Don’t make these mascara mistakes

We spend so much time perfecting our eyeshadow techniques to make them look just-so, but tend to throw on our mascara as quickly as possible without a second thought. There are common mistakes that we all make when storing and applying mascara that can completely derail our carefully curated look. Avoid these habitual errors next time you grab your mascara:

Pumping that wand
It's a habit that we're all guilty of – pumping the mascara wand. While you may think it's an effective way to get more out of each bottle, it allows extra air into the tube that can cause clumping and flaking.

Using too much
While one light coat of mascara generally isn't enough to make your eyes pop, piling on five or more will give your lashes that spidery effect – and that's something you want to avoid. Two coats of mascara is ideal – try using different formulas to achieve both volume and length without causing clumping.

Keeping it too long
Mascara may seem to last forever, but that doesn't mean that you should continue to use it for years. Mascara lasts for three months tops. If you can't remember when you bought your latest tube, it's probably time to replace it.



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