Coralicious Prom Eye

Prom Season is here and now!  To help you plan the perfect look, we have created a soft and sweet Coralicious Prom Look.  This Coralicious Look is the perfect compliment to a wide range of colors for Prom dresses, including colors from yellow to golds and pinks to lilacs and blues, even teals and greens!  Alternatively, it will add a pop of color if your wearing black or silver.

 Coralicious Prom Eye Instructions:

1. Start by priming the eyelid with BH Eye Primer.

2. Using a small shadow brush, like the one in our 10 Piece Deluxe Makeup Brush Set, take the white frost color from the top tray of the 120 Color 3rd Edition Palette and fluff on brow bone, inner lid and inner eye corners.

3. Next, using the medium shadow brush from the 10 Piece Deluxe Makeup Brush Set, sweep the hot peach matte tone from the top tray of the 120 Color 3rd Edition Palette slightly above the outer crease, softly blending upwards.

4. With the angled liner brush from the 10 Piece Deluxe Makeup Brush Set, line and smudge the lower lash line with the dark matte brown shade from the bottom tray of the 120 Color 3rd Edition Palette.

5. Using the same dark matte brown color from step 4, take the small shadow brush and blend a small “V” shape into the outer crease, tapering softly and fading it into the middle of the crease.

6.Add the BH Eye Crayon in “Shadow” to your upper lash line from inner to outer corner, making sure to tap the pencil between your upper lashes to pop the lash line.

7. Apply Mascara and your favorite lashes.

8. Dance the night away!

Share your look with us on our Facebook Page and tell us, what other colors are you going to be wearing to Prom?


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