Best eye makeup for glasses

As you stare at your brand new eyeshadow palette, you may be wondering what is the best makeup for glasses – can you really use all those shades? Wearing glasses makes you unique, and having such an eye-catching accessory on your face means you'll need to develop a makeup routine that won't detract from your dazzling look.

Consider your glasses
Before you decide what route to take with your shadow, consider the type of eyeglasses that you wear. In general, the smaller and lighter the frame, the crazier you can get with your makeup. If you wear thick, bold glasses, it's best to stick with a neutral palette – you want to make your eyes pop, and they'll get lost in all those colors and patterns if you're not careful.

Less is more
When it comes to finding the best makeup to wear with your glasses, remember this simple rule: Less is more. If you're going to wear eyeshadow, stick with neutral tones like sand, apricot or gold. For your daily routine, simply apply a touch of eyeliner and swipe on some mascara.

Simple rules
As you're experimenting with your eye makeup, keep these simple rules in mind: Don't wear shimmery shadows – they will reflect off your lenses. But do curl your eyelashes! And also use a volumizing mascara if possible – you want to make sure your lashes are clearly visible behind those fashionable specs.


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