How to rock lip stain – even with chapped lips

Rocking certain beauty products for the lips can be tough in the winter months. Not only is your pout typically more dry during this time, but you may also have more unsightly chapping than usual, something to which you most likely don't want to draw extra attention. However, models at the recent Elizabeth & James show at New York Fashion Week proved you can rock a lip stain in winter, and here is how:

For starters, you'll need to find a hue in a faded berry color to work against the pale skin many women have in the colder months. A nude lip balm is another important product for this style, Glamour magazine reports. 

When you have the two items ready, start by mixing the stain and the lip balm or lip gloss on a little dish or the stain's cap. From here, use makeup brushes to apply the combo on your pout – spread it out evenly for a fabulous feel that will also hide your chapping. Since the stain you should be using is in the muted berry family, you could also use it to give your cheeks a pop of color by dabbing a bit on the apples and blending it in. 


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