Influencer Spotlight: @stephie.b_

Ever scroll through your Insta feed and see a makeup look that gave you major lash or shadow envy? The answer is yes, and Stephanie B. is probably behind a few of them. Over the past few years, this beauty has gained fans around the world with her epic makeup skills - creating everything from soft glam to evening intensity - and we’re constantly tuning in to see what she’ll do next. We’re thrilled to get up close and beautiful with Stephanie for our latest Influencer Spotlight, diving into her beauty background and more fun facts about this makeup maven!

All About Stephanie


1. What is your Zodiac sign?

Gemini! My birthday is May 28th.

2. What inspired you to get into beauty?

I've always had an interest in makeup! When YouYube came around I would watch endless beauty videos and practice makeup on myself. Then about 3.5 years ago I thought, hey I could do this too and that's when I started my makeup page!

3. If you were a member of the Spice Girls, which would you be and why?

I would for sure be Posh Spice! I love her style and attitude!

4. What is the first BH product you ever used?

The BH 88 Eyeshadow palettes, they literally had every color you ever needed! That was about 9 years ago!

5. What is one thing people may be surprised to learn about you? 

I use to do Taekwondo... well, I tried!

6. Looking back, what is the biggest beauty faux paus you’ve ever committed?

Probably wearing concealer that was way too light under my eyes. Yikes.

7. What BH product can you not live without?

Definitely the Studio Pro Brow pencil! I use shade Brunette.

8.  What are the top 3 songs on your get ready playlist?

Anything from J.Cole's 2014 Forest Hills Drive, 21 Savage Out For The Night, Travis Scott Sicko Mode.

9. If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would buy?

A huge house for me and my family!

10. If you could only use one BH brush set for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

The Marble Luxe brush set, so chic!

11. If you could have any superpower what would it be and why?

Teleportation because I would love to travel the world.

12. What is your favorite BH palette?

The Ultimate Matte 42 color shadow palette, it's a staple in my collection!

13. What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

Wow I can't believe I'm saying this, lets just say I'm known for peeing on myself a few times when I was younger LOL.

14. What do you like most about working with BH Cosmetics?

BH has the nicest people behind their brand! They also offer amazing quality makeup at an affordable price and support all artists!

Step Into the Influencer Life

Did you know that Stephanie used to be a Taekwondo queen? We didn’t! In her journey from martial arts to makeup, she’s grown her Instagram following to nearly 50,000 and turned her passion for beauty into a fulfilling career. Not bad for a girl who, just a few years back, started out watching tons of YouTube makeup tutorials and practicing cut creases… just like us! Was there anything you were surprised to learn about her in our Influencer Spotlight? Who should we interview next? Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share your suggestions!

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  • megan b

    another gorgeous gemini! cant believe how beautiful her eyes are!

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