from Painted-Ladies

Sheila used the 28 color smoky eye palette to create this stunning eye look! Sheila has beautiful brown eyes and these colors complement them so well. Check it out and see if you can do it yourself.

Happy St. Patty’s day beauties! We can’t wait to see the looks you’ll be doing on Instagram!

Celebrate March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine


Hey March Birthday Babes!

As we’re getting closer and closer to the first day of spring (which is the 20th by the way), March’s birthstone couldn’t be more perfect! Aquamarine’s light and cool color reflects the ocean blue and pretty much complements all spring colors. March babies share a lot of qualities that remind us of the sea, like their love of traveling and finding joy in peace and serenity. With such soothing qualities, it make sense why those born this month are very approachable people and good listeners.

Get ready for the spring season by playing around with bright colors, especially blue! Create tons of fun, bright looks with our 88 Color Shimmer Palette, which has a wide range of blue and green hues for you to create your own ocean-inspired look. Balance out your bright eye look with some neutrals from our 88 Color Neutral Palette. Blend the colors together to get a vibrant and cool, yet collected look. Line your eyes with our Gel Liner in ‘Gunmetal’ and sweep on some of our Loveable Lash Mascara (don’t forget to first curl your lashes with our Eyelash Curler) to give your eyes more depth and drama. Bring some color back into your cheeks using our Duo Blush Palette which has three different choices of shimmery and matte blushes. With your eye makeups full of color and drama, keep the lips simple with our Lip Gloss in ‘Peace Love & Mod’ for a touch of color and shine. Complete your look by giving your nails some love! Use our rightfully named ‘Calm’ nail polish from our 10pc Nail Lacquer Flirty Collection, which is an opaque aqua color – perfect for all you Aquamarine beauties!

Now it’s time to go out and celebrate both your birth month and the spring time! It’s a good thing that March babies like getting attention because you will be sure to get loads of it with such a colorful, fun look like this one. Have a very Happy Birthday!

Beat the Winter Blues with a Sun-Kissed Look

There’s no denying it. We’ve got the winter blues. We’re missing warm summer nights and lazy days at the beach. But just because the weather is dull doesn’t mean your makeup has to be!

Here are our favorite tips to fake the sun-kissed look while you’re missing the sun.

  • Obviously bronzer is your best friend in the winter. Make sure you pick one that has more brown tones rather than orange ones. The trick to using bronzer is to only use it where the sun would naturally hit your face: top of your forehead, your temples, bridge of your nose, apples of your cheeks, and chin.

Makeup Artist Tip: Don’t forget to shade your jawline and neck so your face doesn’t look significantly darker than the rest of your body!

  • If you don’t want to use bronzer, you can still get a glowing look by combining a highlighter and blush with a neutral shimmer eye shadow. Make sure your eyes stand out with mascara or eyeliner.
  • Stick with warm tones like pinks, golds, and browns in your makeup during the dark winter months, as they’ll help you achieve that natural glow.

Don’t forget to change up your skincare routine in the winter to take care of your skin! Make sure you are exfoliating regularly. It’s hard to do this during the winter because your skin is already so dry, but it’s important to slough off those dead skin cells. Try a deep moisturizer or a moisturizing facemask to combat dry skin issues.

Let us know how you’re changing your beauty routine this winter! But don’t worry – Spring is just around the corner!