10 Halloween Makeup Looks that Aren’t Lame

Halloween can be a great time to try out a new look. Whether you’ll be hitting the town, just going to work, or trick-or-treating with the kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to go big, bold, and unexpected with your makeup. Here are 10 looks you can achieve on your own for a festive face this Spooky Season. 

1. Fall Glam

@danimaracreative halloween queen makeup

Photo credit: @danimaracreative

The wicked witch of Pumpkin Spice. Choose a red or orange eyeshadow in a shade to compliment your skin tone (warm or cool) and apply to the crease. With a swipe of mascara and a coordinated matte lip, you’ve got a sophisticated fall look for any occasion. 

2: Blue Queen

@duskyhoney blue queen makeup

Photo credit @duskyhoney

What’s your element: ice, air, or water? Either way, metallic blue shadow with black winged liner and matching frosty lips will give you a look as crisp as the October weather. Pro tip: if you can’t find a lip shade to match, mix some eyeshadow with a clear gloss or apply it directly to your lips with a wet or dry eyeshadow brush. Be sure to frame the look with a bold brow to pull it all together. 

3: Woman Warrior

Unleash your fiercest side and leave them shaking in their boots. This look starts with a fresh, neutral face. Add some bold patterns using a wet eyeshadow brush: one mark for every broken heart. Really make your design pop by using a highlighter underneath. A matching red lip will really knock ‘em dead. 

@safai305 black panther warrior makeup

Photo credit: @safai305

4: Valkyrie Vixen

eugene_chystiakov valkerie makeup

Photo credit Eugene Chystiakov / Upsplash

Whether you’re a fan of the Marvel Universe, or just a modern marvel yourself, this makeup will showcase your inner strength. Use a white liquid eyeliner to trace a delicate, symmetrical design of circles and stripes. Keep it subtle with a nude, smoky eye and nude lip. Some individual lashes at the corners of your eye will increase the drama. 

5: Halloween Smokey Eye

@bonniemacabre vampire eye makeup

Photo credit @bonniemacabre

The classics never go out of style. Update your typical smoky eye look by using orange and black eye shadows to celebrate the season. This face is much more treat than trick. Top it off with wispy false eyelashes and a sheer peach lip: perfect for pumpkin picking or a romantic Autumn hayride.

6: Black Tie


Photo by Mihai Stefan / Unsplash

Draw out your inner showgirl with an unexpected twist on your typical winged eye look. Use white liquid eyeliner and go big and bold. Be sure to play up your lashes with a few coats of volumizing mascara. For a little extra surprise, use brown liquid or pencil eyeliner to sprinkle some false freckles across your nose and cheeks (or try the henna freckle trend). Then get out there and break a leg! 

7: Bronze Beauty

@jennifer.janelle bronze beauty halloween makeup

Photo credit @jennifer.janelle

All that glitters certainly isn’t gold. Use tones of bronze and copper metallic shadow or liquid liners to accent your contours with some sparkling stripes. Apply a sheer, sparkly shadow on the entire lid and a coordinated bronze lip color for a look that is both tempting and theatrical. Bold jewelry completes the look. 

8: Temporary Face Tattoos

alicekingmakeup halloween tattoo makeup

Photo credit @alicekingmakeup

Among athletes, artists, and musicians, face tattoos have become almost mainstream. Save yourself the pain and some money by using a black liquid eyeliner to trace words, shapes, or symbols on your face. Apply a sheer powder over your design to help it stay put (but not permanently!) and give your “tattoos” a more realistic edge. These temporary tattoos go well with almost any makeup look, but keep it autumnal for more Fall flavor.

9: Glitter and Goth

paintyabodyart glitter goth art

Photo credit by @paintyabodyart

Sometimes you’re feeling a little dark and sometimes you need a pop of glitter in your life. This Halloween is the perfect time to try a little bit of both. First, play up those cheekbones with a deep shade of blush. Then, combine smudged black eyeliner and shiny black lips with your favorite iridescent chunky glitter for a look that feels like a contradiction but looks like the perfect pairing. 

10: Flower Fairy

flower fairy halloween look

Photo credit @medicineandmascara

Flowers are a powerful statement at any time of year. Channel your Earth spirit this Halloween by using either real or faux foliage on your face. Attach small leaves or petals using eyelash glue and pin some sprigs in your hair. Keep the rest of the face fresh and clean to look like a fairy this Halloween. 


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