Festival-Inspired Looks to Steal the Show

Dancing in the desert, singing along under the stars… that’s what festival season is all about. Oh, and vivid makeup! In a crowd of flower crowns and boho attire, it’s important to capture your own glam festival vibe. Beauty lovers were born for music festivals - whether it’s Coachella, Stagecoach or Outside Lands - as they’re a chance to be as extra as you want to be while showing off your own unique aesthetic. BH Cosmetics inspires you to Be Seen, Be Curious, and Be Heard with your colorful creations, and Coachella is the perfect place to do all three!

Sparkle Like You Mean It

With Ariana Grande headlining Coachella, you’ll want to say “thank u, yes” to sparkles… because this babe brings plenty of them. A festival classic, you’ll be looking lit with shimmers on your eyes, face, nails and hair.  You don’t need to be head-to-toe bedazzled (though if that’s your thing, go for it!) but a little sparkle goes a long way. Our favorite sparkly makeup trend for festival season? Iridescent highlighter. Our Duolight Highlight palette has six vivid duochrome shimmers to add dimension and dazzle to your cheeks, in addition to three sheer shades you can layer on top for a hot holographic effect. The color-shifting pigments create a prismatic glow that will look gorgeous under the desert sun - and you can also apply to your arms or legs for a body glitter like a festival queen!

If you’re feeling a little more OTT, we got you. Shine bright and slay with our Diamond Dazzlers collection - shimmery powders available in 8 hues and perfect for adding dazzle to your eyes, nails or lips! While it can easily be used to add twinkle to your eyes, we love using it as Coachella-style body glitter! One of the big festival trends is to apply shimmers in your undereye area - perhaps to cover tired eyes - and you can put your own spin on this by using green, gold, or pink shimmers. You can also use it to create designs - such as placing in lines below the outer corners of your eyes to resemble teardrops (because we all wish we cried glitter), or using the powders to create heart or diamond shapes on your face or body. Just don’t forget to apply our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue!

Body jewels are the new flower crowns, with Coachella babes embellishing their features in rhinestone designs. You can’t get more extra than that! Our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue will effortlessly keep your jewel designs on through the sweat, dirt, and tears of the desert - letting you sparkle for days AND nights!

Color Me Festive

You turn ne-on! If there’s one thing BH and Coachella have in common, it’s a love for all things vibrant. Dress up your eyes in bright hues that will have all eyes on you.

You can’t do colorful makeup without Take Me Back to Brazil! This brilliant palette has poppin’ pinks, electric blues, gorgeous greens and more to mix and match every hue of the rainbow and create a divine spectrum of color. Go bold or go home with a rainbow cut crease, electric blue halo eye, or fiery smokey eye that will have you looking hotter than ANYTHING in the desert. Check out just a few colorful looks below that are totally Coachella-worthy!

Colorful Cut Crease

Nobody does colorful like our BH Beauty @iemakeupartistry! She chose our Take Me Back to Brazil palettes - original and Rio - for a holographic work of art that would be the biggest hit at the music festival.

Electric Blue Halo

Beyonce may not be at Coachella this year, but we still want to see your halo! @angelicayt9 chose beautiful blues and purples for this electric halo eye that’s making us jam to the glam. All you need to recreate it is our Take Me Back to Brazil palette and a lot of concealer!

Rainbow Rhythm

If you can’t choose just one hue, use them all! That’s what @vergmua did, anyway. This rainbow eye will transform you into a beauty rock star - creating a divine spectrum of color that's a major mic drop.

If you’d rather keep it simple, you could always use shadow as liner! Dip a thin liner brush into the vibrant hue of your choice, and spread along your upper or lower lashline to frame your peepers in a brilliant burst of color. Red, green, or pink liner? Yes please! We recommend applying over a dab of concealer or our Base Booster Glitter & Shadow Glue for all-day slaying power! Don’t forget to add another vibrant shade to the inner corners!

Keep it Neutral

While music festivals are as extra as it gets, there’s nothing wrong with being a neutral gal… especially through the sweat, heat, and tears of the desert! We’ve got a few makeup must-haves that will have you looking simple and stunning as you soak up the sun!

Rock the “no makeup” makeup look at the music festivals! Our Studio Pro Total Coverage Concealer is a must-have - it hides blemishes, removes discoloration, and brightens your complexion. Perfect to hide tired eyes when you’ve partied too hard at Coachella! Of course, our Naturally Flawless Liquid Foundation not only makes skin glowing and gorgeous… it keeps it healthy! The medium-to-full coverage formula contains hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture and keep skin fresh and flawless - great for when the heat and dirt of the festival grounds start to take a toll on your skin.

If you’d like to add a little shadow to the eyes without looking too extra, look no further than Ultimate Neutrals! This palette lives up to its name… full of rich cocoas, toasty almonds, icy whites and more for barely-there eye effects that instantly let you blend to the beat for festival season.

Showstopping Looks

Where’s the afterparty? You’ll be the star of the show while you’re rocking all the festival looks this season - ranging from subtle sparkle to chasing the rainbow to barely-there beauty. Coachella isn’t just a chance to pump your fists and dance under the stars, it’s a fashion show in its own right that brings out the best in beauty and lets you capture your own unique festival style. The artists on stage won’t be the only ones stealing the show! What’s YOUR favorite festival look? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell us how excited you are for Coachella!


  • Larissa Ozuna

    Makeup should be fun and carless. We’re here to serve looks honey. At the end of the day makeup comes off so be bold,beautiful and kind.

  • Emily

    Absolutely LOOOOOVEEE these colors!!!!! They are so creamy smooth and pigmented !!! I am obsessed

  • Alyssa509

    Loooove the shades there so smooth and apply so amazing ! I’ve been recommending a lot of people on beauty pages I follow on fb (:

  • Kelly Quezada

    Very cooool

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