Labor Day Makeup Looks

Hello BH beauties,

Lazy days at the beach and warm summer nights are slowly fading away as we approach Labor Day and the start of fall. We have you covered with the perfect makeup to celebrate one last long weekend of fun and friends. 

Eyes-The BH Day & Night Palette has a mix of colors to rock for lunch cookouts and evening bonfires. Make eyes pop with one of the blue eyeshadows from this gorgeous palette. I recommend using a light blue for daytime events and transitioning to a darker blue for evening events. Or, if you want to keep eye makeup simple, try one of the white shadows. Add a few coats of mascara and you are ready to go.

Face-Take advantage of the summer glow while you still have the chance. Keep face makeup simple by applying our Bombshell Bronze Powder. Even if there is no beach trip in sight, no one will ever know.

Lips-Feeling bold? Add your favorite shade of red to lips. Want to keep things simple? Apply one of our neutral glosses to balance patriotic eyes.

What are your beauty tips for Labor Day weekend? Make sure to check out our Labor Day Sale and stock up on your favorite products as we kiss summer goodbye!




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