JUST LAUNCHED: Lavender Luxe Brush Set

Hey Beauties! Get ready to treat yourself, because we just dropped ANOTHER brand new brush set, and she. is. stunning! 💜✨



Our Lavender Luxe collection takes luxury to a whole new level, with silky-soft vegan bristles, marbleized lavender handles, and 11 professional quality tools for blending, contouring and defining. Let’s take a closer look…


Brush Breakdown 

Brush #1 Large Powder Brush – This large brush is ideal for a light veil of setting powder or bronzer. With a heavier hand, the slightly flattened shape helps to lay powder down onto the skin, making it easy to customize your coverage.

Brush #2 Flat Contour Brush – This brush is recommended for applying powder contour. For a dramatic sculpted look, you can use the sharp edge of the tip to apply contour to the hollows of the cheeks, then use the flat top to blend it out using sweeping motions.

Brush #3 Blush Brush – This brush is ideal for applying blush to the apples of the cheeks. The small shape will give a more concentrated effect but with a light hand it can be used to achieve a more natural-looking flush. It’s also great for applying setting powder to the T-zone, as the smaller head shape can focus on more precise areas. 

Brush #4 Highlight Brush – The highlight brush is perfect for applying powder underneath the eyes or highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The flat shape allows you to pack on more coverage and the tapered tip is just the right size to fit into the inner corners of the eyes. For highlighter, apply using a patting motion, then use the tapered tip to sweep it under the browbone and onto the high points of the face.

Brush #5 Blending Brush – The blending brush is great for applying a transition shade to the crease, and can also be used without any eyeshadow to blend out and soften your crease color.

Brush #6 Detailing Crease Brush – This brush is smaller than the #5 brush and is more pinched at the base. This allows for easy application of any detail work in the crease, and also makes it great for blending out shadow on your lower lashline.

Brush #7 Small Crease Brush – This brush is the densest of the three crease brushes so it’s great for “stamping” shadow into the crease or the outer corner of the eye. You can also use it to buff in any eye primer or concealer on the lids.

Brush #8 Fluffy Shader Brush – The flat and fluffy shape makes this brush super versatile. It can be used to set the eyelids with powder after applying primer or concealer, to apply a wash of color to the lid, or to blend out any harsh lines between your transition shade and browbone highlight.

Brush #9 Flat Shader Brush ­– The flat and dense shape is ideal for packing on shadow on the eyelids while the pointed tip works great for creating a cut crease. It works best with a patting motion instead of sweeping for maximum payoff. It can also be used to spot conceal any areas on the face.

Brush #10 Pencil Brush – The pointed tip is great for applying a shimmer shade to the inner corners of the eyes or for applying shadow to the lower lashline.

Brush #11 Angled Brow Brush – The angled tip is perfect for a precise application of brow powder or pomade. It can also be used to apply shadow along the lashline for a smoked out liner look or with a gel liner for a more defined look.


A Magical Match 

Have you met our Opalescent palette yet? The 24 color collection is packed with a wide range of luxurious shades, from opulent pink, to juicy plum and golden neutrals, and is the perfect pairing to our new Lavender Luxe Brush Set. Pack on pigments like Alluring, Magic and Vivacious using the #9 brush for a full spectrum of ethereal eye looks, or use the #5 blending brush to combine neutral shades like Gorgeous, Grace and Dazzle for a warm, everyday look. Top it all off with a subtle inner corner highlight using the #4 brush with shimmery Star.


TLDR? Watch our resident brush expert, Vania, as she explains the inspo behind each piece in the collection.


What’s your favorite BH brush set? Let us know in the comments below! As always, don’t forget to connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay on top of all our new summer launches


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