BH College Survival Kit

College, the face paced lifestyle of the career world intricately mixed with the fun of childhood! For the college student, the morning rush is comparable to the last leg of a marathon. Each student is in full sprint: rummaging through their desks, grabbing their books, reaching for the burst of energy that only a cup of coffee can provide and running out the door onto their bike. This morning mayhem is difficult enough as it is, but for us makeup enthusiasts- it is only more stressful to try and fit in a beauty routine!

A college beauty survival kit must include items that are not only quick and easy to apply, but also multipurpose and small enough to store in the front pocket of our backpacks!

Every college student knows that once you are out the door in the morning, your day is devoted to campus life. It is crucial to always apply BH Eye and Lip Primer, not only does it provide an even color to your eyelid but it also keeps pigments looking fresh from morning classes to evening study sessions! A quick and easy bold eye can be achieved by simply lining the top of your eyelid using BH Liquid Eye Liner. This product stays on all day without budging, making it ideal for the student who has no time for touch ups! Lastly, a sweep of mascara and this simple and sophisticated eye look is complete!

As for complexion, the most ideal piece of cosmetics to always have with you is the Jumbo Concealer Pencil! By creating three lines on each cheek (to resemble cat whiskers) and also a single line on the forehead, chin, and nose — this will provide a light but even coverage; all you have to do is blend it out! If this is not the approach you prefer, mixing a half pump of BH Liquid Foundation with your moisturizer will give you a lightweight coverage in no time!

Last but not least, brighten your cheeks using any of the array of colors available in our new Glamorous Blush Palette and fill in your lips with our new Creme Luxe Lipstick in any shade! This lipstick will provide a gorgeous contrast to the eye and the perfect pout in seconds!


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