Get Mariah Carey’s glowing look

Mariah Carey is not only a vocal powerhouse, she's a beauty maven that pulls off an effortless look every time she walks out of the house. What's her secret to glowing skin? Keep reading to find out!

The perfect base
In order to have a glowing complexion you need to start with a great base. So pick up your foundation primer and add a light coating to your face. This will help your makeup last throughout the entire school day. Then grab your perfect tone of BH liquid foundation and apply it on your skin using your all-over brush. 

Follow up with a concealer palette. This will help eliminate the appearance of any darkness under your eyes and any acne marks (yikes!). Achieve a matte look by applying a bronzing powder in strategic areas like your forehead and jawline.

Achieve her glow
Next, you'll want to try and get her iconic glow using eye makeup. Just add a few swipes of a gold hue from your 88 color shimmery eyeshadow palette to your lids. Then let your hair down to complete Mariah Carey's look. 



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