2019 Festival Style Guide

Let’s face it… a music festival is a place to see AND be seen. While you’re watching your favorite bands kill it onstage, a thousand other attendees are checking out your fabulous sunnies or boots! We know you'll be looking bright and beautiful in our Take Me Back to Brazil palette, but you've gotta dress the part too! You definitely want to look fabulous for all your scenic Instagram shots, but the key to music festival style is finding the line between cute and comfy. That means a nice hat, not too much black and PLEASE do not wear heels. Seriously, don’t. We’re here with a style guide to keep you looking fresh and fabulous at Coachella, Stagecoach, Bonnaroo or any festival you’re attending!

Dress Smart

When you think of festival season, you’re probably picturing crop tops, short shorts, and ALL the flower crowns. While you’ll see plenty of people rocking this iconic trio, you’re free to wear WHATEVER you want and show off your unique festival style. Here are a few of our favorite pieces of clothing to rock this season!

  • 1. Kimonos

  • Throw a light, colorful kimono over ANY outfit for a beautiful bohemian vibe.

    2. Hoodies

    Despite the blistering daytime heat, it can get pretty chilly at night. Bring one if you’re camping or attending the afterparties!

  • 3. Rompers

  • A classic to beat the heat! Choose one with an edgy or bohemian pattern to look extra festive.

  • 4. Leggings

  • The holy grail for girls who like to stay comfy! You can’t go wrong with a lightweight pair of black leggings, especially when paired with a tank or crop top.

    5. Bodysuits

    Sleek, sultry, and can easily be paired with anything… PERFECT for any festival!  Don’t worry about adjusting your top… just pair with shorts or a maxi skirt and enjoy the show!

    Of course, there’s also flowy dresses, floral patterns, and ALL the boho beauty that has owned festival season for years. If you’re going to an edgier show like Warped Tour, don’t be afraid to rock black eyeliner and a cool band shirt. Or kick up your heels with cowboy boots at Stagecoach. Music festival fashion is all about standing out, and you’ll want to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and authentically YOU!

    Made in the Shade

    As we told you in our festival survival guide, your top priority should be protection from the 100+ degree sun. You know what that means? Cute sunnies! Quay Australia is here with a pair of sunglasses for everyone in your Coachella crew, whether you like Round, Cat Eye, Aviator, or Butterfly shades. They come in a variety of colors and lenses to match any festival you attend. Our personal favorite? After Hours. With winged square frames and a timeless design, it’s a classic that will look edgy and elegant with ANY festival outfit.

    Quay doesn’t stop there! The brand also has plenty of tote bags, fold over wallets, and clutches to keep your belongings safe as you dance in the desert. The drawstring backpack is perfect for any festival, able to hold your merchandise, wallet, sunscreen (please bring it) and more. Need something smaller? Grab a phone case with card slots, magnetic closure, and an adjustable strap - able to hold your phone AND sunnies!

    If you want extra protection from the blazing sun, ditch the flower crown and pick up a hat! They’ll keep your face and scalp free from burns, while adding a nice touch to your festival style. We don’t recommend beanies in the desert heat, but most other hats are fair game. Pick up a baseball cap, straw hat, floppy hat or fedora to stay sane in the shade and lock in your hottest festival looks.

    Put Your Best Foot Forward

    Most of you know that comfy shoes are a must-have at any music festival. Between walking a mile to your car and dancing to Ariana Grande’s latest hits, the last thing you need is blisters! Minnetonka is here to deliver a range of stylish shoes to pack for your weekend at Coachella - ranging from ‘60s classics to modern shoes you’ll love. Check out a few of our top picks for festival-friendly footwear.

  • 1. Moccasins

  • These comfy flats are a festival season must-have, especially Coachella! They’re cute, comfortable, and give a major boho boost to your ensemble. We prefer ones with fringe, like Thunderbird Softsole or Fringed Moc!

    2. Sneakers

    Always sturdy and reliable… especially when you’re running around all day! Invest in some slip-on sneakers from Minnetonka so you won’t have to keep re-tying your shoe. They’re also just a little bit punk - great for a visit to the Warped Tour! We’re very fond of Pacific and Free Range Mama - Splash Gabi.

    3. Boots

    More fringe, please! A good pair of boots will be your best friend at Stagecoach - especially the Classic Fringe Softsole Boot or Back Zip Hardsole Boot.

    4. Sandals

    We’ll be honest… sandals are a bit risky if you have sensitive feet. But as long as you take sitting breaks and avoid the mud, why not? The Silverthorne and Sybil sandals will look great during festival season - and you can keep them to wear all summer!

    Desert Daze

    As you’re kicking up dirt at your favorite festival this season, you need to have the right shoes! Festivals like Coachella and Lollapalooza have become a cultural phenomenon, in which attendees from all over the country get to see their favorite artists and make a statement with festival fashion. There are no rules, except to have ALL the fun while capturing your own glam festival style. Brands like Quay Australia, Minnetonka, and many others have your back - and you’ll be diving into festival season with style! Which festival are you most looking forward to in 2019? What’s your favorite festival outfit? Comment below or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to tell us!

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