13 Summer Must-Haves

Summer’s here! Like, actually here! We had our doubts for a while… but with this heatwave that just hit LA, we can finally say the season has officially kicked off.

Summer is the time for dewy, sun-kissed skin, a less-is-more approach to makeup, and vibrant pops of color in your beauty routine. Let your freckles shine and leave your concealer at home. Embrace your natural hair and steer clear of overly-styled locks. And replace full-coverage foundations and dark lips with lightweight bronzers and playful hues.

Last minute beach day? Spontaneous road trip to the desert? Impromptu picnic with your friends? Whatever the forecast has in store, let these summer must-haves help you make the most of the season.


I know, you’re already rolling your eyes. We’re all tired of being told we have to wear sunscreen! But while the sun is amazing, it’s not our friend when it comes to our skin. Sunscreen is the best defense against wrinkles, sun spots and sun damage, so if you want future you to not resent present you, WEAR SUNSCREEN! Choose a formula that’s lightweight and water resistant for best results, and don’t forget to reapply throughout the day.

Aloe vera

Okay so you didn’t listen to us and now you’re burnt. Give your dry, toasted skin a bit of relief with all natural aloe vera, and remember this moment next time you decide to sunbathe.

Exfoliating Scrub

Fight flaky, dull and dehydrated skin after a day in the sun with a revitalizing body scrub for soft, supple, fully hydrated skin. This is also an important step before applying self-tanner.

Bug Spray

Every summer I get eaten alive, and every summer I promise myself that next year, I’ll wear bug spray. Next year comes around and the cycle repeats itself. (Relatable? Or just me?) So, at risk of sounding like a hypocrite, pack some bug spray in your bag! You’ll save your legs from getting covered in spots so you can wear those summer dresses with confidence! Plus your friends will be grateful when you come to their rescue.

Refreshing Mist

One of the newest trends of the season, cooling facial mist is a must-have in your summer go bag! A couple of sprays throughout the day keeps your skin plump and dewy and adds an extra level of hydration.

Hair Care

We love summer, but our hair… not so much. The combination of heat, salt water, chlorine and humidity can wreak havoc on our locks. Our essential hair products for the season include dry shampoo to fight the inevitable sweat buildup, nourishing oil to tame the frizz, and volumizing mist over an iron and hairspray for effortless beachy waves. We recommend packing a mini hair brush in your bag to fight any tangles or flyaways.

Pout Protection

Warm weather tends to dry out our lips, causing discomfort and affecting lipstick application. During the summer months, I never leave home without my trusty lip balm. For best protection, choose one with sunscreen (I know, eyeroll). Once your lips are hydrated, they’re ready for a cute pop of color! Try our Liquid Linen Lipstick in shade Christy for a youthful summertime look.

Faux Glow

While it’s really tempting to sunbathe during the summer, we can’t deny how bad sun exposure is for our skin! Skip the lecture from your mom and get a just-from-the-beach faux glow using our best-selling Brilliance Bronzer.

Luminous Skin

Summer’s all about fresh, radiant skin. Even if you aren’t wearing makeup, adding a bit of highlighter to your cheekbones, lids and nose can give you an effortless summer glow. Choosing an illuminator with a bit of pink tint can add some warmth to your face and prevent you from looking too shiny. Try our popular Blushing in Bali palette or Duolight Highlight palette for a bright, luminous complexion. 

Vibrant Eyes

Summer is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of playfulness to your look. Avoid dark eye makeup and opt for something bold and bright that will look great against your tan skin. We’re eagerly anticipating the launch of our new Tina Yong palette for exactly this reason…

Vivid Nails

No joke: Half of us walked into the office this morning and realized we were all wearing lime green nail polish. Coincidence? I think not! Funky nail colors are one of the most timeless summertime beauty essentials. We love bright greens and blues, hot pinks and standout yellows for this season.


What more can I say? No summer look is complete without a cute pair of sunnies.

Insulated Water Bottle 

I recently bought a condensation-resistant insulated water bottle and my life has actually changed. These are absolutely crucial for staying hydrated all summer long. Picture getting out of the cool ocean, walking along that hot sand, sun blazing, with an ice cold drink waiting for you on your towel. Does it get any better than that? (I tested it; it doesn’t)

We hope this essential guide keeps you relaxed, restored and radiant all season long! Taking a trip this summer? Check out our Summer Travel Guide and get tips and tricks for a foolproof summer vaca. And stay tuned for our Endless Summer playlist, coming soon! As always, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tag us @bhcosmetics to show us your summertime looks.

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