Eyeshadows that look amazing on every skin tone

There are so many things to think about when choosing the right eyeshadow shade: What color is your hair? Eyes? How about skin tone? Sometimes it's nice to just reach for a palette that is flattering no matter the level of your tan or hue of your hair. The secret? Stick to natural colors. These shadows will look amazing on every skin tone:

If you're looking for a little shimmer, copper shadow will make you sparkle whether you're sun-kissed or pretty pale. It's a great way to make your eyes pop, so use it on days when you want your peepers to be the center of attention.

This cool, classic shade is universally flattering – just make sure you use a matte formula so it doesn't look too early-2000s. You can use ivory shadow as an all-over color, on the inner corners to brighten your eyes, or as a blending mechanism on a smokey eye gone horribly wrong.

While you may need to step out of your comfort zone to use this berry hue, pomegranate looks stunning no matter your skin tone. You'll want the shadow to be a bit more brown than purple, but don't shy away from the shimmer!



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