Get to know the makeup colors of summer

Summer vacation is less than a month away for most of us and that means it's time to figure out what colors are in and which ones you'll need to put away for fall. There is plenty to be excited about as the temperature rises, thanks to a slew of bright and bold hues that are sure to help your sun​-kissed skin stand out. Here are the "It" makeup shades to seek out come summer:

Hot pink hottie
According to the beauty pros at Glamour magazine, the top color to try this year is hot pink lips. That's right, now is the time to stop hiding behind pale pinks or raspberry shades and instead stand loud and proud with this scene-stealing lip hue. The trick to rocking bright pink on your lips is to avoid using product on your cheeks. 

You might consider pink or peach blush to be a staple in your beauty routine, but since you'll be naturally flushed and golden brown from days at the beach or pool, it's OK to give it a rest. Think about it, is your crush going to notice the girl with rosy cheeks or the one bold and brave enough to accentuate her pout with hot pink? Go big or go home, right ladies?

Still not sure? Tons of A-list stars including Jessica Alba, Blake Lively, Emma Watson and Emma Stone have all donned a hot pink pout with much success, Hello! magazine reports. 

Totally teal
Yes, emerald green might be the color of the year, according to the experts at Pantone, but it's emerald's lighter, brighter cousin teal that will be all the rage for summer. Glamour reports this stylish and totally flattering hue can be used as eye liner or eyeshadow to transform a look from drab to fab. 

One way to rock this trend is to skip rimming your top lids in teal liner and instead highlight the bottom lids with the vibrant hue. This little trick will not only prove you're a style maven in your own right, it can add a bit of flair to your eye makeup with little to no effort. Models at the Stella McCartney runway show rocked this style and you should, too. 

Looking for a bit more drama? Opt to rock teal as eyeshadow – looking for a combo compact that contains both matte and metallic options might be best so you can layer the look and help dress the eyes up or down. 

Perfect in purple
Another trend to try this summer is wearing shades of purple. Though all variations are perfectly acceptable, lilac is the way to go to totally stand out. Not only is this pretty hue a fresh take on standard pink, it helps to enhance green, blue and brown eyes. A great way to try this trend is to apply a shimmery lilac eyeshadow on your top lids paired with a darker jewel-toned purple liner on your bottom lids.

The two shades will instantly enhance any ensemble – whether you're heading out on the town in a LBD or attending a summer wedding with your best guy. 

Other shades to try
Looking for even more funky fresh hues to incorporate into your makeup routine this summer? The experts at Allure magazine are here to help. According to the fashion and beauty gurus, shades like poppy red lipstick, copper and gold shimmer eyeshadow and blue eyeshadow or eyeliner are all going to be big this summer and beyond. With so many choices to pick from, you have the potential to try a new look each day of vacation!


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