Get It: A Sun-Free Summer Glow (It’s Easy)!

Summer is in full swing, and we’re loving the L.A. sunshine—but not what it does to our makeup… or our skin.

So after some completely scientific test runs using the BH product stash, we came up with this: A heat-proof, melt-proof, ultra-easy summer makeup routine using some of our fave new products. (Bonus: You get a sun-free summer glow!)
Check it out below. We can’t wait to see your looks!

1. Apply BH Perfecting Primer – Multitasking Primer Stick to forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. Blend with the Studio Pro Beauty Sponge.

2. Use a foundation brush to apply Forever Nude Illuminating BB Cream to entire face.

3. Next up, eyes! We used the Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale: Beach Goddess – 12 Color Eye & Cheek Collection. Blend the shade Maui into your crease, then dust Fiji onto lids and inner corners.

4. Highlight brow bone, nose, and cheekbones with a fresh, shimmery shade (we picked St. Lucia from Ashley’s Beach Goddess Palette).

5. Add a coat of lengthening mascara for a naturally polished finish; our pick is Long Sexxy Lashes – Lengthening Mascara.

6. Swipe on a shimmery peach-hued gloss. We used Illuminate By Ashley Tisdale: Enhancing Lip Gloss in Coral Reef.


7. Make it stay all day with a quick spritz of Studio Pro Makeup Setting Spray!


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