Drab to Fab in Seconds: Mattes, Palettes and Denim

By  Nicole from Girl Rates World

KISS or MISS? Keeping it simple doesn’t mean keep it boring. Makeup is composed of colors, patterns, and textures which makes it a form of art. And, like art, it should add expression – not take it away. So here’s to keeping it simple (K.I.S.S.) without losing our artistic edge.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Can you ever be too matte? The answer is yes. Too much of anything is never good – even when it comes to makeup. Matte lipstick is the new fashion high. Celebrities are sporting lots of bold, matte lips on the red carpet and it looks absolutely fabulous. But sometimes wearing a matte lip requires a lot of finesse, a little courage and a bit of know-how.

Keep Things in Balance

Like I mentioned earlier too much of anything is never good. The key is to mix different textures, finishes and elements. Using variety makeup palettes can help keep things spontaneous. Variety palettes like the latest Malibu, Hollywood and San Francisco are great must-haves. They have the tools needed for your daily dose of “wow.” The countless combinations encourage creativity.

By: Jason Merritt

Charlize: The Token Matte Celeb

Charlize is one celeb who adores matte makeup looks. In fact, I’d say it is her signature look. Here she has a matte canvas and a nude matte lip paired with a shimmery eyeshadow. Using a light-colored eyeshadow similar to those in the 88 Shimmer palette in the inner ducts opens your eyes and make you appear more awake. Applying a shimmery, copper-based eyeshadow to the lids adds warmth as well as dimension. Although Charlize did some mixing here, I feel she could have done more to make this look “pop.” She could easily add more bronzer or even a highlight for a more luminous look.

The BAM Effect

Bam! Now that’s the wow factor, right? You can see from the earlier picture that she actually didn’t change much to make her look more impactful. Using a deep colored matte lipstick, Charlize added a pop of color. She also has a little sheen on her cheekbones which added that touch of luminosity that was missing previously. Instantly she looks more alive, more inviting; she even looks happier. Simply adding shimmer to her cheekbones and going bolder on the lips took her makeup to the next level.

Power Up Those Makeup Palettes

We can see mixing and matching is key and that too much of anything can be downright boring. Just picture someone wearing a denim chambray with denim jeans, a denim baseball cap, topped with a pair of denim boots (yes, the ones with the pocket sewn on the sides). It’s just too much! Explore your makeup stash and have fun playing around with colors, textures and finishes.



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