Fall in Love With 2018 Fall Makeup Trends

Fall is a fave season for many of us. Strolling down the sidewalk on fallen leaves in the crisp autumn breeze, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin pie in the air, looking forward to family reunions and reflecting on all that we have to be thankful for, it’s such a warm and cozy time of year. Not to mention… fall makeup! The color scheme of this beloved season is another reason to fall in love - as it includes beautiful and textured browns, oranges, and deep reds reminiscent of leaves that fall from the trees. Of course… there are no rules in makeup and sometimes you just want to BRANCH out! (F)all jokes aside… we’re thrilled to share our favorite fall makeup trends this season!

Glitter and Shimmer Eye Looks

fall makeup

Glitter eyes are EVERYTHING this fall. If you’re feeling dull at any point this season, instantly transform your look with Eyelights - our high-shine glitter eyeshadow that lights up your look like an autumn sunrise. Select your fall style with 6 sparkly shades - including the amazing aqua of Gnarly, passionate purple of Chill Pill, and more! We’ve got plenty of incredible fall makeup ideas to put a twinkle in your eye - read them here!

Don’t stop at the eyes! Add a dash of glitter from our Glitter Collection to your cheeks, brows, or even nails to unleash the sparkle. Feel the fall with the shade that matches your favorite drink - Spiced Pumpkin - or get Shamrock for a burst of green, Mermaid Mood for a dusting of bright pink, Amethyst, Platinum, or one of our many other shades. This captivating collection adds dazzling dimension to any look and lifts your mood while you glisten like a fall goddess.

Another fab option is our collection of Diamond Dazzlers, high-performance glitter powders that’ll instantly deliver bling to your eyes. For a more subtle alternative to glitter, consider one of our highlight palettes like the Duolight - 9 Color Palette for an array of creamy and blendable shades that will add dimension and shimmer for a beautiful high-shine effect.

Statement Cheeks: All About the Blush

Blush is in this fall! Make a cheeky statement with our Floral Blush Duo Cheek Color options. Use Caribbean Coral for that peachy rosy look and a radiant healthy glow. Flattering for all skin tones, our Floral Blush comes in several options for a rosy or bronzy cheeky radiance. For a more dramatic look, color your cheeks with our Nouveau Neutrals 26 Color Shadow and Blush Palette for a combination of crimson, mauve-browns, pinks and oranges.  

Make sure you’re armed with a good brush set for all your blush and shadow application needs. Elevate your makeup artistry with our stone cold chic White Marble brush set - featuring a collection of elegant face and eye brushes or check out our Cheek Fan Brush 2 from our Single Fan Brushes for a natural, diffused flush to the cheeks.

Sultry Lips

fall makeup

A sultry glossy lip is the way to go this fall, especially contrasted with bold and pigmented eyes. Glossy lips encapsulate a youthful elegance. Stay on trend with our lightweight Liquid Linen Long-Lasting Lip Color. Go neutral and nude with our lighter shades like Shelby and Martha, or become stunning and sultry with deep reds like Mel and Maria. This ultra-pigmented formula will top off your most glam looks. Just one swipe with our plush applicator will deliver smooth, vibrant color for all-day slaying power and a perfect fall pout.

Show Your True Colors with Fall Makeup

Experience the best of fall by creating knockout fall makeup looks! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share YOUR makeup tips or tricks or just a selfie of your best look this season. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can fall in love with our fall beauties!


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