Employee Spotlight: Daisy, Melissa & Fatima

BH was founded in 2009, and it’s definitely been a wild ride since then. We went from three palettes to over 300 original products ranging from shadows, to complexion, to brush sets and lippies. We’ve worked with countless influencers, shipped to over 180 countries, and reached millions of customers worldwide. Last week, I got the chance to sit down with three of our longest running employees, to talk about why they love their job, how the company has grown since they started, and what makes BH so special.

How long have you been working at BH?

Daisy: This year marks the 10th year that I’ve been here. I was actually the first employee, aside from the founders. It’s crazy to see what BH has become. 

Melissa: I’ve been here for 5 years.

Fatima: I’ve been here 7 years.  

What is your job? 

D: I’m the Customer Service Supervisor. I support our leads and our Customer Service team with any question, big or small. The three of us are kind of the front of the line.

M: I’m the Senior Customer Service Lead. I manage a small team that handles all the customer questions through social media. We work directly out of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

F: I’m Senior Customer Service Agent. I oversee a team that manages the call center and customer emails. 


What is your favorite thing about working at BH?

D: Definitely everybody else that works here.

M: Ya! It’s like a family dynamic.

D: We’ve been together for a long time. We support each other in pretty much every aspect of the job. Also, talking to our customers, knowing how they love our product, is so refreshing.

M: I agree, it’s the people. Being able to work comfortably in the dynamic that we have. Most of our agents have been here for at least 2-3 years. Even when newcomers come in, we always welcome them with open arms. It’s good for the office too, to be able to come in and not feel so stressed out, and be with good people, in a good environment, with a good vibe. It makes my day easier.

F: Also, we do stuff after work, like go out for drinks. For birthdays we buy cakes for each other. Not that long ago I went to an art show with Daisy. We’re all friends now. That’s my favorite part about work: the people I get to know and find things in common with.”


How have you grown since joining BH?

D: I feel like I’ve grown so much, in so many ways.

M: I think that goes for all of us.

D: Customer Service is way beyond anything I ever imagined it being. Speaking with customers every day has really taught me how to be empathetic. I’ve also learned so much about different aspects of the company; I feel like I know a little bit about everything now.

F: We wear many hats. It’s not like we just do Customer Service. Melissa does the trade shows, I do billing, Daisy does EVERYTHING, every single thing you can think of, she does it. Things just come up, so we all step in and help each other out. We respect each other’s opinions, and I think that’s a really important part of growing. Especially with these girls - I think of the three of us as the A Team.


How has BH changed since you first started, and where do you see it going?

D: BH has changed a lot since I first started. It’s definitely gotten a lot bigger, our product line has extended, our product formula has gotten a lot creamier and richer. The company has grown a lot, too. When we first started, we were only in the US, and now we have our Germany distribution, and we’re continuing to expand. I don’t see it stopping. The beauty industry is so big, and it’s all about innovation. I think the sky’s the limit for BH.


What distinguishes BH from other beauty brands?

F: We were one of the first companies to do collab palettes with influencers.

M: Back then, it wasn’t a thing to work with influencers. Now you see every brand working with people. But we definitely dipped in that game pretty early on, which has labeled us as one of the first companies that was able to collaborate with actual online makeup influencers. A lot of our influencers, like Carli Bybel, say that BH was the brand that kickstarted their makeup career. I think that resonates with our customers a lot, because you don’t have to be some celebrity for us to recognize you or to see you. You don’t have to have a huge following for us to notice your awesome makeup look. In a world of celebrities and movie stars, I feel like that puts hope in some of our customers that maybe one day these brands will see them and notice them. I think that’s what makes BH stand out – we’re not just liking the person with 500K followers, we’re also liking the person with 50 followers.


What do you love most about our customers?

D: I love that they’re loyal. We see it a lot on social media. It’s awesome to see that customers are so engaged with our brand, and how they love our products. I can’t say enough about them. I think the customers are what makes BH.

M: I really like seeing the looks that they share. Some of them are so creative! I also like that our customers are so vocal. I love that they give us their honest opinions about the products.

F: For me, it’s the customers who have been around even before us! I love getting an email like, ‘I love the Party Girl palette.’ I’m like, ‘The Party Girl palette?! We don’t even have that anymore! The party girl has moved on! She’s a mature woman now! She has a 9 to 5, she has kids,’ you know?! I love the customers who predate us. 

M: We have one customer who replies to all of our marketing emails. All of her replies are so positive and supportive. We love that!

F: I also love the ones who email us saying, ‘I just placed my order, I’m so excited!’ I had a customer the other day that replied to one of our marketing emails saying, ‘I want to save money, but you won’t let me!’ It’s so cute.


What are your favorite BH products?

D: Three things that I use every single day are the Flawless Brow Trio, the Studio Pro Pressed Powder and the Blushing in Bali palette.

M: I love the Total Coverage Concealer, the Studio Pro Shade & Define Duo Brow Pencil, the Pressed Powders, Blushing in Bali, and the ItsMyRayeRaye palette. The Studio Pro Eye & Lip Makeup Remover is also one of my favorites. 

F: I love the Studio Pro Ultimate Brow Palette, the Power Pencils, the BH Chic brush set, and the Modern Mattes palette. Oh, and our Liquid Lipsticks, because the colors make me look awake. 


Do you have any memorable stories about your time at BH?

F: Last year, I was at the PHAME show in Los Angeles. A lady came up to our booth, and she was talking to one of the associates about a phone call she had with a Customer Service Manager from BH. And I was thinking, 'Oh man, that might be me. I’m scared!' So I went up to her and I said, 'Hi, how can I help you?' And she started crying! She said, 'I’m so happy. I didn’t know you were going to be here. I just took a chance. I wanted to thank you, because you really helped me out. You didn’t know this, but when I spoke with you on the phone, I was going through a rough time, and I didn’t think that anyone would help me. I was really down.' At the time, I guess she was going through lupus. I didn’t know, I had just talked to her as I would any other customer. But she was so grateful that we took the time to talk to her and be nice, that she traveled all the way from Texas to tell me. She was so sweet.


If you could say anything to our customers, what would it be?

M: I want to let them know that we see you, we hear you. We’re here to help you.

D: Yeah, we are listening, and we take your inquiries seriously. It’s like our name says, Be Heard. We do hear you. 


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