14 Cute Makeup Looks for You to Try in 2019

Gone are the days of bold insta brows and chiseled cheekbones, 2019 is the year we embrace the old and integrate vintage trends back into our everyday makeup routine. Past makeup trends are being transformed this year back into our routine, with a few new tricks to enhance your day to night makeup looks.

Subtle is so 2018, it’s time we all unleash the inner beauty guru we all have inside and try these 14 new (ish), easy makeup looks today!


1. Colourful Eyeshadow


To most people, a bold colorful eyeshadow is a big no-no, well not this year.  The 1980s are back and they’re here to stay, but don’t worry you won’t be needing to bust out any leg warmers. Relive past decades without even leaving your bedroom, this makeup look will make you wish you were around in the 80s.

Our top tip: To make sure you can slay all day long prime your eyelids with concealer and set with setting spray to guarantee your masterpiece doesn’t move an inch.

2. Holographic Highlight

@zoe.rain.mua    @zoe.rain.mua


 Calling all intergalactic babes we have a look that’s right up your street, introducing holographic highlighter! Transform your spacey look with a new kind of highlight that will take your look from basic to breathtaking with a stroke of a hand. Be your own kind of solar system, the sun ain’t got nothing on this glow.

Our top tip: Want a subtle looking glow for that daytime look? Mix liquid highlight in with your liquid foundation for that dewy look.


3. Faux Freckles




Some of us have been blessed with skin that allows us to get freckles naturally, however, some of us just burn. Fear not as your days of longingly wishing for freckles are over as fake freckles are the latest trend. Yep, you read that correctly, gone are the days of sitting in the sun praying for some cute freckles to appear for you just to be left with a red face and a ton of regret.

Our top tip: The trick to making them look as natural as possible is to not use a color too dark, stick to taupes as you can build on them. Try and space them about half an inch apart and in different areas to avoid it looking too fake.

4. Colourful Brows




Who said that color was just for your eyeshadow?! Stand out with this unique and look; colorful brows are new in town and they’re not going any time soon. Ditch your old makeup routine this year and watch jaws drop with your new colorful brows. Take color coordination to the next level with this one, you won’t regret it.

Our top tip: Try using a clear brow gel (or clear mascara) to keep your masterpiece in place.


5. The “No Makeup” Makeup Look


Just because you have makeup on it doesn’t mean it has to look like it, right? In 2019 we’re celebrating our natural features too and enhancing them for that “I woke up like this” look, even if it did take an hour we won’t tell anyone. Choose natural looking lashes and pair them with nude eyeshadows for that subtle slay. This one is perfect for you if you know you don’t like the bold look but still want to wear makeup.

Our top tip: If you’re really feeling your skin and want to maintain the natural look, skip foundation and just apply concealer to blemishes and under your eyes to brighten.


6. Glitter Winged Eyeliner




Winged eyeliner is a signature look for most of us, it has been for generations and it will be for years to come but let’s make this year the one we mix it up a bit. A sparkly liner is now trending and we hope it’s here to stay, revamp the usual black liner with this gem, thank us later!

Our top tip: Pair with a set of flirty lashes for that extra pop of style.


7. Vampy Glam




Gutted that Halloween only comes once a year? Well with this vampy glam trending you don’t need to wait 365 days to unleash your inner goth. The grungy vibe is making its comeback and we’re living for it. Don’t feel intimidated by the dark eyeshadow all over your lid as it’s actually very flattering for all skin tones, especially paired with a cranberry lip to top it all off.

Our top tip: If the dark eyeshadow all over the lid is a bit too bold for your liking stick to a dark smokey eye and tone it down with some silver or gold on the lid.


8. Bold Red Lip




A red lip will always be a classic, no matter the year. It suits any occasion, formal or casual, wherever you want to wear it. However this year it’s back on the trend but with a twist, why not try a bold red lip and just do subtle makeup on the rest of your face. This way the attention is exactly where you want it and making the bold statement you came to make.

Our top tip: To keep the rest of your face looking as natural as possible, skip foundation and eyeshadow and just use concealer on your face. Apply a bit of mascara and, of course, the red lip and you’re ready to go.

9. Sunset eyeshadow look


Who would’ve thought that orange, yellow and red eyeshadow would be trending? Well they are and we are definitely here for it. Especially for all you blue or green eyed people out there, this look is one you need to try this year, orange and gold tones are the one for making blue and green eyes pop! Never wait for sunset again.

Our top tip: For an extra touch apply gold highlight to the inner corner of your eye to make them look bigger.


10. Rainbow Cut Crease


2019 - the year the cut crease evolves for the better. Everyone loves a bold cut crease but this year we’re taking it one step further, the rainbow cut crease has everything we’re loving this year and more. What more could you possibly want? This is a bold look for when you want all eyes on you and one you need to try this year.

Out top tip: Make sure to set the eyeshadow with a setting spray, this is one of those looks you don’t want going anywhere.


11. Golden Glow


A sun-kissed glow is always on trend and it’s definitely not going anywhere in 2019. Who says you need to go on holiday for that golden glow, keep your skin glowing whilst saving yourself a lot of money. Pair a dewy foundation with a gold liquid or powder highlight and apply to the top of the cheekbone, brow bone, tip of the nose and anywhere else you want to enhance with a golden glow. Who needs a golden hour when you can have it all day long?!

Our top tip: A glossy lip will go perfectly with this look for the cherry on the top.

12. Metallic Lips



Metallic lip looks are back on trend this year as an alternative to your casual nude lip. This lip look complements all skin tones and really makes you stand out from the crowd, especially if you’re going on a night out. Whether it’s a metallic lipstick or lip gloss, you will be turning heads.

Our top tip: Match a dark metallic lip with a dark eye look for a romantic grunge look.


13. Glossy Eyes




Wearing lip gloss on your lips is so last year, glossy lids are this year’s newest and dewiest makeup trend which uses lip gloss in a whole new way. Simply just apply eyeshadow to your eyes as normal and apply lip balm or gloss on top and you’re ready to go. You can even stick to a clear glossy look too. This trend gives a touch of glam to your look without going too extra, what’s not to love?

Our top tip: Don’t be afraid to mix it up and pair a glossy lid with a matte lip, the contrast in textures really compliment each other and will be leaving people with goosebumps.

14. Glitter


Glitter looks are a classic for when you want to shine; there’s something about glitter that screams glam and it’s trending in 2019. Be it glitter eyeshadow, lips, highlight, you name it we love it and you will too. While doing a smokey eye pack glitter on to the lids as a sure way to get people talking, or maybe on your lip, no one will be able to look away. Breathe in the nostalgia of your childhood years playing with glitter and embrace it as your inner beauty guru uses it in a way you could’ve never imagined when you were young.

Our top tip: If packing glitter all over your lids is too much for you try in the inner corner of your eye as a cute alternative to inner corner highlight. Also, if you find yourself without glitter glue vaseline does the trick!

Good luck recreating some of our favorite 2019’s trending looks and be sure to turn some heads!


  • Elizabeth R.

    Great looks I’ll def have to try them out !

  • Naomi Gradner

    Always looking for fresh new looks to play with my makeup!

  • Perri

    Colorful brows is something I’ve always wanted to try since my hair is usually pink. That will be one of my new tricks for the new year

  • Amanda Moore

    I absolutely love all of these looks! ❣️

  • Myleenlo

    Sooo gorgeous!

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