Ke$ha sticks with her wild ways at recent event

Wild child singer Ke$ha loves making a statement on the red carpet thanks to her bold style and love of makeup. The crooner did not disappoint while hosting Pure Nightclub's Anniversary Party in Las Vegas – she rocked a mix of lingerie and flowers as well as bold makeup. 

Ke$ha certainly stood out with her crown of red, purple and black flowers, but fans might also have been intrigued by her eye makeup. The singer enhanced her peepers rocking tons of white and silver eyeshadow on her top lids up to the crease lines. From here, she switched to a warm gold hue that went up to her brow lines. Next, Ke$ha stepped her look up even further by applying a thick layer of black eyeliner on her top lids. She then used a pencil liner to create a huge wing look that went out well past her outer corners.

The crooner completed the look wearing layers of volumizing mascara on her top and bottom lashes and bold red lipstick in a gloss finish on her perfect pout. She kept her long blond locks down and wild per usual. 


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