Easy Soft Brow Tutorial, Great for Brow Beginners!

In this blog tutorial BH Makeup Artist, Cambria Serrano, shows you how to measure your brows and define them using a few products for a natural soft brow that is easy for brow beginners and great for day time makeup or neutral eyeshadow looks.

Starting with your BH Jumbo Concealer Pencil, draw a soft line under your brow bone and softly blend with your finger. Be sure to use a concealer pencil that is two shades lighter than your skin tone as this will give a highlighting effect, making the brow bone appear smooth and clean.

 Next we need to do our ABC’s and find the A, B and C points of the brow that are critical to forming the perfect arch!=

 Using your Angled Brush, find your point A by leaning your brush on the inner curl of your nostril, the brush handle should point upwards and align with the beginning of your brow. Once you locate point A, make a tiny mark with your BH Jumbo Concealer Pencil to use as a guide for later.

Using your Angled Brush again, while looking straight ahead, find point B by extending the brush from the inner curl of your nostril and line it up with the outer edge of your iris. The point of your brow where the brush passes through it ,is your arch.  Take your BH Jumbo Concealer Pencil and mark point B for later.

Lastly to find your point C, using your Angled Brush again, starting with the tip of the brush at the inner curl of your nose and lay the brush to align with your outer corner of your eye. The point of the brush that your brow passes through is your tail end point. Mark the C point with a dot of concealer for later. If your brow does not pass through this line, you may need to extend your brow to meet that C point using shadow.

Now we get to fill the brow with shadow from the BH 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette using the guidelines we created.

Starting with a small amount of eyeshadow that matches your hair color on an Angled Brush,  feather stroke nice and softly, some shadow onto the part of the brow closest to point A. Brows that are soft and natural do not have a blunt beginning like a pin up or glam brow, so be careful not to create any hard edges while you begin.

Next, add a little more shadow to your brush and feather stroke into the brow area closer to point B. This arch definition is crucial for giving lift so define it well to give the eye a lifted,awakened effect.

Lastly, extend what is left on your brush into the tail end, using soft feathery strokes. Tapering the brow end off softly so that there is a soft look to it as it stops at point C.

Comb through your brows with a Spooley Brush to groom or lighten any areas from excess shadow. And don’t forget to blend in those concealer dots we used as guidelines!

Finish off your brow with a clean definition by by adding a matte shadow to the brow bone from the 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette.


-Angled Brush and Spooley Brush from BH Cosmetics 10 Pcs Deluxe Brush Set

–BH Cosmetics 28 Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

–BH Cosmetics Jumbo Concealer Pencil in Olive




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