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Today, everyone has a digital camera. With more and more gigabytes dedicated to photos of young celebrities, it’s natural that young  female celebs in the public eye always dress well and appear stylish 24/7. Although we adore celebs’ street styles, we love their red carpet looks even more. Here are five celebrities we’re watching now:


Emma Stone: She has a unique sense of style that tends toward menswear-inspired clothes during the day with riskier, bold but beautiful evening-wear. Stone favors simple, pretty makeup that highlights her best features, emphasizing her open, friendly face and eyes that sparkle with humor. We also give her props for trying different colored eyeliner that make her eyes pop. It’s these qualities that attract the public, as well as interested directors and guarantee we’ll be seeing her for years to come.


Rihanna: She’s known for music that’s assertive and upbeat, going hand in hand with her style and attitude. From long hair to short hair, and blonde to fire red, all eyes are on her ever-changing looks. She wears colors loud and the heels dangerously high. She strides in confidence no matter what she’s wearing, which is why she’s on our top 5. It’s no surprise that we can’t wait to see what she’s going to look like and do next.


Blake Lively: Her love for fashion shows in her array of beautiful and flattering ensembles. The actress and newest face of Gucci honed her style sense on Gossip Girl, taking advantage of the variety of designers available. Believing fashion is an expression of self, Lively avoids stylists as she prefers her fresh, personal style, dressing herself often. Her makeup is usually worn natural, and seen with red lips once in a while. Lively makes bold choices but keeps them understated, a characteristic which translates to her recent acting roles.


Scarlett Johansson: She distinguishes herself by branching out from acting – she’s put out a record and is now looking to direct. An advocate for Dolce and Gabbana, you will see her almost exclusively in their clothes in the evenings, and it’s a fabulous match. She manages to always look like the clothes were made especially for her since they fit so well and effortlessly. You will usually see her on the red carpet with smoky eyes in black or bronze eyeshadow and natural lips.


Jordin Sparks: This singer, actress and sweet-natured beauty caught the eye of industry execs after winning American Idol. She’s been the face of beauty companies and has designed a fashion line with Wet Seal. With a youthful, flattering fashion sense, she favors eye-catching colors, silky fabrics and makeup that highlights big, beautiful eyes, great cheekbones and flawless skin. Sparks’ has begun acting, appearing on TV shows and transitioning to movies with a starring role in her first major-motion picture, “Sparkle”. Sparks’ style guarantees the public will watch as her career soars.



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