Celebrate October Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline & Opal!


As we transition into our colder months and embrace those fall feelings, we welcome the season of holidays! And birthdays, as holidays are concerned, are top priority here at BH Cosmetics! Those born in October rolled in just as our surroundings tend to morph colors and accept change. What a stunning sight it is to see the palettes of our world alter with time – just as beautiful as it is to see those born this month grow just a tad older!

These lucky birthday babes have two gems to represent their time on the calendar: Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Pink Tourmaline, although a relatively new phenomenon is breath taking with its electric and bright magenta hues. It is believed that those born in October have unbelievable inner beauty and that is not surprising since such a pervasive pink light, lights them from within! Such a brilliant color should be complimented, head for our Crème Luxe Lipstick in Pop Culture to get in touch with your hot pink side! Those sexy lips need nails to match, take a look at both Dolly and Celeb from our Flirty Collection or Vivid from our Mystery Collection for a more dramatic pairing! Finally, top the look off with double liner by putting down a thick wing of our Gel Eyeliners in Blow and then a thinner line layered on top in Gunmetal.

October honeys also are embodied from the beautiful Opal. Opal possesses such radiance through their “play of colors” – Opals flash the colors of the rainbow when they catch light. Those born this month should play with their own colors and opt for eye catchers like shadows found in our forever favorite 120 Eye shadow Palette 1st Edition. Also, make sure to catch your own light by highlighting under your brows and around your tear duct – our Eye Crayon in Crystal, when lightly blended, will illuminate the area and attract some serious sparkle! Lastly, those who celebrate this month are known to have a strong love of travel, if you feel this is fitting – explore a new place by trying our new Take Me To Brazil Palette! The properties of Opal are used to enhance imagination, so tap into your roots and access your potential by trying on a new color or opt for a totally different eye look!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating this month!! Tell us in the comments below which day does your birthday fall on?

BH Nail Lacquer

Clothes and cosmetics, the two essentials to any beauty lifestyle. Remarkably, we can fine tune our wardrobes and looks to tailor any feeling or any particular style we want – just a few adjustments to items or a different way of applying your eyeliner and you have an entirely new look! But besides the abundance of clothes that crowd our closets and the piles of make up that clutter our counters, many of us turn to nail polish to add just a touch more depth to our everyday choices.


Polish provides an outfit for our nails! Sometimes we prefer a deep and rich berry to attend to our sultry mood; colors like Wine or Truffle, which can be found in both our new nail lines. However, other days we head for the bright and vibrant reds, playful pinks, pretty purples or the beautiful shades of blues to match our high-energy moods! The options are endless and we are never limited by the array of colors available for our nails.


With two stunning sets of 10 colors each, BH Cosmetics has got all you need in the polish department! If you’re feeling bright and energetic, looking for those corals and lavenders mixed with a few deeply irresistible shades than the Flirty Collection is just for you! Not only are the colors playful but, the more pastel choices add a beautiful mix sophistication and fun to your everyday look.


Secondly, we have the Mystery Collection. Perfectly tailored for the sexy seductress, we have compiled a mix of colors from radiant reds to metallic to plum to the ever-popular turquoises. The choices here are daring, yet beautiful for day or night. Bold colors never go out of style and neither will this Mystery Collection!


Out of 20 possible colors, I would love to know your favorite! Tell me in the comments!

BH Fall Favorites!

Although we are mourning the end of breezy sun-stricken summer days and long, hot summer nights; we here at BH Cosmetics are embracing the new season, Fall! Out with the bikinis and in with the tall boots and cozy coats! We all know that when a new season emerges, so do new styles embodying the colors of the runway. As tradition goes, fall is filled with rich browns and romantic variations of reds. No need to worry about trying to figure out what is hit & miss this season, BH Cosmetics has got you covered for what is up and coming this fall!

Put aside the pink and pull out the PLUM! Plum pouts are all the rage this fall, and it is no wonder why! With endless shades of purple, any skin tone can be complimented and enhanced. Opt for a; reddish plum like Moody Merlot from our Creme Luxe Lipstick line or go straight for those true purples and grab Galaxy Chic or Girls Night Out Lip Glosses.

Plum ain’t your thing? How about rich and luscious chocolate? Chocolate lips are this fall’s craving. Indulge in Creme Luxe Lipsticks in Toasted or Foxy Gold for a “to-die-for” delicious lip shade.

Moving a little higher up the face to the main seductresses themselves, the eyes! We are fawning over the emeralds, garnets and lilacs being swept above those lashes. To recreate these colors in your own home, turn to our new Eyes on the ’60s Palette or Galaxy Chic Palette. The colors from these sets will make your look out of this world!

While on the topic of lilac, such a fabulous flower should be featured on more than just the eyes. Aim for making it a full face hit by adding the color to your cheeks using Lilac from our Floral Blushes and pair that with the prior mentioned Galaxy Chic Lip Gloss.

Lastly, make a statement by incorporating gray, silver, violet or turquoise to your normal black or brown liner. Not only will this add depth and fun to an everyday eye, but it will also compliment the colors being worn this season. Turn to BH Gel Liner in Fresh or BH Waterproof Eyeliners in Frost or Electric to revamp your daily beauty routine!

Comment below and tell us, what are you favorite Fall trends this season?

Celebrate September Birthstone: Sapphire



Hello Gorgeous Gems!

With another month rolling by, this means it is time to welcome September! To all our precious September Sapphires, we wanted to celebrate and wish you the very best of birthdays! The deep royal and rich blues that capture your birth stone have just as well captured our hearts. The Sapphire, recognized by its meaning of wisdom and dignity is sure to be seen through those who are celebrating yet another year of their lives, this month! The brilliant blues that only the beauty of a Sapphire can provide, reflect the same beauty as those born in September. Such a stunning color should be emphasized in any look, so grab some blue and go for bold!

A perfect start would be our BH Cosmetics Eye Crayon in, surprise! Sapphire! Blend this creamy crayon all over your lid for the base of a midnight smokey eye. Complete this eye look by selecting your favorite colors from our 120 2nd Edition Palette, which offers a wide selection of blues as well as many other colors. Take this look to the next step by adding a little drama with our BH Cosmetics Glitter in, you guessed it! Sapphire!

If you’re looking for something more subtle,  line your upper lid with either the BH Waterproof Eyeliner in Midnight or BH Gel Liner in Atlantic. Create a precise cat eye or gently line your eye, then lightly blend the pigment out. Not only will this give a soft touch of color, but it will also make your eyes pop! Pair this shocking blue with our Creme Luxe Lipstick in Pop-Cultured or Red Truffle for a perfect pair!

Remember beauties, blue is a primary color; therefore it goes well with any shade of eye, hair or skin tone! So this month, get in touch with your Sapphire side — be daring and incorporate some blue into your look! And once again, Happy Birthday September babes!

BH College Survival Kit

College, the face paced lifestyle of the career world intricately mixed with the fun of childhood! For the college student, the morning rush is comparable to the last leg of a marathon. Each student is in full sprint: rummaging through their desks, grabbing their books, reaching for the burst of energy that only a cup of coffee can provide and running out the door onto their bike. This morning mayhem is difficult enough as it is, but for us makeup enthusiasts- it is only more stressful to try and fit in a beauty routine!


A college beauty survival kit must include items that are not only quick and easy to apply, but also multipurpose and small enough to store in the front pocket of our backpacks!

Every college student knows that once you are out the door in the morning, your day is devoted to campus life. It is crucial to always apply BH Eye and Lip Primer, not only does it provide an even color to your eyelid but it also keeps pigments looking fresh from morning classes to evening study sessions! A quick and easy bold eye can be achieved by simply lining the top of your eyelid using BH Liquid Eye Liner. This product stays on all day without budging, making it ideal for the student who has no time for touch ups! Lastly, a sweep of mascara and this simple and sophisticated eye look is complete!

As for complexion, the most ideal piece of cosmetics to always have with you is the Jumbo Concealer Pencil! By creating three lines on each cheek (to resemble cat whiskers) and also a single line on the forehead, chin, and nose — this will provide a light but even coverage; all you have to do is blend it out! If this is not the approach you prefer, mixing a half pump of BH Liquid Foundation with your moisturizer will give you a lightweight coverage in no time!

Last but not least, brighten your cheeks using any of the array of colors available in our new Glamorous Blush Palette and fill in your lips with our new Creme Luxe Lipstick in any shade! This lipstick will provide a gorgeous contrast to the eye and the perfect pout in seconds!