Get Francesca Eastwood’s glowing Golden Globes makeup

Francesca Eastwood may best be known as the daughter of Clint Eastwood, but she recently stepped into the spotlight while acting as Miss Golden Globe during this year’s fete. Even though she was doling out awards to some of Hollywood’s elite, Eastwood herself stole the show during her walk down the red carpet. Ladies everywhere need to learn how to rock her stunning makeup trends.

The lips
Eastwood proved her fashion worth during her stroll down the red carpet – her lips matched the regal entrance to a tee. The reality TV starlet donned bold red lipstick on her pout in a matte finish. The style might be the perfect addition to that special date night with your new guy.

Bold eyes
Even though her lips were drawing enough attention, Eastwood continued to ooze fabulousness thanks to her stunning eye makeup. The model started by rocking a deep, shimmering chocolate brown eyeshadow on her top lids up to the crease lines. She then switched to a dewy, light gold hue from the crease lines to her brow lines. Eastwood next rimmed her lids in thick dark brown eyeliner, which she spread out to mix with the shadow on top. The brown smokey eye style helped her huge blue peepers sparkle.


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