How to apply flawless foundation

Foundation – it can be your best friend or worst enemy depending on how well you know how to apply it. Since this beauty product is so beneficial in evening out your skin, Lauren Conrad recently discussed easy tips for applying it like a pro on her blog, The Beauty Department.

To achieve an even and transparent layer, you'll need a cream-based foundation or primer and a foundation blush, aka a flat-headed one.

With tools in hand, begin by dispensing a nickel-size amount of the product into the palm of your hand. Next, grab your cosmetics brush and load it up with the foundation. LC suggests applying it on the tip of your nose and then going straight up to the center of your forehead. In a star-like formation, go back to the nose and then make a straight line out to your left check, then from the center to your jaw, from the center to your chin and so on. When all of the lines are complete, use either your fingers or a sponge to blend the foundation in on the various parts of your face. 

O magazine reports another important part of foundation application to remember is to make sure you use the product on your neck as well, otherwise it might look like you have two-tone skin.


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