LBD, Red, and Navy Dress Eyeshadow Pairings

It’s that time of year. You are being invited out, and you just can’t say no. You have the perfect dress to wear for the occasion, but you are missing one thing. The sexy and sleek eye makeup you see actresses and models pull off at awards ceremonies and runway debuts. For every dress you want to wear, we have the eye makeup look for you to pair with it!


LBD’s Night Out

The word on the street is that you are looking for hot and sexy makeup ideas for your little black dress’s night out. We have two suggestions for you to really turn some heads.

Smokey Eye

You can’t go wrong with sculpting the perfect smokey eye for an evening out with your girls or your boo. The best palette to put to the test? The Smokey Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette is ready for the challenge. This palette gives you 28 shades of pure LBD sexiness. Layer these great pigments to get a striking smokey look or go for a brighter, lighter take and spice it up for the night.

Smokey Eyes 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette

Dramatic Nude Eye

For a spunky look with a punch of added sass, check out Shaaanxo The Remix – 18 Color Shadow Palette, which has nine earth-toned mattes and shimmers. These colors are all you need for a dramatic nude eye. The nice thing about this look? You can wear it with so much more than just a little black dress.

Shaaanxo The Remix 18 Color Shadow Palette

Fancy and Red

With a bold red dress, you need a bold eye to match! Glow up the town with this sparkly rose look BubzBeauty creates in her rose gold glow makeup video. Fast forward to the five minute mark and watch as she uses her “Be” palette to create a stunning, glowing look.

Bubz Beauty Palette

Halo and Rose Gold Eye

Our Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette has the perfect mix of golds, rose golds, and pinks that complement a red dress. See how Carli uses the deluxe palette to create a rose gold eye. She’s a master at blending the peach and pink colors to create a look that easily translates from day to night.

Carli Bybel Deluxe Palette 21 Color Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

Nude Eye

Nothing says you are ready to party like a shimmery, show stopping nude eye. With our Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals palette, your best nude eye is right around the corner. This palette has every shade you need to highlight and deepen your eyes for a glam look that accents your natural beauty in all the right ways.

Studio Pro Ultimate Neutrals Palette

Crazy for Navy

For darker dresses like the navy one you love, we have the two most admired pink looks you are sure to love too.

Light Pink Eye

Want to stay on the lighter side for a mid-day event? We have the best palette for you. Keep it light and natural with our Neutral Eyes – 28 Color Eyeshadow Palette. This palette gives you the four shades of pink and plum you need to give your eye the best pink accents.

Bright Eye

For a darker and bolder take on the light pink eye, NESSASUNSHINE shows you how to rock the look you want with two palettes, including our Galaxy Chic – 18 Color Baked Eyeshadow Palette that we love. Create a look that is out of this world! NESSASUNSHINE demonstrates how to apply all of your shadow tones in her helpful video tutorial.

Galaxy Chic Palette

We hope these dress and shadow pairings help you create the best look for the best you. You’ll look great at any event with these top shadow looks. Glam on BH babes!

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