A Match Made in the Stars! Attract Your Crush Based on Their Zodiac Sign

We’ve all done it… we see our crush in the office hallway or at their locker and analyze every detail. The design of their T-shirt, color of their eyeshadow, what they’re eating for lunch - anything to learn more about them and get an inside look on how to get closer. Even better than low-key staring and social media creeping? Their Zodiac sign!

If we’ve learned anything from our Zodiac palettes - including original, Love Signs, and Mini - it’s that each sign is unique in their own beautiful way, ranging from makeup preferences to their tastes in partners. With Valentine’s Day coming up, we’re providing a guide on how to attract your crush based on their Zodiac sign - including their likes and dislikes and what makes their heart melt. Read on to meet your match! 


Ambition, being challenged, friendly debates, confidence, success

The ultimate risk-taker, it can be difficult to keep up with an Aries and their incredible ambition - but totally worth it! They’re attracted to confidence and high energy. That means lots of friendly debates and impromptu lunch breaks at new places. While we don’t often recommend playing hard to get, it may be an asset while pursuing this sign - as they love the chase! Just don’t play it too cool, or they’ll get bored and move on quickly.


Beauty, security, sensuality, common sense, empathy

You’ll need to be patient when trying to attract a Taurus. They’re stubborn and dislike rushing into commitment, so you need to find a way into their heart through their taste for the finer things in life. Indulge them with a night out at a tasty restaurant or necklace that reminded you of them, and they’ll see that you’re in it for good. If you’re low on money, it’s cool. Just share funny stories, compliments, and kind gestures to convince them you’re in this for good. A Taurus needs stability and to be SURE that you’re worth it… so prepare to shower them in love, affection, and often gifts!


Free spirits, fun times, meeting new people, problem solving, playing games

Between their people skills and tendency to dress to impress, a Gemini is generally popular and well-liked. You can get to know them through good old-fashioned small talk,  just don’t lay it on too thick, because a Gemini’s strong emotional intelligence will know immediately if you’re not being genuine. They enjoy meeting a wide variety of people, and will not object to differences in opinion, trying new things, or a straightforward demeanor. If you show respect and genuine interest, they’ll do it right back. Don’t be shy when trying to get to know a Gemini, because they can’t wait to meet you!


Flattery, taking risks, giving advice, commitment, loyalty

If there’s one thing a Leo loves, it’s being the center of attention. They’ll be instantly attracted to you when you make them feel like the most important person in the world, treating them like the queen of the jungle by showering them with gifts, praise, and compassion. This ego boost will bring out the loyalty that Leos are known for - always protecting their pride and never letting you down. Of course, you need to convince a Leo that you’re worthy of their loyalty, so prepare to flatter them all day and night!


Appreciation, honesty, staying home, kindness, sensitivity

Cancer is a sensitive soul who fears rejection, so you’ll need to come to them! They prefer you’re straightforward and not afraid to show your softer side, as these individuals know what it’s like to have ALL the feelings. Avoid too much praise at first, as it may make them uncomfortable. Once you ease into their lives and prove that you can make them happy, they’ll love nothing more than staying home with you and crying over rom-coms.


Team players, cleanliness, organization, logic, hard workers

If there’s one word to describe a Virgo, it’s practical. They appreciate a strong attention to detail, sense of routine, and logical mind in others as much as they value it in themselves. If you make a small observation, like the extra effort they put into their client report or the pop culture reference they just made, they’ll be impressed by your observant side and want to know you more! Try not to sound too overconfident while talking to them, as Virgos are very down-to-earth and tend to be turned off by arrogance. Just show them you’re supportive, resourceful and willing to work hard towards a relationship - as Virgos are perfectionists, so you’ll need to be on the top of your game!


Beauty and harmony, sharing, friendly arguments, balance, logic
An avid lover of beauty and harmony, it’s easy to see why you’d want to attract a Libra. They’re beautiful inside and out! That means you’ll have to be on top of your game appearance-wise while bringing on the charm. Libras like a partner who is adaptable, cooperative, and charming - a true prince or princess! They also love spontaneity, so you’ll need to be easy going and versatile when plans change at the drop of a hat. Talk to them about a wide variety of subjects - especially themselves - and your Libra will enjoy the flattery and want to get to know you on a deeper level. Just don’t complain too much - Libras are optimists who like to see the good things in life!


Passion, challenges, mystery, being right, honesty
Forget taking it slow, a Scorpio dives headfirst into a relationship with extreme loyalty… IF you prove that you’re worth their time. This sign is very intense, and demands power, honesty, and respect. This means letting them pick where to eat, laughing at their jokes even when they aren’t funny, and playing along with their occasional mind games. That last part isn’t a joke, you may even think they hate you at one point… but it probably just means they’re interested! They have a hard shell which makes them reluctant to show their emotions, so you’ll need to be patient and willing to understand their unique way of communicating. Once they’re convinced that they like you, it’s only then that they’ll start opening up.


Freedom, philosophy, travel, entertaining others, trying new things
Another social sign, a Sagittarius will be trying to read you as much as you’re trying to read them. They hate clingy people, so you don’t want to come on too strong...but once you ease your way into their social circle, that’s where the fun begins. These strong extroverts love freedom, travel and constantly learning new things - and they’ll love chatting about mutual dreams, passions, and things you hope to achieve. Their wild imagination will not be judging you, but rather empathizing and maybe hoping to know you better so you can go on adventures together! Once you’re comfortable with a Sagittarius, they’re open to discussing off-the-wall conspiracy theories and booking an impromptu trip to Spain… just be careful not to scare them off!


Tradition, practical thinking, responsibility, persistence, desire to improve, understated status
If you know Capricorn, you know they like rules, structure, and familiarity - so the key to their heart is making them feel comfortable. No surprises, at least at first! A highly intelligent sign, they like a partner who can handle their “work hard, play hard” mantra and grinds as hard as they do, so don’t be surprised if they work overtime or hit the gym after school - things most of us would majorly groan about. Just make sure you’re genuine, because they can sense it!


Social interaction, realism, surprises, open-mindedness, good listeners 
You'll never meet anybody quite like Aquarius... a perfect mix of elegant and eccentric that believes in true love. They’re firm believers that lovers should also be best friends, so don’t be afraid to start a conversation! As one of the most imaginative signs, they’re open to a wide range of topics and generally respect those who think differently than them. Expect your first date to be fun and unexpected - like a pop-up museum or big party. If you hope to attract an Aquarius... they need a partner who provides intellectual stimulation, mystery, and kindness to balance out their strong personality.


Creativity, compassion, spontaneity, spirituality, willingness to show emotions
Always a sweetheart, a Pisces provides plenty of compassion, loyalty, and unconditional love to others… and expects these things in return! They LOVE small but sweet gestures, such as buying them an inexpensive gift, bringing them lunch, or helping them with their work. These acts of kindness will catch their eye and keep you in the back of their mind all day, as they’ll know you understand them and their kind nature. Catching the eye of a Pisces doesn’t take much… just a little thought and creativity!

Attract Your Stellar Soulmate

It’s no secret that love is complex, especially when astrology is involved! Not only is it a fun way to learn more about ourselves and look into the future, it’s great for learning more about others and attracting the partner that’s worth travelling across the universe for. It’s true, not all Zodiac signs are compatible… and even those who aren’t SUPPOSED to be can turn out to be soulmates, but we hope this guide is helpful in attracting that guy or gal you have your eye on this Valentine’s Day. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to tell us your sign and which one you hope to steal the heart of this season!


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