BH False Eyelashes are back in stock!

The BH Cosmetics False Eyelash Collection is back in stock! Ready to add extra lash allure to your eyeshadow looks with your favorite BH False Eyelashes? Get started here to pick out your favorite styles! All BH False Eyelashes include a mini fast drying glue adhesive!  Here’s an overview of what makes each BH False Eyelash style unique.

The “Natural” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics are a soft, wispy style lash made of natural hair.  Delicate and simple, these lashes are fantastic for everyday or neutral eye makeup looks!

If you are more glamorous during the day with your eye makeup, but still want to look soft and pretty, the “Sassy” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics are your ticket to looking great! These flirtatious demi-lashes made with natural hair will have heads turning in your direction! They are the perfect compliment to daytime smokey eye looks and bold color eye looks.

Maybe you’re in the mood for a subtle lift to the lashes? The “Flirt” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics are you best bet to add feminine edge to the lashes in a more demure way. This style is a synthetic demi lash that works well on almond shaped eyes to add that wispy, girly feel to any eye makeup look. Can also be stacked on top of other false lashes to add drama to the outer lash edge.

Sometimes a girl just wants to be noticed! The “China Doll” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics are a classic full lash with dense black wisps of medium length hair that add major fullness. Pair these beauties up with our BH Liquid Eyeliner and look like an instant bombshell!

Fierce Eyeshadow looks aren’t complete until they are finished off with the “Baby Doll” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics! These diva worthy lashes made from natural hair are a tapered demi lash that add spikey, wispy, fullness to your eyeshadow masterpiece!  Pro Tip: Stack BH “Baby Doll ” False Eyelashes on top of BH “China Doll” False Eyelashes for the ultimate diva-licious eyes!

If you are the girl whose ready to party, then the “Foxy” False Eyelashes from BH Cosmetics are for you! These intensely black and long natural hair lashes are absolutely fabulous! Flaunt the BH “Foxy” False Eyelashes when you want to steal the spot light all day or night long! Pro Tip: Trim off excess lash width from the outer ends for a custom fit!

Tell us which style of  BH False Eyelash is your favorite by tweeting at us on Twitter!


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