How to glow despite the less-than-stellar weather of March

Winter is winding down, but that doesn't mean it's summer just yet. If you're bummed by what March has had to offer thus far, updating your makeup might help ease the pain. Glamour magazine recently offered a few tips for looking sassy despite the drab weather. 

For starters, it's time to let go of using powder to hide your imperfections or even out your skin tone. Since warmer weather is on its way, it might be smart to start easing your way out of using such heavy products in exchange for lighter options. Switching out your powder for an illuminating primer on your T-zone could be the perfect change. 

The next step in your transformation is to avoid being matchy-matchy when it comes to your lipstick and blush options. Sure, it can be cute to rock a peach lip gloss with a similar-toned cheek product, but now is the time to let loose and have more fun.

The experts at the magazine report fashionistas can get ready for summer loving by wearing a light pink lipstick on their pouts and a coral-toned blush on their cheeks. Make sure to apply the product on the apples and then spread it out and up toward your temples for a natural pop of color. 

These simple switches are sure to help you feel warmer – even if you're still rocking your winter coat.


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