Fall Beauty & Fashion Forecast

Although the weather isn’t cooling down anytime soon (for SoCal anyway!), the Fall season for beauty and fashion is taking center stage. The forecast for Fall 2012 is one of contrasts. A play of contrasting darks and lights will be evident in both fashion and beauty. Here are some of the new looks you can expect to see in the upcoming months:

Eyes: Boldness is projected for eyes in both traditional smoky black or in striking metallic blue, purple or green. To balance the vivid eyes, eyebrows are bolder and fuller. Our Smoky Eye Palette could be your right-hand man (or woman) for the rest of the year.

Cheeks: To contrast the dramatic eye, give cheeks a subdued look. Soft pink cheeks are meant to portray a youthful glow. Red blush is also creeping its way into the beauty scene, which you can use for a stand-out, sultry look.

Lips: Lips continue the muted look in hues of pink and coral, like the ones in our 32 Color Lip Gloss Palette. Designer Tommy Hilfiger showcased a reverse image by showing strong, bold lipstick with minimal makeup, especially for eyes.

Hair: Intricate and fun ponytails are accessorized with headbands covered with flowers, feathers and anything that sparkles. Making a come back is the vintage style of finger waves and pin curls. This style can be adapted to almost any hair length. Summertime braids will also make an easy transition into Fall!

Fashion: Rraid your grandmother’s closet as there you will see a retro mix of floral and lace, knobby tweeds and shawls. Even the pant suit is back, both cropped and flared or as a layered ensemble. Several designers are showing a military presence in their collections with peacoats and epaulettes. Fall fashion colors include deep purple, burnt orange with black accents and peach is the new neutral.

The upcoming season in fashion and beauty provides bold colors contrasting with muted hues. Don’t be afraid to mix and match these new trends to make your own fall statement!


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