Bring the Heat with Desert Makeup

From Las Vegas to Coachella, the desert is where all the fun happens! Between the clear blue skies, scorching sun, and sand dunes… it’s also a source of MAJOR makeup inspo. We know you love all the vivid looks for festival season (who doesn’t?), but we’re about to take you on a journey to bronzey golds, burnt oranges, and rich blues hotter than the Sahara Sun. Hop in the car with your friends and take a trip - because you’re about to become a desert dream!

Eyes Like Desert Skies

As you stand in the middle of the desert landscape, you’ll find beauty all around. From the sun setting over the mountains to the millions of stars in the sky, there’s no denying the spirit of the Sahara. There’s one palette that’s here to deliver ALL your desert makeup needs: Desert Oasis! With shades ranging from cinnamon, taupe and soft gold to sapphire blue and warm gray - plus five hot highlighters - you can mix and match a variety of desert makeup looks to rock on your next road trip. See a few of our faves below!

Blue Mirage

Step away from the city lights and go stargazing! Angelica Torres is more blue-tiful than the desert skies with this Blue Mirage look. Using the matted Dune hue as a base, apply the Hot Spring shimmering blue shadow over the top of your lid, then blend the rich brown Nightscape into the corners of the eyes. Next, apply the glimmering Heat Haze shade beneath the lash line, followed by the golden Moonscape into the corners of the brow bone. Finish off the look with some highlighter - specifically the yellow hue named Bliss. You’ll be the brightest star in the sky!

Smokey Sand

Bring the heat with this Smokey Sands tutorial by Lolo! She sweeps mattes like Dune and Nightscape across her lids before adding an inner corner shimmer with Moonscape. To top off this earthy look… she chooses Mirage and Utopia for a custom highlight that’s one with nature!

Mojave Heat

It’s getting hot in here! Get Mojave magic with this exotic halo eye from Jay - featuring Heat Haze, Sandstone, and Nightscape for a ravishing red that’s reminiscent of the desert sunrise. Desert vibes like WHOA!

Bronze Beauty

With temperatures swiftly rising well above 100 degrees, your desert makeup is about to reach a whole new level of hot. That’s right...that means BRONZER! This product is a must-have for any beauty enthusiast, creating a gorgeous glow that looks natural and lit from within, especially if you’re channeling the lit landscape of the desert!

Bronzer gives you that glam desert glow, without having to bake in the sizzling sun! Sweep it across your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin to instantly accent your features and light up your look. However, be careful to use the right shade and apply correctly, or you may end up looking more dirty than dreamy. Use a shade no more than one shade darker than your natural skin color. For those with fair skin, we recommend peach tones rather than reds or browns, as the latter may look like you’ve been playing in the mud!

As you apply your bronzer with a big fluffy brush - like the one from our Rosé Romance brush set - be sure to dip lightly and get just a small amount of product on your brush. Bronzer tends to blend swiftly, and a little goes a long way! Our Brilliance Bronzer is available in 3 sizzling shades and provides lightweight, buildable coverage that will have you looking like a mirage come true!

Stay Healthy and Hydrated

If you’ve ever been to Palm Springs or Death Valley, you know that the desert has us thirsty. Not just for food, water, and pretty nature shots for Instagram, but also nice skin! The heat and humidity can have an unpleasant effect on your face - leading to acne, rashes, and especially dryness. To keep your skin healthy and hydrated, look no further than our Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation!

The medium-to-full coverage formula contains hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture and keep skin fresh and flawless - great for when the heat and dirt of the desert starts to affect your skin. Even if you’re not in the middle of the Mojave, this formula is a must-have for any vacation - as it helps keep your skin looking fresh and flawless while dealing with climate change. Hawaii, Paris, Indonesia? Keep it in your carry-on!

Skincare is no joke, and the dryness of the desert doesn’t have to affect your skin! Pair your flawless complexion with a bit of bronzer and dreamy desert eye looks to become a true smokeshow.

Desert Dreaming

When you dream of the desert… what comes to mind? Cactus? Sand? Blistering Heat? Probably all of the above, but we’re hoping your next answer will be “beautiful makeup!” When you’re not sweating up a storm at Coachella or partying the night away in Vegas, we’d love to see some of your dazzling desert makeup looks. Bronze halo eye, sapphire blue cut crease, golden smokey eye… anything is possible with the right products. Which one can you not WAIT to try? Tell us below or connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to show us your hot looks!


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