How to Make Thin Lips Look Full and Lush

One of the most difficult decisions to make… nude lip or bold lip. Whether you love a wearing a natural nude shade or rocking a statement bold lip color, these small tricks are game changers for achieving luscious lips. To make thin lips appear fuller and plumper we need to create brightness and shadows. Just like face contouring, our lips can appreciate some contouring magic as well. Enhance your lips with these few simple steps to make them look full, lush, and irresistibly kissable.


Start with a Clean Canvas 


Start off with soft exfoliated lips. Apply a small amount of lip balm and any leftover foundation from your sponge or brush lightly over your lips so you can start with a clean canvas. To accentuate the top lip, highlight the cupids bow with a shade from our Spotlight Highlight Palette that best compliments your skin tone. Dust the cupids bow using a light hand with our Detailing Fan Brush 6, a damp Studio Pro Perfecting Sponge, or your ring finger for a seamless blend.

Grab a contour shade you naturally use for your skin tone from our Brilliance Bronzers or our Studio Pro Shade & Define Palette. Using an angled brush, contour and blend underneath the lower lip and between the chin. Creating this shadow will give the appearance of a fuller lower lip.  

Ombre All The Way


The best way to make lips look plump and full is to create an ombre lip with a few shade combinations. Using darker and lighter shades on the lips gives them more dimension and helps highlight the center for a plump pout. Depending on where you want more shape, slightly over lining the lips can create a naturally fuller look. Lip combo’s for a red lip are Glory and Spiced from our Long Lasting Waterproof Lip Liner Collection. Line and fill in the outer corners of the lips with Spiced. Leave the center open, then line and fill it in with Glory. Blend the edges of these shades together and apply our Liquid Linen in Maria over the liners for a classic red ombre lip. Add a light amount of a golden highlight to the center of the lips and blend it out with your fingertips for even more dimension. Use these tips for any lip color of your choice. Along with most shades, especially nudes, make sure to choose the right undertone to best compliment your skin tone.


Love Is In The Air . . .

Show us your Valentine’s Day looks complimented by the perfect pout. Use these tips and tricks to make your lips the center of attention. Adding dimension and using multiple shades for your lip color makes a huge difference. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your beautiful and lush lips. Don’t forget to tag us @bhcosmetics and use #bhcosmetics so we can see your gorgeous looks!

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  • E Lynne Brown

    It was easy to follow, now I can do Ombre lip or eye..

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