BH Travel Series: London Beauty Guide

London calling! Between tea parties, shopping for antiques and historic sights…this city was made for on-the-go glam, and the Love in London palette from our Travel Series is here to make you beautiful like the Brits! With an array of exquisite shades named for one of the most influential cities in the world, you’ll have major heart eyes as you embrace the culture and live it up in London.

Living for London

Whether you’re a London native or never stepped foot in the city, our Love in London palette transports you across the Atlantic in the most beautiful way. It features 16 striking shades - ranging from rich neutrals like Cheers and Scone to sensational shimmers like Duchess, Biscuit, and Queen. Each shades mixes like a dream to create a vision of beauty and grace - making you the most beautiful sight in London!  

Move over, Meghan Markle… there’s a new duchess in town! Sweep a bit of Tea and Lolly on your lids for a shimmery sight more grand than the crown jewels - giving whole new meaning to the phrase “YAS QUEEN!” Were you somebody who dreamed of being a Spice Girl rather than a princess? No prob! We’re ALL about the beaming blue London and burnt red Piccadilly, each providing electric eye looks that take center stage. London is a city that’s known for blurring the lines between edge and elegance - and this versatile palette delivers beautiful makeup looks for every mood!

Under my Umbrella, Ella, Ella

Ah, London… the home of amazing architecture, fashion, history, AND nonstop rain! While it’s one of the greatest cities in the world, there’s a few things a first-time visitor to London must get used to - including public transportation, cultural norms, and lots of rain! In addition to fab looks from Love in London, we’re bringing you a few tips and tricks to make this your most fabulous trip yet - including how to stay dry!

  • 1) Pack comfy shoes

  • London is known for fashion, but you won’t want to walk the cobblestone streets in heels! The city is made up of numerous neighborhoods that you’ll want to explore, and you’ll be walking a LOT. Be sure to pack a nice pair of tennis shoes for your daytime adventures, and save the heels for evening dinner reservations!

    2) Channel your artsy side

    The city is home to tons of museums and art galleries, and plenty of them are FREE! Be kind to yourself (and your wallet) and spend an afternoon looking at amazing works of art through the centuries.

    3) The hop-on-hop-off bus is your friend

    Sure, it’s a little touristy… but who cares? This is an easy and effective form of transportation that takes you to ALL the sights - from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace!

    4) Prepare for hot and cold

    Depending when you’re visiting London, the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Your luggage should be filled with everything from T-shirts to big, cozy jackets to accommodate both blazing heat and cold days. Don’t forget an umbrella - the rain falls quite a bit!

    Cute Couples for London Love

    Looking for the tea to your biscuit, the king to your queen, the fish to your chips? We’ve got perfect pairings for Love in London to make you bloody beautiful!

    London is famous for countless things - from the royal family to hosting the biggest names in rock and roll! From Bowie to the Beatles, the city has been home to some of the greatest musicians of our time - so it’s fitting to create a few edgy makeup looks! Our fave is a smokey eye from Love in London - paired with our Liquid Lipstick in Glory for a look worthy of a rock star. What’s more edgy than a bright red lip and captivating cat eye?

    Speaking of which, have you SEEN our Waterproof Gel Liner in Onyx? It’s no secret that the rain falls heavily in London, and the last thing you need is smudged liner. Our liner is black as night and glides on smooth and easy for a cat eye that would make Cleopatra jealous. Just use our Studio Pro Brush 13 - Angled Liner to get gorg!

    See the Sights with Stunning Looks

    London is a city that has it all… beautiful sights, exquisite cuisine, and incredible history that you need to see to believe. Whether you want to be a rock star, princess, or Spice Girl, there’s something for everybody with our Love in London palette! Which shade is your fave? Don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your beauty travel tips and tell us where you hope to go on your next vacation. We can’t wait to see you jetset in style!


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