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I am asked often about my makeup and what products, palettes, and brushes I use. BH Cosmetics is definitely one of my go-to brands for my everyday makeup. All their products are super affordable and they always have gorgeous packaging! Today I’ll be showing you some of my favorite palettes and brushes from BH that are my go-to’s.

First are these three amazing new palettes from BH. (I’ll go into more depth as you scroll through the photos.) These three palettes get the job done wether you’re doing a neutral eye, a smokey eye, contouring, highlighting, you name it and these three palettes can do it. 

My everyday eye look is created using the new MakeupbyMandy24 palette. It has 6 gorgeous neutral colors and it also comes with an eyeliner pen. If you’re looking for a palette to do a neutral eye and also to give you that perfect winged eyeliner then this palette has you covered! I love how creative BH got with this palette by putting an eyeliner pen [instead of a brush, which we all have millions of] inside the palette. Usually when I get a brush from a palette I hardly use it because I have a million other brushes, so that’s why I really like this palette because you definitely get full use out of the whole thing AND it’s less than $10! That’s insanely cheap for a palette you would be able to use every day. 

My next everyday palette is the Wild Child eyeshadow palette. This palette comes with 6 metallic colors, some dark and some light. With this palette I usually create a dark brown smokey eye or I brighten my eyes up with the coral and pink. There are a million eye looks you can create with this palette but those are the two main looks I do.

I seriously love the name of this palette, Forever Nude. So cute right?! Love it! Besides the name, this palette really does it all for your highlight and contour. I love how the contour shades are more of a grey undertone instead of an orange undertone because the hollows [shadows] of your checks are naturally more grey/brown rather than orange. In this palette there’s also a yellow shade for your under eye highlight, and a highlight shade for the tops of your checks. Seriously I am in love with this palette! I’ve never found anything else that is as affordable as this palette and that has everything needed for highlighting and contouring.

Lastly are these AMAZING brushes. I don’t know how I was living without these. They make putting on foundation, powder, and eyeshadow so much easier! I love my beauty blender, but when I want more of a coverage I use these brushes. 


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