Influencer Spotlight: Sylvia Gani

There’s plenty of words to describe Sylvia Gani: fierce, fresh, edgy. But one of our favorites is FEARLESS! The social media superstar has never been shy about trying new makeup tricks and trends, creating a relatable persona loved by nearly 700k Instagram followers and over 2 million YouTube subscribers. We’re SO excited to launch Sylvia’s new palette - a chic set of shades that represents her unique style - and thought we’d sit down with her for an Influencer Spotlight to let our BH Beauties get to know the girl behind the palette. From beauty faves to pretty packaging… learn more about Sylvia before her palette launches on Wednesday, December 5th! 

The Girl Behind The Palette

What are some of your favorite BH products?

It’s hard to narrow my favorites down, so many amazing products! Well, obviously the #1 spot goes to the shadow palette I created with BH, but if I had to cheat on her… I also love the Zodiac Shadow Palette, Diamond Dazzlers, and their affordable brush sets.

What is your favorite makeup trend right now and why?

Right now, I’m loving the messy “boy brow” makeup trend! I love embracing a more natural brow and playing up the bushiness.

What is the craziest makeup trend you have tried?

What is the craziest makeup trend I HAVEN’T tried is a better question, ha! The most controversial one has to be the time I tested out whether you could apply your foundation with a condom. The idea was that putting your beauty sponge inside a [pre-washed] condom would save you product by preventing the sponge from soaking it up and It kind of worked.

What are your favorite shadow shades/lip shades?

I’m always drawn to warm-toned shadows and lips. I probably wear neutral shades the most often but of course I still love a good pop of color every now and then.

What are some makeup hacks that help you create your favorite looks?

There are a few good hacks that I frequently use. I like to wet my brush to intensify shimmer shadows on the eye-lid. Also, if I accidentally transfer mascara on my lid, I wait for it to dry then gently scrape it off using a spooly brush — it comes right off without ruining the shadow.

What inspired you to choose the colors within this palette?

I wanted to create a palette with my absolute must-have shadows. I thought about shades I would want if I could only use one palette for the rest of my life. My palette has warm neutral hues for the everyday girl but you can also amp up the glam with the romantic berry and intense dark shades and don’t get me started on the jewel toned shimmers, my fave!

Which shades do you think you’ll be dipping into most often?

I really do love all of the shades in the palette but I probably use the shades October, Chyannel, and S-Club the most often because they are great neutral transition shades to use with any look. Also, I love using Prince (an icy champagne shimmer) as a blinding inner corner highlight.

What are your favorite looks to create with this palette?

This palette can create endless looks but I especially love working with the shimmer shades. They are soft, pigmented, glittery perfection! They make it easy to give any look that wow factor.

What does your routine consist of for your everyday look?

My makeup routine changes frequently since I’m always playing with makeup. I like trying new techniques and testing new products. Generally, when I’m in a rush, I’ll apply some foundation/concealer, brows, and mascara.

What are your most reached for products in your beauty arsenal?

Definitely mascara and lip products!

Tell us a little about the packaging of this product (why did you choose it / how does it relate to you)?

I wanted to create packaging that is timeless, glamorous, and practical. I wanted the black and gold color combination for a luxurious look… something you could proudly display alongside your vanity decor. The palette is slim and lightweight so it travels well, with a large mirror inside for practicality. Each palette also has my signature imprinted on it for an added personal detail made especially for my loving supporters.  

The Spotlight Shines on Sylvia Gani

One look at Sylvia Gani’s Instagram shows that she likes to have fun - posting pics from Rome, Las Vegas, and the latest Beyonce show - but you ain’t seen NOTHING yet! Her palette is a spectrum of savvy shades with names like Independent, Self-Love, Goddess - designed by the influencer to give our BH Beauties a taste of who she is. We hope our Influencer Spotlight with Sylvia gave you insight into her ultra-glam life and makeup table! Get early access to her palette here and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and tell us how excited you are for Sylvia’s new palette!


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