Celebrate October Birthstone: Pink Tourmaline & Opal!

As we transition into our colder months and embrace those fall feelings, we welcome the season of holidays! And birthdays, as holidays are concerned, are top priority here at BH Cosmetics! Those born in October rolled in just as our surroundings tend to morph colors and accept change. What a stunning sight it is to see the palettes of our world alter with time – just as beautiful as it is to see those born this month grow just a tad older!


These lucky birthday babes have two gems to represent their time on the calendar: Pink Tourmaline and Opal. Pink Tourmaline, although a relatively new phenomenon is breath taking with its electric and bright magenta hues. It is believed that those born in October have unbelievable inner beauty and that is not surprising since such a pervasive pink light, lights them from within! Such a brilliant color should be complimented, head for our Crème Luxe Lipstick in Pop Culture to get in touch with your hot pink side! Those sexy lips need nails to match, take a look at both Dolly and Celeb from our Flirty Collection or Vivid from our Mystery Collection for a more dramatic pairing! Finally, top the look off with double liner by putting down a thick wing of our Gel Eyeliners in Blow and then a thinner line layered on top in Gunmetal.

October honeys also are embodied from the beautiful Opal. Opal possesses such radiance through their “play of colors” – Opals flash the colors of the rainbow when they catch light. Those born this month should play with their own colors and opt for eye catchers like shadows found in our forever favorite 120 Eye shadow Palette 1st Edition. Also, make sure to catch your own light by highlighting under your brows and around your tear duct – our Eye Crayon in Crystal, when lightly blended, will illuminate the area and attract some serious sparkle! Lastly, those who celebrate this month are known to have a strong love of travel, if you feel this is fitting – explore a new place by trying our new Take Me To Brazil Palette! The properties of Opal are used to enhance imagination, so tap into your roots and access your potential by trying on a new color or opt for a totally different eye look!

Happy Birthday to those celebrating this month!! Tell us in the comments below which day does your birthday fall on?



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