Get that glow in time for warm weather

Spring might be here already, but if you're like many of us, your pale skin most likely makes you feel like it's still winter. Even if you won't be tanning for a few more months, there are ways to achieve a gorgeous glow ahead of time.

The experts at Glamour magazine report applying toner each morning is a great and easy way to enhance the look of your skin. The product not only feels light, it can help balance your skin's pH level and reduce pore size. 

According to SheKnows, it's important to look for a toner that is alcohol-free to help prevent your complexion from drying out. Secondly, let your skin breathe for a minute or two after you apply toner and before you swipe on bronzer or blush.

Another easy way to get a gorgeous glow is to exercise regularly, Glamour suggests. Working out not only helps tone your figure – it promotes greater blood flow, working to give your face a flush of color that can last all day. 

Other helpful tips include eating more cucumbers since ingredients like caffeic acid help to keep wrinkles at bay and exfoliating on the regular to remove dead skin cells. 

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