Beauty Looks Inspired by Fashion Week

Here at BH Cosmetics, we’ve been obsessing over Fashion Week, eyeing all the latest couture and beauty trends ranging from elegant ballerina buns with blush-toned makeup to the opposite end of the spectrum with provocative cat eyes and messy hair.

Now that we’ve got the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s not, we’re going to spill the tea so you can look your best aka. runway-ready for Spring.

Street Style

If you’re feeling kinda lazy this year, you’re in luck! The easy-going look is in! Keep your street style relaxed with sun-kissed skin, wind-swept-hair and a healthy glow. Achieve the ultimate sun-kissed glow with our Brilliance Bronzer, available in three flattering shades to enhance a variety of skin tones. Just sweep onto cheeks, chin, forehead, and decolletage for delicate definition. For a healthy glow, try the pearlized pastels from our Blacklight Highlight palette. The iridescent shimmers will produce an enchanting effect and give you that natural lit-from-within glow. The fashion verdict for street style is all about the beachy beauty, so you might as well hit the beach this summer...or dress like that’s where you’re going even if your destination is Sunday Funday brunch for bottomless bellinis. Ultimately, stay natural and glowy and rock that casual style that makes for the perfect weekend look!

Glam Night Out

In the world of glam makeup, look no further than the French red lip. Women have been rocking a daring red lip for decades and this classic trend is not leaving us anytime soon! Try our Liquid Linen - Long Lasting Lip Color in the vibrant red MARIA color for a definitive unambiguous pout. BH Cosmetics is also coming out with a new lippie this Spring! We’re getting ready to set the beauty world ablaze with Cashmere Cream. This lipstick will be your new BFF, so brace yourself for true lippie love.

Next up in glam trends is the graphic cat-eye. Start practicing your feline flick with our BH Liquid Eyeliner because this year’s cat-eye is being elevated to new heights. This runway season we’re seeing the traditional cat-eye being souped up with graphic designs to highlight the shape of the eye even further, so get ready to graduate from basic eyeliner tricks to the more intricate, cause it’s coming and it’s gonna be BIG!


Last few seasons we’ve come to rely on glitter, gloss, and shimmer for extra bling and shine. This season you can rely on more! The trend has evolved to also include jewel and foil finishes. Stay in vogue by looking no further than our Foil Eyes palette featuring an ultra-saturated mix of neutrals and jewel-toned brights in shades like icy ivory, super-charged charcoal, flashy fuschia,  and electrifying aquamarine. Our Foil Eyes palette was so popular that we even created a Foil Eyes 2 sequel with additional shades and ultra-shimmer shadows.


When it comes to workdays, office trends are pointing towards blush-toned makeup with slicked-back buns or sweeping half-up half-down hairstyles. Stock up on hair accessories from clips to clasps, bows, and barrettes. The headband is also back, so if you can pull it off, go for it! Feminine pinks and romantic hues are all the craze. You can rely on our Blushed Neutrals palette to give you a delicate flush to the cheeks in a range of shades from whisper-light pastel pink to deep berry, beige, tan or brown. Our Floral Blushes will also give you a natural-looking bloom to the cheeks, designed in a compact combo of two complementary shades bursting with fresh, petal-soft color.

Lastly, let’s give the topic of skincare some stage time. Skincare also received attention at Fashion Week because as we all know beautiful glowing skin never goes out of style. So be sure to cleanse, wear sunscreen, and moisturize daily. Makeup on a healthy natural base is far superior to corrective makeup on skin that is clogged, congested, or dry. The point isn’t to hide, but rather to enhance the beauty that is already there.

Stay Social

We’re so excited to step into next season’s trends with you! Did we miss anything? We love fashion-worthy beauty news, so please don’t forget to share with us.  Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and spill the tea on all your Fashion Week inspired tips and tricks! We can’t wait to see all our BH Beauties bring on the heat and get runway-ready this Spring!

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