DIAMOND DAZZLERS! Sparkly Makeup to Adorn Your Eyes


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

Sparkly makeup like you’ve never seen it before! Our ALL NEW Diamond Dazzlers Loose Foil Pigment is the shimmery sensation you need for your most enchanting eye effects. These high-performance shimmer powders come in four dazzling colors – Radiant, Brilliant, Flashy, and Precious – to add a high-shine foil effect to your most captivating creations. Also launching is our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue and two Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators – both large and small – to effortlessly add a twinkle to your eye.


We’re SO excited to see all of your sparkly makeup looks, and we’re here with some inspo! Our Diamond Dazzlers help you create shimmery versions of classic eye looks – including the smokey eye, cat eye, halo eye and inner corner shimmer – and also come up with your own captivating creations. You’ll soon be shimmering like a beauty superstar!



When smokey and sparkly makeup collide… the magic happens! The smokey eye is an extremely versatile classic that works for all occasions. Matte or metallic, subtle or striking, there’s tons of ways to make this look your own. That’s why we can’t wait to see all of the dazzling smokey eye looks you create with Diamond Dazzlers!

Our favorite way to bring bling to your smokey eye is to pack shimmer all over the lid for a striking shine. Take it a step further and light up your look with a dazzling cut crease! This eye look is simple and instantly lifts your eyes to make them bigger and brighter. Just use the flat, rounded edge of our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply the Diamond Dazzlers shade of your choice across your lid – and reveal a flawless cut crease that lets you sparkle and shine!

Take your glimmer game to the next level by using multiple shades of our Diamond Dazzlers collection. You can mix and match colors for a smokin’ and sparkly makeup look that heats up the room! For example, the glam green of Precious smeared across your lid creates a gorgeous olive smokey eye, while the golden bronze of Flashy can be placed on the inner corners or lower lashline for an extra burst of radiance. Experiment with these stunning shades for a smokey eye like you’ve never seen it before!


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

The halo eye is downright angelic, and we’re SO excited to see you put your own twist on it with Diamond Dazzlers. Let me see your halo!

This ultra-trendy eye look is taking over the makeup world! Whether you’re browsing Instagram, watching a tutorial from your fave beauty maven, or just people-watching during a night out, we know you’ve stopped to admire a beautiful halo eye. It’s the perfect look for evening intensity, and matches your favorite sparkly, metallic dress!

The halo eye is actually fairly simple! The key to this fab look is packing shimmer right in the center of your lid for enchanting eye effects that steal the spotlight. Read on to learn how to use Diamond Dazzlers to get this gorgeous look!

  1. Prime your lid with our Smooth Canvas Long-Wear Shadow Primer
  2. Blend transition shade into your crease with a fluffy brush like our Studio Pro Brush 5 Pointed Crease
  3. Swipe your choice of shade on the inner and outer corners of your eyes, leaving the center of your lid clean
  4. Apply a small amount of our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue to the center of the lid
  5. Use a the flat, rounded edge of our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply the Diamond Dazzlers shade of your choice smack in the center of your lid – and admire the most angelic halo eye ever!


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

The cat eye is one of the most timeless makeup looks there is! It was made famous by Elizabeth Taylor’s Cleopatra back in Hollywood’s Golden Age, and decades later has become a cultural phenomenon. While it typically refers to winged eyeliner – this look can be even more fun with just eyeshadow and SPARKLES!

You’ll be a fierce feline with a sparkly cat eye – courtesy of our Diamond Dazzlers. Our favorite way to add shimmer to this look is by packing sparkles onto the lid for ultimate radiance – while creating the wing with eyeshadow. We recommend our Studio Pro Ultimate Artistry 42 Color Shadow Palette for a wide selection of matte and shimmer shades to create a killer wing and transition shade. Then apply your chosen shade of Diamond Dazzlers to the lid for a stunning shine that lets you spread your wings like never before. This versatile look is perfect for day or night!

For a more simple sparkly cat eye, you can draw a classic black winged eyeliner and use our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator to apply loose shimmer pigments above your brow bone. It accentuates your eyes in a striking yet subtle way.


diamond dazzlers sparkly makeup

This incredibly simple makeup trick is one of our faves! Just add a small amount of shimmer to the inner corners of your eyes to instantly look awake and full of life.

While you could easily apply our Diamond Dazzlers shade with your finger, we recommend picking up our Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicator for ultimate precision. This uniquely designed tool picks up and deposits glitter and loose pigments with ease, minimizing fallout for a divine sparkly makeup look. Our small S1 paddle features a pointed tip that fits perfectly into the inner corners of your eyes for a striking strobe effect that will have all eyes on you!


You’ll be a crown jewel with our ALL NEW tools that take sparkly makeup to the next level. Diamond Dazzlers comes in four gorgeous shades that create a wide variety of breathtaking makeup effects, while our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue and two Studio Pro Silicone Paddle Applicators come together to ensure that you sparkle and shine all through the night. Connect with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter and show off all of your dazzling and divine looks! Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can admire your beauty!

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