8 Relatable Moments That Every Makeup Lover Knows

Can you relate to any of these posts? If so, you MIGHT be a hardcore makeup lover.

#8. Just One More Video…


Beauty tutorials exist in a time vortex. Once you get sucked in, your day is in mortal danger because chances are you’ll want to see the next video… and the next… and the next. Of course, with all the inspo you’ll want to try out one of the looks you just watched. Which leads us to our next post…



#7. Expectation vs Reality


Some people know how to apply perfect makeup… and some people are literal makeup WIZARDS. Their brushes must secretly be magic wands – how else can they achieve such flawlessness? Well, maybe through practice, talent, and creative abilities, but whatever the reason, trying for Insta-worthy levels of perfection is fun!


#6. Natural Makeup


If only it were that easy! Natural makeup can be as time consuming as colorful makeup. Between foundation, concealer, eye-brightening nudes, peachy blushes, and the hint of shadow that adds depth and dimension to your look, you might use just as many products as vibrant makeup. Don’t even get us started on the amount of effort it takes to achieve flawless brows.


#5. You Try The Latest Beauty Tools

Makeup has come a long way! Whether you remember struggling with those glorified Q-Tips that came with drugstore palettes, or you used to try to get color out of tinted lip balms, you’ve come a long way by now.


#4. 50 Shades of Red


There’s a HUGE difference between classic red, rosey red, movie star red, cherry red, coral red – you get the picture. If you’re a makeup lover, you completely understand this… and you see no problem with it!


#3. Beauty Superstar in the Making


If you’re all alone and you’re narrating your makeup routine to yourself in the mirror? Yeah, you’re definitely dreaming of your rise to beauty superstardom.


#2. What happened?


When you left your mirror, you were completely in love with your look – but you check again in different lighting, ready to take a selfie, and it’s a totally different story. Ugh, why?!


#1. You Know You’re a Makeup Lover If…


You absolutely love the transformative power of makeup! The gorgeous Nikki Tutorials shows us how it’s done. Being a makeup lover means you can relate to other beauty junkies in ways that non-makeup wearers could never understand. The struggle is real, but it’s also so much fun.

Posts Make You Say, “Same.”

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