Influencer Spotlight: Daisy Marquez

Hey BH Beauties, welcome back to our channel… we mean blog!😉 Daisy Marquez is the beauty star we have been searching for… with over 2 million combined Instagram and YouTube followers tuning in to her makeup tutorials, ever-changing hair colors, and epic dress collection. Seriously, can we PLEASE raid her closet? Now she’s channelling her own unique style for our latest collab - the Daisy Marquez 20 Color Shadow Palette! Our latest Influencer Spotlight lets us sit down with Daisy and learn more about her shade inspo for the palette, top beauty hacks, and more that make her authentically Daisy.

Daisy for Days

Daisy Marquez influencer spotlight

What are some of your favorite BH products?

My must-have favorites have to be the Take Me to Brazil Palettes, as well as the Marble Luxe Brush Set!

What is your favorite makeup trend right now and why?

My favorite makeup trend at the moment is the "Bratz Challenge" because it allows us, makeup lovers, to explore and play with different styles of makeup!

What is the craziest makeup trend you have tried?

The craziest makeup trend I've tried was a full face of highlighter!

What are your favorite shadow shades/lip shades?

My favorite shadow shade hands down has to be "Libra" from both Zodiac Palettes!

What are some makeup hacks that help you create your favorite looks?

A very important makeup hack that helps execute my looks to its fullest is by setting the eyelid ONLY with concealer and no powder!

What inspired you to choose the colors within this palette?

What inspired me to chose the colors in my palette was my creativity and colors that I personally love!

Which shades do you think you’ll be dipping into most often?

I'll most definitely be dipping into Dream, Daisy and Icey! Goes perfect with my aesthetic, plus its my favorite color!

What are your favorite looks to create with this palette?

My favorite looks to create with my palette for sure have to any smokey eye with a pop of the shimmer shades on the inner corner!

What does your routine consist of for your everyday look?

My daily routine consist of a full face of makeup, with a blinding highlight and dramatic lashes!

What are your most reached for products in your beauty arsenal?

My most reached for product definitely has to be highlighter! Cant walk out of the door without!

Tell us a little about the packaging of this product (why did you choose it/how does it relate to you)?

Since the beginning of my makeup journey, my aesthetic has always revolved around my favorite color, which I'm sure by now everyone knows is Tiffany Blue. I wanted to incorporate that color into the packaging so my audience feels like they have a piece of me with them every time they see the palette!

The Girl Behind the Vanity

We can’t say enough amazing things about Daisy. She’s glam, gorgeous, and completely dedicated to her fandom of Flowers! She’s been a fan of BH since the beginning, and it was incredible to collaborate with her on such a beautiful palette - celebrating years of sweet tutorials, new products, and yes… even bad brow days. When Flowers and BH Beauties unite, you know some makeup magic is bound to happen. Have YOU gotten Daisy’s new palette yet? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell us how much you love her!


  • andhdc

    I need this in my life T-T

  • Caittyscreations

    I really need this pallete!

  • Julissa Garcia


  • Tyhara

    Loving the daisy pallet I should’ve bought it too maybe with my next paycheck lol first time buying makeup from bh cosmetics candylover89 recommended it I’m soo excited to try everything I bought just waiting for. It to arrive.

  • Jesus Delgado

    its on the home page ladies

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